101 Best Small Businesses To Start For Entrepreneurs

Everyone understands the need for small business ideas in a world where entrepreneurship and ditching the “9 to 5” mindset have become the order of the day.

All year round, small businesses come in multiples and many people see them as awesome opportunities for gaining financial freedom.

Wherever you are in the world, you should easily agree that small businesses have gathered huge momentum as myriads of entrepreneurs seek to invest their money in one small business or the other.

Needless to say, small businesses come with lots of opportunities. Besides being easy to set up, many small businesses require little to no capital outlay.

By reason of this, different kinds of people –including adults and teenagers –are laying their hands on small but lucrative businesses.

Quite frankly, not all small businesses can make you rich within a couple of months but by delving into one of the best small businesses out there, you’re very likely to live a comfortable life, own a modest car of yours and save your face from financial shame.

And who knows, after a couple of years, you could be hitting the jackpot. best small business ideas

So, what are the best businesses to start?

Nowadays, there are different types of small businesses. Provided you have money, skill, experience or knowledge, there are lots of small businesses you can venture into.

If you’re thinking about a small business idea to start, chances are that you’re damn ready to apply your ability, invest your money, serve someone, or render a professional service to others.

Are you ready to spare some time for a small business idea that yields profit?

Have you got some creativity but do not know how to monetize it?

In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the Best Small Business Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs to Start.

If you would like to invest money, time or effort into a small but reasonable idea, you can check out the businesses in this article to find out the perfect option for you.

101 Lucrative Small Business Ideas

1) Purchasing Domain Names

You might be oblivious to how lucrative this job is but without doubts, it will fetch you a reasonable amount of bucks if you can take certain measures.

Put simply, this small business idea entails purchasing domain names and reselling them at a profitable rate.

Willing to know how this works?

Well, this business idea works best for anybody who is acquainted with SEO and keyword optimization.

Also, making the best out of this business requires finding out which domain names are catchy and likely to generate sales.

2) Website Flipping

This is yet another lucrative business idea many people are not thinking about.

Basically, website flipping is the process of buying an existing website, sprucing it up and eventually selling it at a profitable price.

Of course, this idea is lucrative but you really need to ensure the websites you’re buying are suitable for improvement.

There is no serious downside to this business so long as you’re buying websites that can be refurbished. What more?

You need adequate web development skills to make a great success with this kind of business.

3) Translator

Can you speak three or more languages very fluently? Do you believe you could be paid handsomely to translate words from one language to another?

Today, the prestige attributed to language translation is very obvious –little wonder myriads of proficient translators are making a reasonable success.

All that matters in this small business idea is your proficiency in translating words from one language to another.

Quite frankly, this business is best suited for those who can speak two or more official languages such as English, French, Portuguese, etc.

Believe it or not, proficient translators are employed across the globe and some of them earn far above $30, 000 annually.

4) Financial Advisor

Lots of people are planning to venture into businesses of their own but they easily get stuck by the fact that they lack the financial organization required to make their businesses thrive.

If you’re a well-grounded financial advisor, some existing and prospective business owners will have the cause to consult you.

But importantly, you need to have a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certificate as evidence of your reliability.

If you don’t have this, many potential clients can be dissuaded from engaging in your professional service.

5) Editorial Services

Perhaps, this is one of the best business ideas out there for somebody who wishes to have an extensive customer base while rendering various services including editing, copywriting, indexing, proofreading, book writing, ghostwriting, etc.

Besides being a simple business to venture into, this business requires little to no investment.

As a plus, different kinds of people including students and authors will engage your service.

6) Affiliate Marketing

Looking for one of the best business ideas that are damn easy to start? Well, affiliate marketing is very handy as it basically requires you to promote the products or services offered by others.

If you have a thriving website/blog with a mouthwatering visitor base, you’re much likely to make the best success with affiliate marketing.

To earn as an affiliate marketer, you’ll have to advertise a company’s product/service on your blog. For each of the sales your effort yields, the company pays you a certain commission.

If you already have a proven track record in affiliate marketing, you’re very likely to attract new clients.

7) Product Reviewing

This small business idea is viable and you could take advantage of doing it if you aren’t ready to take on a new business by starting from scratch.

As a product reviewer, companies require you to have in-depth knowledge of their products or simply test them in order to create reviews that will convince others to purchase such products.

Some reviewers go extra miles to write detailed posts about a company’s products. Most people who do this usually have websites or blogs for promoting such products.

Of course, this idea will fetch you more bucks compared to a situation where you only own a profile on a freelancing site and publish reviews for a company’s products.

8) Working as a Secretary

If you have all the necessities to offer secretarial services, chances are that you’d make substantial bucks on a regular basis.

No in-depth experience may be required for this job but you must possess reliable skills in the aspects of organization and communication.

Efficient time management is another skill that will be required of you.

In this kind of business, you can be working from a remote location and some of the routine tasks you’ll be executing are picking up phone calls, giving replies to emails, booking meetings and organizing presentations, calendars, etc.

9) Online Dating Consultancy

Anyone with profound knowledge of managing relationship matters and connecting prospective lovebirds with each other can easily tap into this business idea.

Have you got the ability to trigger a relationship between a man and a woman?

Would you love to unite prospective lovebirds through endearing words? If you’re damn sure you’ve got all it takes, you could work as an online dating consultant.

This small business idea yields a considerable profit but you must be ready for daily responsibilities such as managing accounts on dating sites and helping to reveal matchmaking status through telephone updates.

10) Selling on eBay

eBay is an e-commerce site where you sell products directly to interested buyers.

Selling on eBay is quite different from working as an affiliate marketer in the sense that you’re connecting with customers easily and making direct sales.

Unlike affiliate marketing, this business doesn’t require product marketing. Sellers on eBay get certain commissions when products sell.

Although this business has long remained a lucrative idea, you have to be wary of the risks associated with it.

