Improve Your Business With Table Games For Your Office

In modern time, offices are much more than just a cubicle with your name on it.

They are big, open spaces with break rooms, table games, food courts and modern kitchens.

I know it may sound incredible but there is a perfect solution for each and every one of those features placed in your workplace.

Today I want to focus on the special section of every workday and that is the break.

The break helps us reset our brain after 4 or more hours of work.

If you use your break wrong (by wrong I mean eating lunch in front of your computer) you will feel tired and you will make mistakes.

That is why most today’s break rooms have free coffee, table games, a big pile of magazines and comfortable couch.

Of all those break room features, I think that free coffee and table games are the best. Why? Well, let me show you.

The most needed break

It is important to have a big break room because most people will spend their entire break running to grab a lunch in the nearest fast food and eating it while walking back in the office.

Sounds pretty stressful, right? This is not the point of the break, the point is to make a clean cut between the work you have done and the work you need to do.

A big break room will give them room and time to eat their lunch in peace and with all that extra time, they will play a match or two on the table game.

Table games are great for breaks because most matches won’t last longer than 5 minutes.

Anti-stress therapy

You just got off the phone with some client who is picky, wants impossible for a small amount of money and what is worst, who doesn’t want to listen.

Making a phone conversation like that (even if it lasts for 5 minutes) can physically drain your energy and motivation.

Here is where a good old foosball table comes pretty handy. You are filled with stress and you need to spend that negative energy now, or you won’t be able to focus on work.

Play foosball table. I know it may sound ridiculous, but remember the last time you played a foosball match.

In those two minutes, you spend more energy than you thought you would and you felt awesome after it.

People don’t realize how aggressive a foosball match can be until they try it.

Ask your co-worker to play a match or two with you and you both will feel better than before.

Now, without all that negative energy you can finally focus on your work.

Great teambuilding

I like to think that teambuilding is a part of the everyday interaction and not just one day in a month when the entire company goes in a retreat.

It is essential that your co-workers work as a team and you can’t make that happen with some action once a month.

Due to that, try to organize small team buildings once in a week or in two weeks.

Clear out Friday afternoon and make a little office tournament in ping pong or foosball table, depending on which table game you have in the office.

Make 3 or 4 teams (depending on how many people you have) and start playing. You can even bring some snacks and drinks in the office.

Organise one team building and just observe the office on the day after. The atmosphere will be better and everyone will feel closer.

Provides you new solutions

I was one of those people who will stick to one problem and think about the problem until I solve it.

The problem with that approach is that I often spent hours tackling the same issue. Like I said, I WAS one of them.

Today I have found another approach which works far better for me and that is to find another angle of the problem.

But, if you want to find another angle you have to cut your stream of thoughts and occupy yourself with something different.

Going on another work task is not a good idea because they last.

Playing foosball, on the other hand, is a great idea because you will focus on the ball (super relaxing) and you will forget all about the problem you have.

After those magical 5 minutes, the solution will probably jump in front of you and you will think how on earth you didn’t realize it sooner!

There is a logical reason why every company eventually turns to this modern office design and I can assure you it is not for aesthetic purposes.

As you can see, there is much more to work than just sitting and staring at your screen.

Keeping a relaxed atmosphere in the office improves the social structure which makes better results and more satisfied employees.

Author’s bio:

Mark is a foosball player who loves foosball and writes about foosball on his blog.

There you can learn more about good foosball tables, how to maintain your foosball table, what are official rules of foosball and everything you need to become a better fooser.