6 Guru Tips For Feeling Relaxed And Motivated At The Office

Are you dreading the stress of work every morning when you are getting ready to head to the office?

Do you wish there was some way or something which you can use that will make life in the workplace feel less burdening?

Below are six options that can help you feel relaxed, less stressed and focused when at work.


1) Relax Your Muscles

Learn how to relax your muscles when working, it helps to reduce the pressures of work and relieves tension allowing you to focus better on your work.

Too much stress and strain can cause your brain and muscles to ache.

So how about carrying with you an aromatherapy pillow to work that you can use to allow your muscle to have a soft and soothing rest on them as you have your brain in gear to do much of the heavy lifting at work.

2) Capture The Zen Of The Outdoors

Moving your office desk to a grassy field may somewhat be an impossibility, but you can overcome that restriction by bringing a touch of the outdoors into your office space.

This can be done with one of these from Luxe Water Walls or for instance, you can use potted plants or opt to have a mossy terrarium on the desk.

The glass terrarium will allow it to fit seamlessly in with the overall set up of your desk while standing out more than just the typical table plant.

Moreover, the terrarium in easy to care for and takes away the need for considering water plants.

3) DIY Refreshing Scents

Smells can be an annoying distraction especially when you are trying to focus on your work. And in most cases, you will not have much to say or complain to your colleague about that tuna salad they love or that perfume scent that tick you off.

Rather than suffering in silence, you can counter the smells by creating a refreshing aroma that clears the air and calms your senses.

Lavender is a fantastic choice, and you use DIY sachets made at home. Do remember to inquire from your workmates if there is anyone who dislikes the scent.

4) Use Colours To Create Moods

Accessorising your desk will not only make it look presentable but also give it a fun look. As you thinking of the various accessories you would use, give some thought to the colors to use.

Green and blues exude a calm and relaxing feeling while red energize and yellows uplift moods.

5) Have An Outlet to Chill Out

A day at the office can seem unending when you are bogged down by too much work. Ever thought of what coloring can do for you when you are feeling stressed?

Pick up a coloring book and discover the benefits, or you can get a Zentangle supply box.

The supplies in the Zentangle box are for a drawing and coloring technique that has been found to promote motivation, focus, and boost moods.

Moreover, what you create is an artistic piece that you can use as décor in your workspace.

6) Pick A Mantra

The objective of this particular tips is to help you stay positive while at work. With such positivity, you will maintain your productivity and have less stressed at the office.

Therefore, consider having a few things around you that make your smile (consider making your own happiness and not seek it from others).