If scammers take advantage of your customers by persuading them to make payments, you’ll take the blame for their failure to receive the products they paid such scammers for.

One of the best ways to avoid this is ensuring that all payments are kept in your e-wallet till customers verify that they have received the purchased items.

11) App Development

App development is one of the simple ways out there to set up cash-flow assets.

Perhaps, you want to create something that will guarantee a constant inflow of bucks. Interestingly, developing an app is the way out.

Importantly, you don’t need spending heavily to develop a problem-solving app for users of smartphones and other devices.

All you need are the basic skills to get started. Have you created an app?

Well, what you need now is to market it to the millions of app users out there.

Of course, you’ll make a mouthwatering profit if your app is available for download on popular app stores.

12) Web Development

Web development may require you to have in-depth skills of how to build responsive websites and blogs but it is, of course, one of the business ideas that yield mouthwatering benefits.

Believe it or not, there are some professional web developers out there who earn $300 or even more for every website built.

You could take advantage of Codecademy to acquire advanced web-developing skills for creating websites with customized service pages, galleries, product pages, feedback forms and shopping carts.

13) Internet Security Consultancy

Considering the high incidence of cyber crimes such as scamming and hacking, numerous companies are in dire need of experts who can provide maximum security for their customers’ sensitive data.

Undoubtedly, this situation has created a massive avenue for anyone to learn the ins and outs of internet security and monetize such skills in the long run.

Working as an internet security consultant will fetch you staggering sums of money so long as you remain committed to using heavy-powered security tools in protecting a surplus of important data.

14) Graphic Design

Needless to say, many companies are utilizing excellent graphic designs to boost their branding and overall marketing efforts.

Potential customers look for media features, such as ads, logos, information sheets, newsletters and filters that best explain a company’s objectives and the services the company renders.

By reason of this, companies lookout for professional graphic designers who can use Photoshop Illustrator and other tools in creating attractive designs.

Besides being one of the best business ideas, graphic design is damn easy to start and it’s very likely to remain relevant in coming years.

15) Desktop Publishing

Would you like to publish marketing materials such as books, magazines, and marketing newsletters? Have you got the basics of utilizing publishing software?

If you’re really keen to render desktop publishing on a full scale, you may have to establish a small company by getting a couple of interested persons to partner with you.

More importantly, you can employ a prolific content writer if you’re not skilled at content writing.

16) Designing Business Plans

If you’re a well-rounded professional in writing business plans, be certain that there are a couple of business owners who wish to engage your service.

Some people have the ideas, as well as monetary resources, for starting up a lucrative business but they lack the expertise of transforming such ideas into business plans that will persuade prospective investors.

Of course, you can make a decent amount of bucks by creating different templates of business plans and presenting them to your clients.

Interestingly, your clients can choose their preferred templates and, in certain cases, require you to customize them.

The good side of this small business idea is that you can determine what clients will pay you.

17) Creating Chatbots

Nowadays, companies and businesses are working toward retaining existing customers through social messaging.

Meanwhile, chatbots come in handy as great tools for achieving this purpose.

If you’re damn ready for a small business that will thrive constantly, you could take advantage of learning how to create chatbots.

Luckily, it’s not necessary that you have coding skills before you can make a success with this small business idea.

You’re very likely to find hundreds of free-to-use tools to help you get started.

Obviously, chatbots are in high demand because they give companies the chance to achieve their marketing objectives by interacting with customers and keeping relevant customer data.

18) Bookkeeping Services

Have you got some knowledge of bookkeeping? Are you skilled at using numbers to draw up income statements, create balance sheets, and provide yearly or monthly financial reports for companies, businesses, and firms?

If yes, you have all it takes to work as a bookkeeper. So long as you’re skilled at using numbers, you may not have to hold any degree in accounting to work as a freelance bookkeeper.

If you’re capable of this business, Due.com and Sighted.com are few of the tools you’ll require a lot.

19) Personal or Virtual Assistant

If you’re thinking about one of the best small business ideas to delve into without spending so huge, you would love to work as a virtual or personal assistant.

More importantly, you could make great fun out of this business if you opt for the digital version.

The reason is that you’ll have the freedom to work from home and even decide your working hours.

Sites like freelancer help you to find jobs online.

You could find a couple of clients on freelance platforms like Fiver and Upwork and quite interestingly, you can decide to be paid monthly, daily or hourly.

20) Supply of Stationery

Do you have an unbending passion for delivering items to people? If yes, you could be the next stationery supplier some schools out there are looking for.

Undeniably, stationery is needed by offices, schools, and companies.

Meanwhile, not all schools or companies have the time to look out for suppliers of stationery items such as receipts, envelopes, pens, books, letterheads, etc.

You shouldn’t wait for students, schools or companies to locate you. Advisably, you could contact them and ask if they are in need of stationery.

21) Sale of Burgers and Hotdogs

This could be a great small business idea for someone living in a busy corner of the city. Are there lovers of burgers and hot dogs in your vicinity?

Have you got a great taste for preparing delicious sausage rolls? Interestingly, this business idea is suitable for those who are not willing to spend much.

Provided you have the required cooking skills and sufficient money to channel into the business, you could establish a stall somewhere in the city and get people to buy your appetizing burgers and hotdogs.

22) Food Truck Business

If you’re looking for a food-related business that hardly sucks, then the food truck business could be the perfect option for you.

Who doesn’t like having their delicious foods delivered to their comfort zone? I guess nobody.

Starting a food truck business is quite inexpensive. Of course, you can purchase a used truck provided you can’t afford a new one.

What more? You may have to buy lots of cooking utensils but you needn’t worry about the expenses simply because this business idea will fetch you a whole lot of dollars, year in year out.

23) Marketing Services

If you’re really creative and would like to succeed in the field of marketing, you could establish a digital marketing agency you can solely manage.

