10 Best Beach Holiday Destinations

With the coming of the brand new year, many individuals will naturally begin to consider the next holiday destination.

What better place to be, than by the seaside, for the ultimate beach holiday.

Concerning relaxation and really having an escape, you can’t beat a beach holiday.

Maybe there is something about the sea, sun, and sand which drives our fantasies out of the planet and lets us unwind from work and the daily chaos of life.

From catching waves on sailing days to dreamy sunset shore-dining, it’s time to reignite that fire.

Get your sunglasses and sunscreen ready and find the greatest destinations on the planet for a sunny holiday on the beach or some great swim.

We will reveal the most beautiful beach holiday destinations in the world.. a selection of the best beaches on the planet!

10 Most Amazing Beach Holiday Destinations

1) Florida, USA


Even though Florida is not a location you’d usually think about if selecting a beach holiday, you need to reconsider!

This part of America has some of the greatest shores on the planet with white, black, pristine sand mixed together with dazzling waters.

There are many stunning nevertheless isolated islands to stay at, which means that you are still able to get off from the audiences in case you want.

The weather is generally warm and the American welcome can be as favorable as you will get somewhere else on earth.

2) Cancun, Mexico

In the Event that you need a fancy, someplace exotic, then why not attempt this delightful beach destination in Mexico?

Cancun has for ages been a favorite vacation spot for beachfront holiday lovers, plus it is easy to see the reason why.

Lying on the lounger and taking in the sunlight Is Actually Excellent – You won’t want to depart.

If you want to move off the shore whenever you want, you’ll find tons of what to see such as ancient Mayan temples along with tropical lagoons.

One thing is certain — that you aren’t going to get tired when on holiday here!

3) Aqaba, Jordan

This truly is one place that lots of people haven’t discovered yet, but it is still an actual gem.

Situated close to the Red Sea, it will likely be freshly opened in 2018 for vacationers.

There are various beach clubs intended for visitors to get a cocktail and a new-look marina that you’re able to watch the many yachts from.

Evidently, the shores are also brilliant and the sun is inclined to shine more in this location of the world come summer.

If you want somewhere different to go, this will be the area!

4) Gold Coast, Australia

The Goldcoast is just one of the best beach destinations in Australia.

Peradventure that you would like a sunlight, sand, and some entertainment, then book the next flight to Australia.

Moreover, Australia is due to host the Commonwealth Games in 2018 and this will see it develop into a far better spot to visit.

The many restaurants and pubs additionally signify, once the sun drops, there remain loads of ways to curl up.

5) Seychelles, Indian Ocean

Seychelles is among the most enduringly favorite areas to visit if relaxing by the seaside is your thing.

Nestled in the crystal-clear and warm waters of the Indian Ocean, it’s, in reality, an area that could simply take away your breath.

The sea is perfect for snorkeling as well as swimming to observe the Countless amazing varieties of fish that wander beneath the waves.

Always a hot spot for luxury sun-seekers, the current weather is brilliant, and you should find the perfect tan to showcase when you get back home!

In the event that you need a break from the pristine beaches on offer, there are lush mountains waiting to be explored.

6) Barbados, Caribbean

This island is a perfect place for anybody who likes relaxing and lying down at beaches made up of soft, golden sand.

Sincerely, you must visitBarbados at least once in your lifetime.

The food here is every bit like the Beach — Not surprising As Barbados is called the culinary capital of the area.

There can be nothing greater than simply sampling the islands with rum and chicken in your hands; While letting the Caribbean sun ring the best out of you.

7) Mauritius, Indian Ocean

This year promises to be an important season on this island as it marks 50 decades of freedom from UK rule.

Thus, there’s never been greater time than now to visit; as the functions will most likely be crazy!

With lots of live music gigs and performances planned, Mauritius will be full of life.

Clearly, this island has a major reputation with beach fans. The serene environment, crystal-blue seas, and also nice sandy shores make it one of the finest beach getaway destinations on the planet.

With favorable locals and superb meals, this is a location you are definitely going to wish to wind in.

8) Cote D’Azur, France

Cote D’Azur area of France is almost certainly among the Perfect holiday Spots for beach fans in Europe.

Whether it is the glitzy Cannes or Dazzling Montecarlo you stay in, the very long and gorgeous gold shores really are a joy to the eye.
You will love whiling the time off using a glass of Champagne and appreciate the stunning women and men that occupy the location pass by.

Come nighttime you’ll locate lots of bars to visit or else you may possibly even take to the casino in Montecarlo if You really feel lucky!

9) Bahamas, Caribbean

The Caribbean is such a spot for beach lovers that we needed to sneak another place out of there.

The Bahama’s absolutely should have this particular spot!

This comfy and tranquil island is where beach lovers go for their yearly escapades.

The shores will make you forget the long winter months by offering a style of paradise that suits you personally.

The sea life is so astonishing here. So, ensure that you pack your snorkel. There is so much to see underneath the water.

10) Maldives, Indian Ocean

We have still another entrant from waters of the Indian Ocean. Much like all the other places we have looked at, it has the same calm and serene environment.

The Maldive Islands are great in the event you would love to actually escape the demands of a routine life.

Here, you can gladly sit back in a hammock or lounger, with a fantastic book in hand, and allow the world float by.

The numerous species of fish and animal existence are all wonderful to behold. The same can be said of the vibrant bird population.


In case you’re Considering treating yourself to a beach vacation this year, several of the aforementioned are the ideal beach holiday destinations.

They all provide the items that the best beach holiday spots ought to have — golden beaches, warm seas, yummy foods, entertaining cocktails and a heated vibe.

All you need is fourteen days in any of these places, you Will be refreshed!