10 Part-time Jobs Where You Can Actually Make Good Money

If you are searching for a part-time job, you don’t have to settle for one that pays minimum wage.

You can actually rake in a great salary without spending 40 hours a week at the workplace.

These are some high paying part-time jobs that you may want to consider pursuing as a permanent career.

Some of these part-time jobs even pay more than $50 per hour.

These opportunities can be found all over the nation. Some require specialty training while others just require dedication and hard work.

Each of these positions provides time freedom and great pay.

Finding the perfect part-time gig takes some work just as it does during any job search, but it will definitely be worth it when you can enjoy your free time while others are slaving away at full time jobs.

Check out your local job site and see if any of these positions are available for hire.



 1) Dental Hygienist

Work as a dental hygienist isn’t for everyone, but it is rewarding for those who don’t mind cleaning other people’s teeth.

The average pay is $33.19 per hour, and you only need an associate’s degree to begin on this part-time career path.

2) Respiratory Therapist

The healthcare field is one of the most lucrative of part-time career options. The hourly wages for part-time jobs that only require an associate’s degree in this specialized field are worth a second look.

If you are willing to invest more time in school, you’ll be able to relax and set your own schedule later on.

Respiratory therapist is a specialty career in the medical field. This position is paid an average of $29.35 per hour.

Helping others breathe easier is a great way to spend your day, and you don’t have to go to school for eight years to do this.

An associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree can place you on this part-time career path.

3) Nurse

Nurses are in high demand. Licensed practical nurses typically are trained and awarded an associate’s degree while registered nurses have earned a bachelor’s degree.

LPNs are paid about $22 per hour while RNs earn more than $35 per hour.

If you have the desire to help others, this career path is wide open. You can work a variety of part-time shifts and earn more than people working full time.

4) School Bus Drivers

If you are looking to have a regular schedule for a few hours per day, driving a school bus is great paying part-time job.

the drivers usually are on the clock for less than 20 hours per week, and the pay is about $15 per hour on average.

You must have a safe driving record and be reliable. You are transporting precious cargo on a daily basis.

5) Hair Stylist

Hair stylists are able to work as employees or own their own salons. You can choose your location, your clients, and your hours without sacrificing great pay.

Hair stylists rake in more than minimum wage and earn tips as well.

This job is flexible and fun. You need specialized training and a license to practice in most states.

6) Private Fitness Instructor

Providing private lessons in pilates or yoga is a part-time job option that you should consider if you enjoy fitness.

The certification is easy to obtain and the rewards are plentiful. You will be keeping in shape and helping others while being well paid to work just a few hours.

You can set up your own studio or work in your own home. The typical rate is about $20 per hour.

7) Breakfast Server

If you don’t mind being an early-bird worker, you can choose to work as a server at a restaurant that only serves breakfast and lunch.

This shift provides you with great tips and excellent hours. The typical breakfast server at a busy restaurant averages $20 in tips plus the hourly wage.

8) Music Instructor

If you are musically talented, sharing that talent with others can provide you with a great paycheck on a part-time schedule.

The pay rate per hour ranges depending upon your skill level and teaching experience, but you can definitely earn a nice wage giving music instructions.

You can either do this out of a shop, with built-in clients, or start fresh from your home or rehearsal space.

9) Curriculum Writers

Educational professionals have an opportunity to work part-time as curriculum writers. This part-time job pays extremely well.

The $50 per hour pay rate is paid by educational institutions. These positions range from temporary to lengthier commitments as curriculum continually needs to be developed and adapted.

10) Software Engineer

Writing codes and developing applications is a lucrative part-time job. You can work from anywhere and earn about $70 per hour.

This job is perfect for someone who enjoys working with computer systems and has the specialized knowledge and skills to do so professionally.