It would be vital that you take on a relevant online course if you don’t have a well-grounded experience of digital marketing yet.

Through that course, you should acquire the basics of SEO-oriented marketing which many companies out there are looking for.

More importantly, companies expect you to make marketing efforts that will convert their website audience into leads.

Ultimately, such leads should become customers.

24) Social Media Consultancy

Without doubts, social media is one of the modern trends that don’t seem to be winding down anytime soon.

It’s gaining ground with the presence of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many other social networks.

Perhaps, you’ve got the technical understanding of using social media management tools and now, you wish to make the best out of this.

Of course, you could work as a social media consultant for any company that needs experts to manage its multiple social networks.

A whole lot of bucks can be made from this small business and you could enroll for professional courses offered by Google, Twitter, and others to learn the basics of how the business works.

25) Tax Consultancy

Oftentimes, this is one of the businesses that demand being trained through seminars and courses.

Tax preparation is one of the vital tasks companies assign to experts so that such companies may have ample time to execute day-to-day business activities.

In the business of tax consultancy, you can work as a freelancer but this requires you to have mastered the basics of tax preparation.

So long as you can figure out a company’s taxes and prepare them accurately, certain businesses and organizations will be ready to employ you.

26) Blogging

Blogging is one of the small business ideas that need no introduction to those who are conversant with the internet.

Each time you input keywords in Google and other search engines, you get information related to those keywords.

Such information may come as contents pertaining to fashion, travel, sports, technology, or other fields. Wondering where these contents are coming from?

Actually, they’re owned by bloggers who spend considerable time creating information that others need.

Perhaps, you’re strongly inclined towards activity and you’d like to transform your experience of that activity into words that will hold other people’s attention.

With the help of a PC and a couple of other resources, you can get started with blogging.

27) Creating Information Products

Nowadays, people create e-books about several things such as making money and using technical ideas to achieve something profitable.

This is really a great way to provide people with digital information.

This business idea is quite synonymous with blogging because it requires offering something many other people are looking for.

If you can invent a stunning idea that will solve problems in a particular niche, endeavor to transform that idea into an e-book, and who knows, hundreds of people may be willing to buy this informative product on Amazon and other retail sites.

28) Résumé Writing

Undeniably, résumé writing is one of the small business ideas you can easily start so long as you’re skilled at helping others create written versions of their personal statements in a professional manner.

Basically, many people have personal statements they can submit to their prospective employers but not everybody can write them down in a presentable manner.

If you believe you have a pleasant choice of words and can transform somebody’s personal statements into a presentable letter, nothing should stop you from being a résumé writer.

The more you get going in this business, you can attract more clients and set up a decent rate of daily or hourly pay for yourself.

29) Online Sale of Photos

Have you got a strong knack for photography? Can you create awesome pictures that other people would crave to buy?

This business idea is damn easy to tap into. You need nothing other than a reliable computer and a topnotch digital camera.

If you want some sparkling quality for your pictures, you should get a digital camera with a reasonable amount of megapixels.

After churning out unique and captivating pictures, you can publish them on your website alongside a  price list.

Admittedly, you’ll make a huge success with this business idea if you can establish a presence on Flickr, GettyImages, and several other picture-specific websites.

30) Meal Planning

Not everyone knows the most appetizing, suitable, or nutritional food to buy.

Besides not having adequate knowledge of diet balancing, some people can hardly make a success with cooking in the kitchen.

By reason of this, there has been a high demand for expert meal planners who understand the nutritional benefits of various meals and will identify the diets best suited for certain customers.

More to that, such meal planners issue recipes showing customers how to prepare certain meals.

Obviously, nobody would like wasting their hard-earned pennies on delicacies that wouldn’t satisfy their taste and as such, chances are that an experienced meal planner is needed.

Profitable Small Business Ideas

31) Patient Advocacy

Patient advocacy is an essential business idea that involves speaking or acting on behalf of people at the time they need special health care.

If you feel some people are down with an illness and can’t afford to advocate for themselves, you could assist them in finding hospitals for paperwork and collecting bills to be submitted to insurance companies.

While doing this business, you’re not only making a decent amount of dollars for yourself but also helping others –particularly those who are ill –to derive the support they need.

32) E-commerce Store

E-commerce is a great business idea with little to no monetary investment.

Perhaps, e-commerce is a proven and reliable alternative for those who can’t afford physical storefronts to create awareness for their products and ultimately capture buyers.

Owning a physical shop has its own advantages especially in terms of branding but having an e-commerce store seems to be more beneficial.

First of all, your product will be available online and for the most interesting part, you’re much likely to widen your product reach and attract an unlimited customer base.

What more? Your customers can come from anywhere in the world and you can easily integrate your website with your social networks to cross-sell products.

Today, high-profile websites like eBay and Amazon are swiftly taking e-commerce to the next level.

33) Survey Taking

This might not be the best small business idea you’ve been craving to discover but it surely a decent couple of dollars probably $100 or more.

Basically, this business idea is best enjoyed by those who have a lot of spare time they’d like to devote to online activities that require completing a number of surveys.

One of the websites that offer you the avenue to do this is InboxDollars. And to make the most out of this idea, you may have to register on several websites.

34) Production of Videos

Can you produce stunning videos that will keep an audience engaged on YouTube and other video-specific platforms?

Surely, hundreds and thousands of dollars await you if you can make good use of this business idea.

A whole lot of people are not skilled at creating top-notch videos with quality editing.

But because they want to be famous on YouTube and various other related platforms, they try to hire experts who can create adverts and top-quality music videos.

Such experts also understand the basics of vlog editing and will offer what it takes to upload videos of high quality.

35) Sustainability Consultancy

Nowadays, many companies understand the impact the environment has on their businesses and as such, they try to do things that will potentially improve the environment.

