How to Use Coobis to Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

Blogs are practically one of the most highly result-oriented content marketing platform.

They have been in existence since the start of the era and have been racking up enormous traffic and income for content writers in all niche and industries.

The fundamental part of a blog is its ability to appeal to the emphatic mindsets of the readers and how well the content writer can relate to her audience at all levels.

This very apt development in the online world coupled with Bill Gates claim that ‘content is king’ has registered the importance of content creation and marketing to the heart and strategy of many small, medium, and large-sized companies, advertisers, brands, and organizations.

Hence, being a professional blogger with an appreciable follower’s base is a sure way to generate a reasonable income.

What then is Coobis?

Coobis is a content marketing platform primarily created to connect publishers with brands that need their services.

With a staggering 10,000 publisher and 2,000 companies using the user-friendly Coobis interface to manage their influence campaigns, the platform is indeed waxing.

How to Register

Registering with the platform can be carried out in a typically simple and straightforward version. Adhering to the following procedures:

  1. Registration on the Coobis website and verification of the account;
  2. Billing details set up in order to receive payments. Click on ‘My Account’ tab and input all the needed information;
  3. Creating a new publisher resource for instant approval: Click on the ‘Create a Resources’ from your dashboard, choose your preferred resources type, fill up the information as accurately as possible, set your asking price for contents, then save;
  4. Consistently grow your resources portfolio and anticipate proposal from a sponsor and complete the stipulated task.
  5. Your payments would be accurately wired to either your local bank or a Paypal account on a weekly basis.

After successfully registering with this content marketing platform, you have access and privilege to all the benefits meant for publishers on the platform.

Coobis Features

1) Content Marketing Platform

It is worthy of note that the platform would be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the brands as well as the copywriters and bloggers.

The important fact about Coobis marketing platform can be best described as bringing the brand to the doorstep of the bloggers (and their audience), and in return, bringing the copywriters to a steady source of income.

a) Benefit to advertisers

You are logically equipped with the best opportunity to shuffle the creation of your contents amidst quality bloggers with proven track records of consistent and engaging reader-friendly contents.

This is made available through the collection of their works and a great review of their blogs during registrations, giving you access to their portfolios which has been built over the years.

Furthermore, you are opportune to leverage not only on your own base, you would be able to take advantage of the publisher’s experience, expertise, and also their reader’s base – depending on the details of the contract.

All these numerous content publishing opportunities are practically available to you at a reasonably affordable price.

This is why it is a unique platform that organizations run to when content marketing is a key factor in their strategic planning.

b) Benefit to Publishers

On the other hand, as a publisher, you have Coobis marketing platform to bolster your content writing and marketing skills as the case may be.

The platform gives you the opportunity to give your audience authentic contents a lot of diversity and varieties – subject to the brand needs.

This sole action would unequivocally give a breather the content you feed your audience with.

However, one of the most undisputable quality to create killer content on a consistent basis is taking up responsibilities beyond your comfort zone.

This content creation and marketing platform would advertently avail you with boundless opportunities to choose from, giving that there are numerous advertisers and organizations with diverse content needs.

Meeting those needs is a guaranteed way of boosting your self-confidence as a publisher while satisfying your audience with original content.

It is be noted that for the course of the transaction, the platform is entitled to retain just 30% of the stipulated payment.

2) Affiliate Marketing

Just as the name implies, the platform creates an avenue for the publisher to serve as an affiliate marketer for brands – subject to the terms of the deal.

The affiliate function is a very great weapon for driving sales for the brand, as well as making a handsome commission for the publisher as well.

All-in-all, it all comes down to actually coexistence for all the parties involved in the deal.

Coobis marketing platform makes it relatively easy and possible for the company to discuss extensively with the publishers to reach a good commission agreement which in turn result to the publisher getting a link to a particular product or service of the company.

Once the product or service is sold, the publisher is entitled to his monetary commission attached to the deal.

In summary, the following are the rational ways of earning from the platform as a publisher:

  1. Creation of contents for clients using your own blog.
  2. Publishing a sponsored and well-articulated written on your blog.
  3. The use of quality social media platforms to post sponsored contents.
  4. All registered publishers can also participate in Coobis affiliate program.

Having clearly stated the most fundamentals of the content marketing platform, it is also worth mentioning that as a publisher of Coobis, you can earn $20-$40 – depending on important criteria.

The monetary equivalence given to the publisher is a very sure way to get motivated, hence, leading to a better service.


With expert opinion vehemently supporting the fact that content marketing is, and would be a goldmine in the dot-com lifestyle.

Hence, it is always imperative for an organization to pursue quality and consistent contents using any top content marketing platform and making a point of duty to develop their visibility and exposure at the same instance.

Coobis content marketing is one of the best, and it is only rational to get started on the platform.