How to Adopt Social Media for Your Small Business

In today’s world, the ever constant change of pace is bringing a lot of fresh and new ideas to almost every facet of life.

These “facets” are the numerous fields that people engage in such as medicine, industry, technology, etc.

The most affected field is the world of business. Advances in technology can lead to a boom of progress in every imaginable way that we do business.

The perfect example of this progress is the internet itself. Since its conception by DARPA or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in the late 1960’s, the world was never the same.

The internet gains a lot of momentum since then, providing humankind with almost anything they desire at the convenience of their fingertips.

Nowadays, the internet continues to become a difference maker when it comes to how people do their business.

The internet is open to everyone. This fact is the reason as to why it’s not uncommon to find a “real live” small time business with an online profile.

Inside the internet, the landscape is also changing. The arrival of social media brings even a lot more changes to the playing field for a lot of small time entrepreneurs.

Most of the time, social media provides a lot of advantages for the startups and newbies of entrepreneurship.

To further know about these benefits, here are some of the methods on how social media can help small businesses.

These methods come with precise details on how these qualities provide an edge for the beginners in the field of business.

Building Reputation

To make waves and be successful in the world of business, an owner or entrepreneur should establish his or her reputation online.

Believe it or not, building a reputation online does not require a huge following.

As a small local business, entrepreneurs should not immediately consider getting a lot of people. Instead, the focus should be on connecting with the right people.

As a business minded person, ideas are crucial and should always be readily available to be able to develop a brand reputation.

People can use design logos, company mottos, printed flyer and other things to associate themselves with a brand.

Once this idea is entirely taken care off and eventually blooms, customers will have no problem identifying your product.

Attracting customers


Facebook, being one of the most recognizable social media platforms available, can also bring a lot of help in attracting potential clients.

Make sure that an appropriate Facebook business page is set up for an establishment. Geo Targeting is of utmost importance.

The moment people find about a particular store or service, a business owner wants them to check-in on their business.

An average person has a hundred friends on their list. Treat every check-in as an opportunity to advertise to a potential 100 new people whenever a person checks in with your establishment.

Of course, checking in isn’t the only way to attract more customers.

You can still incorporate the traditional methods that our ancestors swears by on their time such as flyer printing and giving out brochures.

Be more courteous and attentive to your clients. Satisfaction ratings will rise inevitably.

This growth will assure an entrepreneur that more potential customers are on their way to see an establishment for themselves.


Facebook isn’t the only social media platform that an entrepreneur can use to help his or her business.

People need to expand their social media usage by exploring the possibilities of using other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It doesn’t only widen entrepreneurs’ respective markets, but it also allows a lot of potential clients to come and discover their business.

Another fact is that the more platforms a business is involved with, the more visibility it has and the more followers it attracts.

Repurpose content


The more a person learns from using social media, the more he or she realizes how time-consuming creating new content can become.

If there are no options available, repurposing is advisable.

However, business owners should take note that when they repurpose content, they should never go for something that would bring negative attention to their product or service.


Technology is paving the way for people to start their very own businesses.

Locations and logistics significantly hindered the growth and development of specific products and services.

Today all the possible barriers are quickly eliminated by the internet.

Author’s Bio:

Maria Estrada is the business executive of Print Meister Australia, a print solutions company.

She is a graphic design enthusiast, and she spends most of her time reading articles about photo manipulation and web design.

During her free time, Maria likes to tinker with landscape photography.

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