In reality, this is an essential task but again it attracts relatively high expenses, and to avoid sacrificing excessively, companies hire creative personnel who understand the concept of sustainability.

Since most of the available alternatives for improving the environment are costly to maintain, there is a need to employ those who can provide professional advice on how to sacrifice less and yet achieve more.

36) Call Centre Representative

Thousands of people are looking for profitable small businesses that require no capital outlay. If you fall into this class of people, odds are that you could work as a call center representative.

The beauty of this business is that some companies will allow you to work from the comfort of your residence so long as you have a phone line and a functional computer system.

Of course, this will save you the stress of transporting from home to office on a daily basis and guess what, you could be earning a reliable amount of salary enough to pay bills and settle other financial obligations.

37) Direct Sales Representative

A number of companies like Tupperware, Avon, etc., do employ representatives charged with the duty of selling products to customers.

This business entails that you sell directly to customers and it’s quite simple to establish.

If you’re based in any of the cities this business is likely to thrive, you could organize some home-based parties and have potential customers gravitating towards you to purchase available products.

Although it entails selling on behalf of a particular company, this business is hitch-free because it will save you the stress of moving from house to house in search of customers.

38) Travel Planning

Looking for one of the best small business opportunities suitable for lovers of travel-related activities?

Well, you shouldn’t look any further since you can work as a travel planner helping people to check out flight charges and other factors that affect travels.

Are you well-grounded in organizing flight needs for others and helping them to find the best deals out there?

Truly, there are a significant number of online booking platforms intending travelers can easily browse from the comfort of their mobile phones.

However, people need to devote considerable time to compare the costs of available restaurants, hotels, flights, car rentals, and certain other factors that may affect their travels.

To save themselves the stress of finding out all this and arranging travel plans, some people resort to the service of an experienced travel planner.

39) Online Custom Tailoring

Many people are yet to make the best use of custom tailoring whereas it is a business idea with proven profit potential.

Lots of people working in the office, probably those involved in white-collar jobs, do have a strong liking for tailored clothing.

Perhaps, they fancy their appearance and clearly understand that people tend to wear clothes of different sizes.

If you’re skilled at designing beautiful clothes and tailoring them to customers’ needs, online custom tailoring is likely an opportunity for you.

In this line of business, you can go extra miles to render customization services in stitching, patterns, lining, fabric, fitting, size, etc.

40) Online Currency Trading

Currency trading has been a relevant business idea for a reasonable length of time and taking it online has yielded a profit for many.

Courtesy of various instructional applications, relevant online courses, and tutorial videos, lots of people are finding it convenient to learn the basics of currency trading.

Since currency trading is a small business idea, you need only a couple of resources including a decent amount of cash, a PC, fundamental techniques and elementary analytical skills to become a currency trader.

41) Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing is one of the lucrative aspects companies are utilizing in boosting their marketing efforts.

Put simply, the idea of telemarketing entails working, probably as a freelancer, to help a company interact with its clients through the fixing of appointments.

Also, the company requires you to generate leads needed for substantial business sales in the long run.

Importantly, some of the factors that determine what you may ask a company to pay for your service are the type of project assigned to you and the size of the company.

42) Referral Services

If you think you are strongly inclined to help people find the best businesses, artisans, and professionals for the products or services they need, you could turn your knack into a profit-yielding stream.

Since what you’re required to do is refer people to reliable businesses and sophisticated professionals like gardeners, hairdressers, carpet fitters, lawyers, etc., you’ll have to find out the best of these businesses and professionals in your neighborhood.

That being said, this idea will encourage such businesses to pay you for referring clients to them.

One important key to succeed in this business is to identify the suitable businesses/professionals for your referral list and understand the strategies needed to capture many customers.

43) Event and Project Planning

Not everyone has the time or skill to organize and plan their events, projects, and parties.

Owing to this, there is an obvious need to hire expert event or project planners.

While doing this business, you have the opportunity to work from a distant location but if you want a better profit scale and would like to handle your job properly, it is more preferable that you render services to those within your neighborhood.

Meanwhile, you can decide to work from the pleasure of your home and contact clients at their residence, workplace, or other areas like cafes and restaurants when they need your service.

44) Professional Photography

If you’re looking for an affordable business idea that involves photography, you could become a professional photographer.

You might not need extra training if you already have the skills of photography. Also, you wouldn’t spend much money so long as all you need to get started is a camera.

If you have proficient skills in photography, you’re very likely to succeed as a professional photographer taking gorgeous pictures of people at grandiose events including weddings, family parties, and other ceremonies.

This business requires traveling from your residence to where the events are being held.

Therefore, you may consider your travel expenses in deciding the amount to charge your clients.

45) Tutoring

Quite a few people who are good at teaching others do not see tutoring as the best business idea for themselves.

However, tutoring comes with a whole lot of benefits.

First of all, there is no need for any capital outlay to get started particularly if you are tutoring people in their homes.

For the most part, you can also take advantage of a single class to teach a decent number of students.

So long as you’re skilled in a particular field where people seek tutors, odds are that you’ll find people to whom you can render your tutorial services.

46) Computer Trainer

In point of fact, we’re in an information-centric world and people are focusing a lot more on the use of computers.

Provided that you have in-depth knowledge of computer usage, probably in both PC and Mac, there is a lot you can make from training others.

More to that, you can render your services to both children and adults, and the fee you charge often depends on the duration and technicality of the computer training.

47) Property Management

Some rich people with a surplus of assets seldom have time to manage these assets by themselves.

Going by the ethics of property management, you’re required to look after somebody’s property and ensure that it remains in good order.

Perhaps, your client is a landlord who has a couple of apartments somewhere in the metropolis.

As a property manager, your duty is to manage the apartments properly and serve as an intermediary between the tenants and the landlord.

48) Home Inspector

Home inspection is another small business idea and basically, it requires watching over somebody’s homes.

