15 Reasons To Use Email Marketing For Your Small Business

Deciding on where to invest your marketing capital is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you are planning to start a small business or looking to grow one, email marketing is one of the most effective methods you can use to communicate and relate with your customers effectively.

It is a cheap yet highly beneficial way of marketing your business’ products to your customers and at the same time building a personal relationship with them.

It is also a marketing strategy that gives its users the power to get access to their customers through their inbox.

So, why don’t you dive into the world of email marketing but if you are in doubt, pore over our reasons to use email marketing for small business.

What is email marketing?

reasons to use email marketing

Email marketing is the act of delivering or sending a message to a group of people or parties through an email service for commercial purposes.

To be fully considered email marketing, the commercial message should be sent to all current customers or prospective ones.

According to McKinsey, the email is forty times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping business owners acquire new customers.

There are a lot of examples of how brands use email marketing for business such as:

  • a car dealership informing you of the latest car models available or
  • a games store telling you of newly released games and consoles.

It is also a multidimensional marketing strategy that allows you to send messages, ranging from plain texts to graphics embedded texts, to an already available list of recipients.

Why use email marketing for your business?

1) It is Cheap!

When compared to other forms of online marketing such as Pay-per-click advertising(PPC) and Social Media Marketing(SMM), email advertising is still cheaper with its costs averaged as low as $0.005 per mail.

It is a marketing technique that you can afford to invest your money to make great results.

2) Your Customers an easily receive your Mails on their Mobile Phones or Desktops

With more than 50% of emails opened on mobile phones now and more than 2.7 billion humans actively engaged on mobile phones; you can be rest assured that your customers will receive your emails.

This will either be on their mobile phones or on their desktops, thus taking your business to a whole new level with this global marketing.

It is the perfect marketing opportunity that would help you easily take over the rapidly growing mobile technology.

3) It is Measurable

Email marketing allows you to know the following important business statitistics:

  • exact number of people you sent your mail to,
  • the number of those who received it, the number of those who read it, and
  • the number of those who clicked on your links attached to the mail.

With this knowledge, you can be able to devise new marketing strategies to use in acquiring your new audience.

Better still, this information can be used to fix the errors and adjust your mails to suit your customers better in the consequent ones.

4) Helps bring Back Old Customers to your Business

With your mail containing information about what’s new at your business, whether it be the products or events, you can easily win the attention of your customers once more.

This can be easily done through the two-way conversation offered by email marketing that will benefit both you and your customers.

Thus, encouraging your customers to share their comments, feedback, and ideas.

It is one of the best methods for businesses that rely on email services to send useful information, advice, and news to their audiences.

5) Send exactly to those you want to

Deliver mails to exactly the person or group you want, or where you want to easily.

You could also send different messages to different customer groups with the use of your created segmented lists.

Each segmented list would contain the email addresses and details of the customers, collecting the email addresses from several sources such as an existing customer database.

6) Easy to get started and make use

Regardless of your ability or knowledge in making use of email marketing, getting started is easier than it looks.

There is no need for designing, printing, binding, mailing or other processes required when dealing with physical mail-shots.

All you just need to do is to first have or gather a huge database of your customers and send a message to them; writing the message without necessarily adding any graphical content and hitting send.

7) It is Personal and Private

Communicating with your customers through email marketing is personal and private to the both of you.

With an option to personalize your messages, attaching various personalized offers and deals to each customer as so desired, thus, establishing and improving the individual relationship you have with each other.

Email marketing also gives you the ability to arrange your audience into lists and easily communicate with these audiences based on their interest, purchase behavior, location, taste and more.

It also gives you the ability to build trust between you and your customers.

This is certainly a feature that is often limited by other marketing channels in the messages one sends to others.

8) It helps your Social Media Platforms

With the acquired list of your customers from your email database, you can easily reach out to each and everyone one of them by inviting them to like and follow you on whatever platform, be it either Facebook or Instagram.

Take advantage of this by advertising to them and having them share and like your posts about your business.

Also, you can establish a new audience of customers that are similar to the prevailing and loyal ones using this list.

Reasons to use email marketing

9) Helps build your Business Trademark

You can get your target audience or customers to know more about your business trademark through the content you share to them through emails.

It is a norm that the more familiar one is with something, the more possible the person is to engage with it.

This is a norm that also applies to both your customers and your business trademark.

And with this, you will be able to show the different aspects of your business such as your personality, principles, and level of business expertise that your customers would certainly love.

You can also improve your business brand recognition with new and prospective clients, and extend your spread when people send or share your message with one or two friends.

10) It’s Engaging

You are not just limited to the boring simple contents found in newsletters in email advertising.

Instead, email advertising provides various tools such as videos, music, and surveys that can offer different ways of engaging your customers in a fun way.

11) You make your own online marketing decisions

One of the best reasons for you to make use of email marketing.

Since you are the one in control here, you get to decide on which marketing effort to make use of.

You also decide on the information to retrieve from your customers when they sign up for your email newsletter such as

  • the Last name, or
  • the set of customers to send to and how often, and
  • the type of message to communicate with your customers.

12) Boost your sales

You can effectively think of how to boost your sales when you have an audience of customers who signed up to receive updates and notifications on your business.

This is considered valuable for most businesses that communicate with residents and visitors in the city.

13) Grow your audience

As a small business, you need to get a sizeable audience to help you easily stand out in the crowded market full of competitors.

Here, with email marketing, you can easily build and grow an audience that is very interested in what your business is all about, without having to pay a dime to other advertising agencies.

14) Helps improve the communication between you and your customers

Like most business that depends on a stable and reliable communication with their customers, if yours is one of them, it is important to have a reliable channel that would help you to reach out to your customers easily.

And when you finally find a communication strategy that fits your audience, you will have more audiences paying attention to your messages regularly.

For businesses such as real estate management, email marketing is a communication channel that can certainly help the managers stay in touch with the tenants living in the estate.

15) Look professional in front of your customers

Email templates are an important feature that can help you look as professional as possible when the mail is delivered to the mailbox of your customers.

It is easy to use; it just involves you choosing the right contents that would suit your chosen template for your mail, and adding your business logo with colors that match your business brand and idea.