How To Build Trust With Your Client When You Are Working Remotely

Working remotely is a privilege that only a few professions get to enjoy. Luckily, freelancers probably enjoy this opportunity better than any.

Unfortunately, working remotely isn’t without its own challenges and you are soon to discover poor communication skills will sink the project before it’s completed.

The best way to build trust with your client who is 10,000 miles away is to make them feel involved throughout the project lifecycle.

Here are a few tips that worked for me:

1) Let your past works speak for you

Share your previous work experiences and clients you have worked for in the past. This way, your new clients know that you are no rookie.

2) Show your face

That’s why we are in the 21st century. Let your clients be able to attach a face to their graphic designer. Use web apps like Skype to communicate regularly.

3) Be available

Don’t go off the radar without informing your clients. Respond to emails, phone calls, text message, and chats promptly. When you go quiet, you open doors for doubt.

4) Keep your client updated

There is no better way to build trust by carrying your client along all through the way. Let your client have access to your work files at every point in time.

5) Be honest

Your client needs you to be open about the project. If for some reasons there will be a delay in achieving a set goal, or you made a mistake, be transparent about it.

Above all, keep to your word and meet up with your deadlines.

If you want to build trust with your clients remotely, and hold on to them for life, follow these 5 important tips.

Never leave your client hanging and you cant keep your side of the bargain, own up promptly and communicate efficiently.