It seems to be a very simple business to tap into but frankly, it demands a certain level of sophistication.

As a home inspector, you must be conversant with the new methods, products, techniques, and innovations in the industry.

Also, the laws guiding this job are subject to change and as such, you’re expected to familiarize yourself with them every now and then.

Importantly, you can attract clients by associating with the real estate agents in your neighborhood and urging them to suggest your services to people.

49) Courier Services

Courier services are in high demand, especially in crowded areas.

Quite frankly, most companies in congested areas engage the services of local couriers rather than resorting to the usual “mailroom’’.

Local couriers tend to provide companies with adaptable times for picking up and dropping off items.

As a courier, you may consider some factors in deciding the amount to charge for your service.

50) Life Coaching

Life coaching is a business concept that requires you to exploit your experiences in a particular field to mentor others and change their lives for the better.

Provided you’re well-grounded in a specific field and believe your track record will convince potential clients, you can start life coaching and get paid handsomely.

Probably, you’re a sophisticated entrepreneur with mouthwatering achievements, you could set up a life-coaching program for would-be entrepreneurs.

Best Small Business Ideas

51) Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a lucrative small business idea but you must have taken a relevant course or undergone a series of professional training.

Also, you need licensing to prove that you’re qualified to be a massage therapist and at times, your state determines the type of licensing you should provide.

One of the beautiful aspects of massage therapy is that you can turn your home into a clinic provided you have essential requirements including massage oils, a massage bed, and other items.

52) Personal Trainer

Some people wish to engage in regular exercises probably in order to burn excess fats and maintain the overall fitness of their bodies.

However, they do not understand the basics of physical training and would like some experts to teach them.

If you’re a fitness expert who has got a gym or some essential materials for physical training, you could look out for novices who need a personal trainer to help them develop physically.

53) Personal Chef

Can you prepare amazing dishes of different kinds?

Do you understand the nutritional requirements for preparing meals that suit the health of certain people?

Well, working as a personal chef could be the best business for you.

Put simply, a personal chef prepares meals for people who are just too busy to spare time for cooking or those who wouldn’t like to use the kitchen for one reason or the other.

These people can afford to pay anyone who would prepare the best dishes for them regularly.

A whole lot of people are into this business but you could stay atop the crowd by preparing dishes with sufficient nutritional benefits.

54) Cleaning Services

Do you have a strong knack for cleanliness?

Would you like to help others declutter their environment, workplace, and homes?

Perhaps, this is a suitable job for you and obviously, you don’t need to undergo any professional training to be a competent cleaner.

If you’re lucky to be in an area with massive employment opportunities, you’re very likely to be employed by hotels, restaurants, and office owners.

Interestingly, you could work as a part-time employee by tidying up hotels in the morning, helping people to clean their offices in the afternoon, and sprucing up restaurants at night.

55) Dog Walking

Provided you’ve got the expertise of training dogs, caring for them and taking them out for regular walks, you’re very likely to be employed by somebody who needs a dog walker.

Some people leave their homes as early as possible and return later in the evening.

As a result of this, their dogs remain indoors all day long.

Besides helping them take their dogs out for daily drills, such people may need you to render other relevant services including dog-sitting, grooming, and training.

56) Packing Services

Helping people to pack their chattels is not only a nice gesture but also a decent way of earning a couple of bucks.

Chances are that some people are relocating from your neighborhood to their new homes and perhaps, they need somebody like you who have all the time to pack a whole lot of belongings.

While such people are at their workplaces, you could be at their homes helping them to pack their chattels and arranging them into boxes.

57) Laundry Services

Thinking about one of the best business ideas that require no technical skills?

Are you willing to work as a laundryman right from the comfort of your home?

Obviously, laundry business can require some capital outlay but you can start it with the little bucks at your disposal and hope to widen your business scope afterward.

You may have to obtain licensing for this business but the likelihood of this is often determined by your location and the business size.

So long as you’re just starting out as a laundryman, you may have to establish some marketing medium such as a website that will get your brand in front of a large audience.

Importantly, you’ll have to decide when and what your clients should pay you for washing their clothes.

Provided you have established strong relationships with your clients, you can choose to be paid after each service you render.

58) CareGiving

Caregiving is a reputable small business idea and as a qualified caregiver, it is believed that you have completed certain diplomas/degrees in health-related programs.

Also, you may have to pass through some professional training but for the most important part, you must understand what a client needs physically and emotionally.

As a caregiver, some of your daily routines could include preparing meals, washing dishes, helping your clients with shopping needs, and taking their children outdoors for exercise.

Caregiving comes with several advantages since you can decide your working hours and those you wish to take care of.

59) Bed and Breakfast

It’s not necessary that you have a hotel or some huge apartment to get started with bed and breakfast.

This business idea is quite lucrative for somebody who has one or more spare rooms in their apartment.

Perhaps, somebody who can’t afford to pay quite high for one-night hotel accommodation can resort to you.

To attract customers to your spare rooms early enough, you could advertise them on Airbnb or any similar site.

If you charge moderate fees and your spare rooms are really decent, you’ll likely make a success with bed and breakfast.

But if you’re willing to offer various other services such as housekeeping, city tours and provision of foods and drinks, you could set your fees a little higher.

60) Personal Concierge

A personal concierge gets paid beautifully although his job can be quite demanding.

Whether you’re serving as a personal concierge to the CEO of a high-profile company or to the owner of a 5-star hotel, a lot of responsibilities will be assigned to you.

Promptness and smartness are some of the qualities you need to succeed as a personal concierge.

Obviously, you don’t need any monetary investment to be a personal concierge but you must be ready mentally and to devote ample time to your work.

If you can’t offer a prompt response to somebody of a higher status, being a personal concierge might not be the best business idea for you.

61) Grocery Delivery Services

Some large supermarkets and other grocery stores usually have messengers who deliver foods or other items to purchasers at their residence.

