19 Most Profitable Fashion Business Ideas To Start

The need for fashion business ideas is on the increase considering the number of monthly requests asking us to make a list in this business niche.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs are aware that the fashion industry is a growing industry and now is the time to start a fashion business.

Despite the competitive and volatile nature of the industry, there is plenty of room for newcomers and the industry isn’t so harsh on the newbies.

The ever-growing world’s population can only lead to a larger market and there will always be the need for fashionistas.

Moreover, fashion trends are never forever, and the rise of a new trend gives new hope and room for new investment opportunities in the industry.

Top fashion business ideas.

So, are you interested in starting a business in the fashion industry? Are you on the lookout for some of the best fashion business ideas that you can start with little capital?

Well, it might interest you to know you can turn your passion for fashion and style into a money making venture in the fashion industry.

There are so many business ideas in the fashion industry that can serve as an avenue for you to make money.

You can follow the example of top fashion brands like Coco Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, etc. and make a name for yourself.

However, it’s important to highlight that successful fashion businesses have a thorough grasp of the market and they are never behind on the latest trends.

So, if you are yearning to create a name for yourself in the fashion industry, here are some creative profitable fashion business ideas with low startup cost.

The Best Fashion Business Ideas For You

1) Fashion Designing

This is perhaps one of the most renowned fashion business ideas that have lasted for centuries and still retains its potency as a business.

The profitability of fashion designing is enormous – depending on your creative mindset.

Though it requires some technical training so as to understand the rudiments involved, the success or failure of the business is sole on your ability to stay ahead of the packs in terms of creativity and glamour.

2) Fashion Blogger

Fashion is a very wide business platform, hence, you can make a whole lot of money by just blogging any of the fashion business strata that appeal to your person.

The choices are enormous and startup is practically so cheap – anybody with a great sense of passion for fashion can make a living blogging about it. Isn’t this one of the great fashion business ideas?

3) Start A Fashion Magazine

The magazine is still selling really well in the fashion world. Though it is presumed that the advent of technology would soon catch up with it.

Starting a fashion magazine is a goldmine in the business world, lots of busy individuals can jump on your magazines to get the necessary information that would enable them to stay relevant in the fashion world.

Make it unique by making the magazine go both online and offline, you would be in for a massive inflow of income.

4) Information Marketer

Information is pertinent to the growth and development of every industry in the world.

You can be a fashion information marketer and earn whatever you so desire to earn.  Remember, you must take it as a business and treat it as such.

5) Bead Making

Bead making cannot go into extinction due to its popularity, uniqueness, and the versatility that comes with it.

If you are very apt at crafting a memoir in beads, then, you are ready to take the fashion world by storm.

This small business idea requires a little startup cost and it is quite scalable.

6) Modeling Agency

The modeling agency is positioned to serve as the connecting cog between the models and brands that needs their services.

This business is more of networking and connecting with the right set of people in different organizations and working with the right set of models as well.

Organization and attention to details skills are very important to prosper in one of the coolest fashion business ideas.

7) Branded Customized Wears

Omitting this business idea from the 10 most profitable fashion business ideas would definitely make the work a mediocre, and you are well aware that I don’t ditch out mediocre articles.

Enough of the hype, but, with the rate at which people are practically using a branded t-shirt, you just have to pay attention to this idea.

Branded customized wears are suitable for all age bracket, therefore, your prospective clients are just so enormous.

8) Fashion Boutique

A fashion retail outlet is another great idea that would stand the test of time in the fashion world.

Having a topnotch fashion boutique that can cater to almost all the needs of your clients is a sure way to go about it.

This fashion business idea gives room for creative tweaks at all level – home delivery service, online platform, etc.

9) Freelance Model

As a freelance model, you are more in control of your income, hence, you are your own boss.

There are lots of individual models that are making waves in the fashion world because of the elegance and glamour they bring to the modeling industry.

Make connections, be positive, and develop yourself. You are in for a great business.

10) Fashion Photography

Photographers are making money from different niche and industry. A fashion photographer is one that is specialized in taking photographs that are strictly meant for the fashion world.

You can’t get it wrong with this business idea; it gives room for a great income stream.

11) Fashion event producer

Organizing a successful fashion show isn’t easy. The scope of the job is enormous and only a pro can pull it off.

That’s why fashion event producers are in huge demand and the remuneration is quite substantial.

Despite the low startup cost of this profitable business venture, a lot of work and money will go into self-promotion.

In fact, relationships and referrals from the right quarters including good marketing efforts will set you apart from the crowd.

Before you hop on, experience and training are the only way to understand how fashion shows run.

So, sign up with trainers and work with successful and creative fashion event producers to learn the trick of the trade.

Then go on to organize various fashion shows including exhibitions and awards.

With proper packaging, you will make a name in the industry and attract sponsorship from corporate organizations.

12) Embrace Fashion Modeling

Instead of running a modeling agency, you can opt to be a model especially if you possess the right physique and attributes.

