7 Marketing Secrets Of The Most Successful Businesses In The World

It is too late to ignore the effectiveness of the marketing approach used by some successful business ventures around the world.

Despite their attempts to closely guard their marketing secrets (for obvious reasons), their methods aren’t totally obscure to the watchful observers.

These companies just have a bit of magic when it comes to grabbing attention and establishing themselves as consumer favourites.

While their marketing secrets can be easily trivialised, one thing is certain: Their marketing works. Check the numbers.

From Apple to Infinix Mobile; OLX to WeChat; Printivo to Domino’s; hotels.ng to the liquor joint around the corner, the results are indisputably staggering.

Of course, there are many ways to go about your marketing but its time to learn from the best. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a one-person shop, these secrets will do the trick.

Marketing Secrets Of The Most Successful Businesses In The World

1) Market the experience, not the product:

How does your product make my life better? Why should I drive 12 miles to eat at your restaurant when I can simply walk into the closest store around the corner? How will I feel after doing business with you?

When you assure your potential customers of a user experience like no other, they will seek to validate your sales pitch.

Stop screaming, “ buy my watch, buy my food, and let me wash your car.“ Do something new.

2) Evolve with the times:

With the advent of the radio, then TV’s, computers and now the internet, the marketing landscape has never been the same. Successful businesses understand that you can’t stick to a marketing strategy because that was what worked 20 years ago.

The 21st-century customers have found a way to get the right information about what they need. They will no longer follow blindly. So give them what they want.

This marketing secret has helped many local businesses get found in the global market.

The new trending is social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, etc. Get involved. If you are new to these terms, go find a teacher.

3) Build a brand:

What comes to mind when I come in contact with your product? Am I thinking, “ quality, cheap, cheap and quality, expensive, rich, premium, class, beautiful, patience, speed, customer experience, consistency, etc.?

Or nothing comes to mind.

4) Know your target customers:

Focusing on a well-defined target market has saved a lot of marketing cost and brought huge returns for most successful businesses. You have to know whom your customers are, where they are and how to reach them.

Despite your spending (time and money) on marketing, you will not see a significant boost in returns if you don’t narrow down your target market. The narrower you define your market, the more effective your entire business will be.

5) Build a community around your business:

Successful businesses build authentic relationships with their enthusiastic users.

It’s not enough to just have a Facebook page and Twitter account for your enterprise. It’s not enough that you have fans.

Connect. Engage.

By building a community, these businesses have gathered an arsenal of loyal customers to do the publicity and fighting for them.

An active community reduces stress and labor. You don’t have to work half as hard as you currently do.

Building a successful brand isn’t just about ROI; it’s also about building authentic relationships with people.

6) Constantly improve your products and offerings:

This is one of the most highly guarded marketing secrets of successful brands.

Version 1.0 was great but it’s long overdue for a 2.0. You must consistently add a new touch of brilliance to your services and offerings.

This ranges from the small changes that can be accomplished easily to bigger changes that have to be scheduled and budgeted for.

Delight your customers with innovation and let them keep coming for more.

7) Enlist the help of experts:

Yeah right, you can do it all by yourself? But successful companies don’t think and act like that.

I’m talking about the graphic designers that give their logo and communications real sparkle and flair; the web designers that do likewise for their website; the copywriters for when they’re full of ideas but find it challenging to put pen to paper.

This is one of my favorite marketing secrets of successful global brands. Set aside some cash and hire an expert to add a classy touch to your already great business. This can be the straw that tilts your business to fame and prosperity.

Good luck.