It could be that such purchasers are too busy to go to the supermarket or can’t endure the physical task of walking to the supermarket after returning from work.

These people can employ you to be their personal shopper and provided you have a vehicle for conveying sizeable grocery items, you’re very likely to have several clients and make a huge success with this business idea.

62) Gardening and Lawn Care

If you have prior experience of gardening and how to beautify the surroundings of a home, you could offer lawn care and various other services including raking, planting of herbs, and removal of snow.

Unlike lawn-mowing that is done only within specific periods of the year, gardening is pretty much profitable because it doesn’t have any limited period.

At any time, people can call you to help trim their garden plants and do other things to spice up the surroundings of their homes.

63) Babysitting Services

There are plenty of small business ideas but some of them require formal training. If you, however, want a business idea with little or no formal training, you could try out babysitting.

Some people disregard working as a babysitter but fail to realize how lucrative it could be.

If you want to hone your babysitting skills fast and would like to get paid beautifully, ensure you have the appropriate licenses and certifications for the job.

As a babysitter, you’re expected to watch over a baby and give maximum care to it especially while its parents are away.

Provided you’ve got what it takes, you could double up your earnings from babysitting by working as an au pair or nanny.

64) Childproofing Services

Childproofing is a viable small business idea that could be strange to some people.

Put simply, childproofing entails protecting children from household hazards.

Some areas of a home can be quite hazardous for kids to wander around.

Therefore, the concept of childproofing enables parents to provide maximum safety for their kids by guarding them against the dangerous corners of the household.

Although childproofing is cheap and easy to delve into, you may consider taking on an internship to help you acquire the rudiments of the job.

If your location imposes certain rules on childproofing, always try to comply with them.

65) Conversion of Digital Media

Today, many people have advanced from the use of CDs and DVDs in listening to songs and watching movies.

The internet has obviously given our realm of digital entertainment a new turn. Do you have myriads of CDs but don’t know what to do with them?

Provided you’re a little tech-savvy and can transfer the media on CDs to your PC, chances are that many people will be interested in your services.

If you’re keen to earn decently through this business, advertise your brand to people using flyers, social networks, and media-specific forums.

66) Personal Driver

There are lots of people out there who prefer to be driven by their personal drivers who could be taxi owners.

This thrives best in major cities and if you’re thinking about the best business idea you could try out using your taxi, then you should be ready to drive others to and from their workplaces.

Several benefits are attached to this business in the sense that a client can employ you as a full-time driver.

More to that, you could be paid hourly or daily depending on how it pleases you.

67) Hairstyling

This business idea could be your perfect choice if you’re skilled in helping people to style their hair.

Probably, you’ve been to various salons and learned the basics of hairstyling.

However, you don’t have the capital requirements to get started with your own business.

You could work as a home-based stylist provided you’re not going against your location’s regulations for working as a hairstylist.

The more you widen your customer base, chances are that you’d like to render other related services such as makeup, pedicure, hair coloring, manicure, and hair extensions.

68) Interior Design

Needless to say, interior design is one of the most lucrative small business ideas you can find on this list.

These days, people take priority in beautifying the inward appearance of their homes hence the huge demand for expert decorators.

Oftentimes, you might not be asked to show any certification but holding a degree in interior design will give you great insights into the features of a home, office, or other places and how to produce the designs that should align with them.

Also, one thing you should note is that this business idea requires identifying what your clients want.

So, you may have to meet them physically to ask them questions about the purpose of their desired space.

You should know if the space will be meant for adults, kids, important guests, or a nursing mother.

Of course, asking questions like these will help you identify what your clients need.

69) Tour Guide

Do you like talking to tourists and helping them find what they are looking for?

Do you believe you could work as a tour guide and make hundreds of dollars through this?

Most tourists make great fun when they have tour guides around them.

Not only do they feel free to ask questions, but they also find it intriguing to walk behind tour guides and see the beautiful nooks and crannies of their tourist destination.

Are you damn sure you know your city’s ins and outs probably ranging from the picturesque coastlines to the snow-capped mountains?

Interestingly, you’re very likely to find a couple of tourists who are ready to engage your service and pay you handsomely.

Depending on what your client wants, you can decide to tour around by bike or on foot.

70) Bridal Concierge

Being a bridal concierge not only gives you the pleasure of organizing things for grooms and brides, but it also fetches you a chunk of dollars.

A wedding is a significant ceremony that demands attention and lots of arrangements.

However, most grooms and brides barely have time for all this hence the need to employ professionals.

Provided you have a profound knowledge of what brides and grooms require for wedding planning, you could establish yourself as a bridal concierge.

If you aren’t popular yet, you could try rendering your services to relatives and friends and hope they eventually refer prospective clients to you.

Small Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

71) House and Pet Sitting

This small business idea is quite different from babysitting in the sense that your duty is to help others look after their pets and the entire household.

Before going on holiday, some homeowners who have pets usually lookout for somebody who will take care of their pets.

Although no capital outlay is required to do this business, you may have to start by rendering your pet-sitting services to neighbors, relatives, and friends and hope to widen your client base in the future.

72) Senior Home Companion

You may suggest this business idea is trivial but the undeniable fact is that it has improved life expectancy in the US and several other countries.

People within the age of 65 tend to become feebler the older they grow. At this time, it becomes demanding to take on daily chores around the home.

But with the support of a senior home companion, such people hardly encounter any distress.

73) Repair of Electronics

In this age, it’s quite certain that you’ll find one or more electronic devices in each home you enter.

Anyone can choose to discard their faulty devices such as laptops, phones, gaming consoles, cameras, and other appliances.

However, most people seek to repair their faulty electronics rather than disposing of them.

Repair of electronics is a business force that has gained significant grounds in this 21st century and if you can devote adequate time to learning it, you’re much likely to have a sustainable inflow of bucks in years to come.

