How To Protect Your Business From Security Threats


With so much of our day to day lives carried out online, cyber security is a big concern for most businesses these days.

So how can you ensure that your business is protected from security threats such as hacking and viruses?

Understand why you could be a target

One key issue for many businesses is that they underestimate their value to criminals.

The first step to protecting your business is understanding that even what you imagine to be the most bland and basic data is actually very valuable to hackers.

In fact, most hackers actually just want access to personal data which they can use in identity or credit card theft.

They also don’t tend to waste their time trying to hack giant companies with endless cyber security systems.

Instead, they focus on smaller to mid-sized companies who aren’t expecting a breach.

So whilst you might not believe you have anything worth stealing, you are actually more vulnerable than you think.

Regulate & update your passwords

The first line of defence against any kind of IT security breach should be robust passwords.

Make sure that all employees have strong password including upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and random symbols.

These passwords should also be changed on a regular basis.

You can install systems to ensure that staff are prompted to change their password every few weeks.

Invest in an IT risk management framework

Unless you’re an IT security expert, you won’t constantly be aware of the latest developments and threats out there.

So when it comes to minimising security risks, it’s worth investing in an IT risk management framework that does all the hard work for you.

By investing risk management software, you can minimise risks and increase security whilst also reducing operational costs and boosting productivity.

A robust risk management framework can give you a real-time view of risks across the entire organisation at the click of a button.

It will also update and evolve alongside industry advancements which means that you don’t have to waste time and money on researching and investing in new software.

Basically, investing in this kind of software means that all of the complicated and tech-oriented aspects of risk management is done for you which gives you more time and energy to focus on actually running your business.

Keep your staff up to date

You can invest in all the latest IT risk assessment software on the planet, but unless you keep your staff informed about evolving security threats and phishing scams, you could still be vulnerable to security breaches.

You don’t need to bore your staff with endless lectures about cyber security, but simply keeping them abreast of major advancements and possible threats is key.

Whether it’s with a simple e-mail blast about the latest phishing scams or a quick training video every few months to remind them of best practices, you need to keep your staff educated about cyber security.

Make sure that your staff understand why you’re giving them the information.

It’s easy to dismiss an e-mail or ignore the content of a training video, but if they understand why the information is important and how it impacts their job, they are more likely to take notice.

Make them feel part of the conversation.


Cyber security is an ever-evolving beast. With every solution and firewall invented, another scam or technique is found to over-ride it.

The best way you can protect your business is by understanding why you could be a target, keeping your staff informed on the topic and investing in robust IT risk management systems.

When it comes to investing in risk management software, make sure you do your research and partner with a company who can offer multi-tiered solutions and training on how to use the software.

And finally, don’t forget the basics. Create strong passwords and remember to change them regularly.