Discover The Amazing Possibilities For Your Business.

TrustOrRun, now offers you the opportunity to advertise and promote your products and services on the internet.

We have created a number of Ad channels to enable you to advertise your products and services to our esteemed readers and fans.

Advertise on TrustOrRun and have your Ad viewed by thousands of our readers monthly.

For why you need to advertise on TrustOrRun, scroll down below the Ad rates.

Ad Rates on TrustOrRun

There are various advertising opportunities on TrustOrRun.

You can spend as low as 5000 Naira per month when you advertise on TrustOrRun.

For more information on availability and payment details, contact us at

Prices of sponsorship and business listings on TrustOrRun are shown below.

Featured Guest Post

You can now send your articles, press releases, and special feature posts to TrustOrRun for publication.

Your story will be published on our site and also amplified via our social media audience.

We will only publish your articles if they will resonate well with our audience and get the best result for your business.

Header Ad Slot

This Ad unit appears on the header area right of the TrustOrRun logo.

It appears on every page on TrustOrRun including the homepage, category pages, tag pages, and archive pages.

This Ad slot is for 725 x 90 pixels units on desktop only.

Ad Slot Price: Contact Us

Inside Content Ad Slot (Top)

This is the prime Ad slot on TrustOrRun.

It appears before the first paragraph of every article on TrustOrRun and will only be seen on content pages.

This means that this Ad slot will not show on the homepage, category pages, tag pages, and archive pages.

This is for 300 x 250 pixels units

Ad Slot Price: Contact Us

Inside Content Ad Slot 2

This Ad slot appears between the 10-20th Paragraph in each article and like the Inside Content Ad Slot (Top) only shows in content pages.

This is for 300 x 250 pixels units.

Ad Slot Price: Contact Us

Sidebar Ad Slots

This Ad unit appears on the sidebar of all pages on TrustOrRun.

Two Sidebar slots are available. Both support a 300 x 600 pixel ad unit.

Ad Slot Price: Contact Us

You are responsible for providing the banners. The banner must be in png or jpg format.

We do not accept banners built on Flash.

If you want animated banners, use .gif or HTML5.

Premium Local Business Listing

Have your business profile, addresses, and phone numbers listed in our business directory.

Your details will be listed in the category that fits your business, product, or service.

You can list your business at no cost or opt for a premium option

Price: Contact Us

Product Reviews

Do you have a great product that no one seems to be noticing in the marketplace or are you planning to launch a new product in the market, you can now send it to us for review.

Let us tell Nigerians how good or bad your product really is.

How to Advertise on TrustOrRun

For more information on availability and payment details, contact us at

TrustOrRun offers the following Ads options:

  • Ad Banners
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Promo Publicity
  • Product Reviews
  • Business listing page

This is a unique opportunity to advertise your product and services on the internet. This is also a cost-effective way of improving your online exposure.

Ads that are Prohibited on TrustOrRun

While we want to promote your business, we are also committed to keeping our audience.

Therefore, Ads that we consider unfair or offensive to our audience are prohibited.

Here are some types of Adverts that are prohibited on TrustOrRun:

  • Counterfeit Goods: We will not promote counterfeit products or products that mimic other products
  • Hateful Ads: We will not promote Ads with hateful messaging based on race, tribe, religion, political affiliation, gender, or any Ad that will disgust or outrage a subset of our audience
  • Exploitative Ads: TrustOrRun will not promote Ads that may exploit people with questionable claims such as get rich quick, instant cure for illnesses or diseases, instant prosperity, magic, Voodoo, instant weight loss, instant solution to fertility problems, and all such
  • Poor Quality Landing Page: We will only send our audience to quality websites. So if your landing page does not meet all standards set on this guideline we may reject your Ad.
  • Misrepresentations: Ads that present a product or service in a way that is not accurate, truthful, or realistic will be rejected.
  • Sexually Explicit Ads

For more information on availability and payment details, contact us at