4 Effective Offline Marketing Tools for a Digital World


With the world getting more and more reliant on virtual marketing and online communication, it’s easy to forget the effectiveness and the efficiency of more traditional methods of offline marketing.

Browsing around a specialist online printing service such as helloprint.co.uk however, will show a wide variety of products and design options – this allows even small businesses the opportunity to enjoy effective marketing without needing to break the bank.

Making Use of Time-Honoured Methods

With that in mind, here are some offline marketing methods that not only still have their place in a digital world, but offer a great deal of return for minimal investment.

1) Banners

A banner is an easy way of making sure your business is easily identifiable – using an eye-catching colour scheme with an interesting design can be the difference between potential customers walking by your premises and stepping inside to browse.

Remember to keep it as terse as possible – stick to your business name, a brief overview of your products or services, and your contact details.

This means you can even use the same banner when you go to local business events.

2) Flyers and Brochures

Many people value the great tactile sensation of holding something in their hands – when so much marketing material is digital and impersonal it can make all the difference in the world for a potential customer to feel you giving them something face to face.

Flyers and brochures are also a convenient way of self-promotion because they’re so easy to store, transport, and distribute.

They’re also versatile, you can keep them for customers in your premises, or you can take to the streets/local trade shows.

3) Business Cards

Face to face networking is still an essential part of any business development plans, and an essential component of that is a professional and interesting business card.

It allows you to easily make sure those you network with never forget your details.

You never know when you’re going to meet the next business contact who will be an integral part of your success – when you do, you want to have your business details to hand.

With a business card, they’re always in your pocket/wallet ready to be given.

4) Stickers

Stickers are a great tool to get attention for your company. Not only can you use them in a street-facing window to draw attention to your business, but you can also get small sized stickers with for example your website URL to hand out to people.

Stickers are easy to give away in the street or at an event for example. It´s a constant reminder to people of your business.

Offline Marketing Still Works

Traditional marketing methods still very much have their place in the promotional plans of businesses of all sizes.

There’s very good reason for this, and it’s not just because it marks a business out as different in a sea of technology over-reliance.

Offline marketing materials also require minimal investment – printing, especially from online printing services, is a highly affordable prospect that should be within reach to even the smallest businesses.

With judicious usage, any business can reap the rewards of traditional marketing methods. They’re tried, true, and reliable.