74) Upholstery

Basically, you could use upholstery to make money in two ways.

You could work from home or choose to partner with a company that specializes in the repair of furniture.

Of course, this is one of the best small business ideas out there but you must have a well-grounded understanding of upholstery to make the most out of it.

Some of the best facilities for acquiring upholstery skills are relevant books, online courses, and YouTube instructional videos.

75) Repair of Vehicles

Are you a mechanic with no job at hand? Can you try your hands on a couple of faulty vehicles and repair them perfectly?

Perhaps, you’re damn skilled at repairing people’s vehicles and would like to turn this into a profit-yielding stream.

Provided you have sufficient money, you could buy several tools and establish your own mechanic shop.

If you can’t afford setting up an open space for this business, you could reveal yourself to prospective clients as a mobile auto repairer.

In this regard, clients will be encouraged to call you to their homes or the location of their faulty vehicles for you to do the necessary repair.

76) Repair of Bicycles

Truly, this small business idea usually has a ‘peak’ period –probably the season when lots of people are resorting to their bicycles and would like to repair any faulty parts before use.

Nevertheless, you can offer your repair services to regular cyclists.

Also, the provision of year-round and general repair services is one sure way to persuade cycling addicts and get them to patronize your business week in week out.

77) Menu Planning

This business is best suited for those who have got excellent culinary skills and understood the seasonal meals that should satisfy customers’ appetites.

In some restaurants, chefs only have to prepare dishes and delicacies based on the menu issued to them.

They might not be the ones to decide what should be included in the menu.

As a would-be menu planner, you don’t have to think about the stress of cooking and serving meals at restaurants.

All you need is the proficiency of organizing seasonal menus that should guide restaurants on the best meals to deliver to their customers.

78) Body Piercing

Almost everywhere in the world, lots of people are dying to have tattoos on their bodies.

Besides being a small business idea, tattoos and body piercing service requires a short period of training.

In past times, we saw tattoos only on the bodies of drug addicts and gangsters but today almost everyone on the street has tattoos somewhere on their body.

79) Traditional Cosmetics Business

If you think you understand the basics of mixing various natural ingredients in producing formulas people need to care for their skin, hair, and bodies, you’re very likely to work from home and earn beautifully.

Cosmetics business is damn popularly but not many people are thinking about doing it from the comfort of their homes.

Provided you can apply the traditional method of making high-quality beauty products, your cosmetics business will attract a decent number of customers.

80) Beauty Treatment

Fashion is, of course, one of the things that drive people crazy as both men and women pay excessive attention to beautifying themselves.

Provided you have the skills required to give beautifying treatment to people, you could be the next beautician thousands of people would be looking for.

In addition to having a basic understanding of cosmetics and beauty products, you’ll need some capital to set up a salon.

81) Post-Natal Care Giving

Are you a tender-hearted woman with the skills required for nursing new babies?

Can you take good care of new mothers and their newborns?

If yes, you may have to consider post-natal caregiving as a great small business for you.

Although this business requires you to show a significant level of tenderness, responsibility, and care, you’ll always make good money from it.

82) Bike Rental Services

Not all those who love biking can afford to buy bicycles for themselves.

Both adults and teenagers can be seen driving bicycles with the intent of exercising their bodies.

If you can put reasonable amounts of dollars together, you should be able to buy a couple of new or used vehicles you can rent out to others.

Needless to say, this is one of the lucrative small business ideas that do not require any skill acquisition.

83) Plumbing

With little training, you can easily delve into plumbing and start making money while helping others to mend clogged drains, fix pipe leakages, and correct other plumbing defects.

If need be, you can work as an apprentice under a competent plumber for just a few months.

This small business is quite easy to learn and start but for the most part, you’ll need to buy essential plumbing tools.

84) Home Daycare

If you have a strong liking for kids and you think you’ve got the tenderness, attention, and caution required to train them, you could tap into the daycare industry by setting up your home as a daycare center.

This business idea is quite easy to start but you’ll need some licensing and a series of training.

More importantly, obtain some insurance coverage for the business and ensure you get appropriate license orientations before starting up.

After fulfilling all necessary licensing conditions, you could start your daycare business by enrolling the children of your neighbors, friends, or relatives.

85) SEO Services

SEO is, of course, one of the trends that have created substantial income streams for those who are tech-savvy.

Considered one of the best business ideas on the internet, SEO is very essential for any online venture/business to compete fairly with its counterparts.

Besides helping businesses to improve the search rankings of their website contents, quality SEO is a proven tool that boosts business leads and sales.

If you can spare a considerable timeframe for learning SEO skills, odds are that you’ll become someone that other online businesses will be looking to hire in the nearest future.

86) Content Writing

Day in day out, new blogs and websites are emerging hence creating lots of employment potentials for writers of different abilities.

If you’re a competent writer who can curate contents in various niches, you’re very likely to be employed by website owners who are in dire need of fresh contents.

Do you have amazing writing skills?

Can you craft stunning contents in specialties like sports, tech, business, education and lots more?

If yes, be pretty sure that chunks of bucks await you.

87) Creating a Listing Website

This idea is damn lucrative and best suited for anyone who is good at identifying the online services or products hundreds and thousands of people are looking for in their neighborhood.

So long as you’ve identified a profitable niche and found the products/services people are demanding most in that niche, you could venture into this business by setting up a website and equipping it with tons of product listings.

For each product, ensure there is an accurate listing coupled with an appropriate product description.

Once this website expands in terms of visibility with a huge visitor base, myriads of sellers can be encouraged to gravitate towards it in order to list their products and attract buyers for them.

88) Making and Selling Beats

Have you got the required creativity for making beats that will hold people’s attention and make them show their dancing skills?

Would you like to make tons of dollars through your beat-making ability?

Today, there are plenty of websites, forums, and other online platforms where people showcase their unique artistic products in search of buyers.