Modeling isn’t for everyone. More important than a good physique is a confident personality required to succeed in this profession.

Nonetheless, you can always count on the returns that this profitable venture brings.

13) Sell Customized Prints

Starting a customizing business is another way to go in the fashion industry. It entails having a platform for consumers to create or choose a print design, then you taking care of the production.

Most of the time, you will need the service of a good graphic designer to realize this goal.

There are several options at your disposal jersey customizing business, t-shirt customizing business, wristband customizing business and scarf customizing business.

Of particular interest is the jersey customizing business where you can print customer’s names on jerseys belonging to top football clubs in Europe such as Real Madrid FC, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Arsenal FC, Manchester United, Chelsea, AC Millan, Inter Millan, PSG, Juventus, Manchester City, Liverpool FC, etc.

So if you are looking forward to starting a small business in the fashion industry, then you should consider starting a customizing business.

14) Costumes Selling and Rental Business

Costumes are worn for various occasions and events and they come in handy in certain industries such as movie making.

Start a thriving fashion business by renting and selling costumes.

Usually, people don’t buy costumes, they rent it. Nonetheless, you can leave the option open for those who want to buy –especially children who love to dress up as superheroes.

Having an online store will equally be beneficial and can be used as a bedrock to drive your marketing campaigns.

15) Start Wedding Gowns Rental Business

This is similar to starting a costume rental business only that you will be renting out wedding gowns.

Since wedding gowns are expected to be worn once in a lifetime, a lot of intending couples will rather rent one.

Moreover, some very beautiful wedding gowns are very expensive but are quite affordable on rentals.

Starting this business is easy but the startup capital for purchasing various designs of wedding gowns is on the high side – depending on the quality of wedding gowns you choose to have.

Also, this business can be started from home. A simple website can be built for booking and showcasing the available wedding gowns.

16) Start a Fashion Channel On YouTube

YouTube has made it possible to monetize videos that are hosted on the streaming platform.

You could showcase your fashion-related talents by posting videos on YouTube, from makeup tutorials to dressmaking, celebrity style reviews, and so on.

A YouTube fashion channel with a unique perspective will easily garner viewers and make money from the number of ad views.

This is way easier than starting a fashion show on TV since this is less capital intensive.

So, if you interested in fashion and broadcasting, then you can successfully start shooting your fashion and uploading on YouTube for views.

17)  Become a Fashion Consultant

Knowledge is power and there are those who will pay so much to get a piece of information relating to fashion trends.

If you have a deep understanding of fashion and style, this field is for you.

As a fashion consultant, you will consult for models and modeling companies, celebrities and top personalities in the society.

You will be invited to fashion shows to seat as a judge and decide the winners of fashion contests.

The best way to succeed is to be a fashion pundit and be fast to praise or condemn fashion behaviors especially of celebrities and top personalities around the globe.

18)  Start a Fashion Design School

Another profitable branch of fashion is teaching others about everything or anything related to fashion.

There are popular fashion design schools in major cities like New York, Milan, Paris, and London where people enroll to learn all about fashion.

Some even offer professional certificates to their trainees. If you can afford to learn from these certified centers, then you can create on online or offline fashion tutorial center.

However, if you a fashion designer, you could simply start a fashion design school in your locality.

19) Go into Clothing Production

This is probably the most attractive fashion business idea since it is one of the leading businesses in the fashion industry.

Nonetheless, having a clothing line is not as easy as it sounds but if you are up to the task, the profit potential is mind-blowing.

The competition can be overwhelming but a designer who has carefully studied the industry before launching his or her business can survive.

Considering that many major clothing brands did not start out so big, we can confidently encourage the little beginnings.

Clothing line tip: Focus on a niche

The options are numerous and you can choose to focus on a single line of clothing like the production of winter wears for the cold regions of the world.

Winter does not in any way stop a person from being fashionable. And that’s the message you should be selling.

Another profitable and thriving aspect is the production of sports clothes. You can launch into the production of sports jerseys and sports wears generally.

You could equally go into the production of lingerie and other female undies. It’s no secret that fashion items targeted at the female population are more marketable.

Starting a Male Underwear Production Company that makes boxer shorts, pants, and singlets is another great option.

The idea is to choose a focus on a niche in the industry that is still available for taking in your location.

Even if you have the financial resources to promote your clothing label and wrestle a portion of the existing market from the market leaders, hoping to compete with the established clothing brand will definitely not be easy.


Almost everyone in the fashion industry understands the importance of keeping up with the latest trends.

The principle of times and seasons is even more real in the world of fashion than anywhere else.

Most importantly, you must be ready to adopt a good marketing strategy in order to have a place in the market.

The place of social media marketing cannot be overemphasized and image based social media platforms are even more relevant.

Once you can build a brand that is associated with quality and style within your locality, it won’t be long before you find international recognition.