Videos, beats, and voices are part of these products and if you’ve got a couple of fresh beats made by you, you could visit SoundCloud to find buyers for them.

Undeniably, this is a small business idea that requires you to bring your creativity into effect.

89) Uber Riding

This business is partly similar to personal driving services which require being hired by those who are ready to pay you for driving them around daily.

But the only difference is that it involves working for a riding platform that connects you with passengers via a smartphone app.

If you have a functional taxi that has long been abandoned, now is the best time to get it back on track and make substantial dollars out of it.

All you need is to register your taxi under Uber’s riding platform.

But before you do this, be sure you have all the required documents including a driving license that qualify you for the platform’s riding service.

90) Data Analysis

Data analysis is a pleasant small business idea you can tap into if you have all it takes to help a company determine the demographics of its website visitors, evaluate its expenditure, and find out its transaction patterns.

Oftentimes, companies don’t have the time to assess important data and so, they resort to engaging the services of competent data analysts.

Provided you’re skilled in data analysis, you could establish an online venture and render your services to companies.

Best business ideas to make money

best business ideas to make money

91) Online Editing

If you have a strong knack for editing media files including fresh videos, you could make substantial returns by working online and rendering services to TV channels, manufacturers, and advertising firms.

This business hardly requires monetary investment and quite interestingly, you can be rendering services to a decent number of clients right from the comfort of your home.

To make a success with this job, all you need is to have the required hardware and software skills for adding audio tracks, giving subtitles to media contents, and doing several other related things.

92) Insurance Agency

Have you got what it takes to offer professional advice in the field of insurance?

Can you recommend the safest insurance policies to people?

Obviously, some people take great caution while buying insurance coverage for their homes, vehicles, and even lives.

Therefore, they look out for expert insurance agents who can help them assess the reliability of certain insurance policies.

Provided you’re well-grounded in the combined field of insurance and finance, you’re very likely to succeed as an insurance agent.

Meanwhile, insurance companies may require you to help them suggest the strategies that will boost market share and overall sales.

93) Real Estate

Over the years, real estate has remained one of the best business ideas suitable for both medium-sized and large-scale entrepreneurs.

In the US and other big places, many people consult realtors for homes that meet their financial capabilities.

Some entrepreneurs wrongly assume they can’t delve into real estate without first setting up huge amounts of money.

If you think you don’t have sufficient capital to start up your own real estate business, you could attach yourself to a high-profile real estate company provided you have the qualifications, skills, and competence the company requires of you.

94) Sale of Herbal Drinks

Anywhere you go in the world, you’re likely to find a medicinal practice that involves the use of native herbs.

If you have the experience of how berries, roots, flowers, and indigenous plants can be blended to improve people’s health, nothing should stop you from making a reasonable amount of money weekly.

Perhaps, many people are looking for herbal drinks that would improve their performance in sports grounds, gyms, and jogging tracks.

Provided you can get several traditional recipes showing how to produce these drinks, you’re certain to make cool cash regularly.

95) Sale of Cookies

Many people love eating well-flavored pastries and cookies while at restaurants, parties, on the go, or just anywhere.

Needless to say, anyone with excellent cooking skills can realize hundreds and thousands of bucks from selling these tantalizing foods week in week out.

Quite interestingly, you can do this business right from your pleasurable home.

Just get your oven set, purchase flours, and other required ingredients and then adapt your culinary skills to give your customers the amazing delicacy they crave.

96) Fictional Writing

Are you damn good at imagining things and creating lovely stories from them?

Would you like to make cool money doing just that?

Believe it or not, fictional writing is one of the lucrative aspects of writing courtesy of the fact that many publishers out there are looking for great stories to publish.

If you wouldn’t like to attach yourself to any book publisher, you could submit your fictional works to sites like Amazon, etc., and get them published online.

Meanwhile, the beauty of this is that you get paid each time your story attracts a purchase online.

97) Copywriting

Perhaps, copywriting is one of the small but great business ideas any proficient writer can make a success with.

High-profile advertising firms tend to charge above what some companies can pay and as such, these companies lookout for freelance copywriters who can produce promotional content including catchphrases and attractive ads.

So long as your writing flair resonates with this requirement, odds are that clients will be interested in engaging your service.

98) Making Wedding Dresses

Are you a seamstress who understands the fashion trends that suit brides?

Can you make gorgeous wedding dresses and gowns?

With this small business, you’re very certain to earn weekly for years on end. Weddings are special occasions and to make the most out of them, brides look for specialists who can make excellent dresses for them.

Of course, you wouldn’t invest much in this business and just about $8,000 could be enough as start-up capital.

But importantly, ensure you find out the styles of wedding gowns and dresses in vogue so that you may produce something excellent and fashionable.

99) Buying and Selling (Used) Garments

This small business idea is quite profitable and you need just a little buck to get started.

Perhaps, some people have new or fairly used clothes they are willing to sell.

It’s possible the clothes are not well-fitted and rather than keeping them in the closet, these people prefer to sell them.

Provided you’ve garnered sufficient capital for this business, you could establish a thrift store somewhere in a busy city.

After purchasing garments from people, you could offer them to those who are ready to pay prices fairly above the amounts you bought the garments.

100) Repair of Garments

Not everyone will dump their lovely shirts, trousers, and other garments when they get torn.

If you have ample time to help others mend their torn garments, you could get yourself a sewing machine and make money regularly.

This might not be the best small business idea for some people but you can easily make reasonable amounts of money without investing much.

101) Fashion Design

If you have an unbending taste for fashion and can adopt the latest design trends driving people crazy, chances are that you’ll make reasonable success as a fashion designer.

After setting up a fashion studio, all you need is creativity coupled with other accouterments used by popular fashion designers.

More importantly, ensure the fashion styles you’re using appeal to the taste of your neighborhood.