5 Tips to Never Forget While Starting a Cleaning Business

A cleaning business can be a highly rewarding business model, especially when you get things down right. But, you will get things wrong along the way and that is just part of business you’ve got to be ready for.

The thing to realize here is why would you want to make mistakes that have been made before and are being talked about so you can avoid them yourself?

By skipping the common pitfalls of starting in the cleaning industry, you will be one step ahead and on the road to success much quicker.

And no, these aren’t any “get rich quick” tips or hacks in this post, but rather some general rules and mistakes that are common in this industry and how to avoid them.

commercial cleaning business

On top of that, we will also throw in some general tips that you should try not to sway away from, otherwise you may get off track and not build a great business like first envisioned.

Without further ado, here are the 5 tips to never forget while starting your cleaning business:

1) Always do your research.

It may seem like a daunting task that you wish you could just skip over and get started, but proper research in every aspect of your business is critical to making the highest reward decisions.

From researching who you should offer cleaning services to (businesses or residential) to price points and marketing efforts; skipping the ground work will lead in a failed venture.

This is especially important at the beginning when you are laying a foundation for your business.

Get this wrong and no matter how much research you do on all your other tasks you might not see as much of a return as you would have if you did the foundational work right in the beginning.

2) Never spend more than you need to.

A common issue with new business owners is that they feel the need to spend more just because they are now an “official” business. This comes from the need to feel professional, and while professionalism is important, it can be achieved without spending $1,000 on a logo.

For every cost, you should be searching for the cheapest option that still allows for quality and thus, professionalism.

From your logo design to business cards and flyers; where there is competition there is cheaper prices at equal quality.

I guess this ties into doing your research in everything as well, always research your costs and expenses and you will spend a LOT less.

3) Don’t skip the legalities.

Let me ask you something…

Do legal issues scare you? How about, do they scare you so much as you try to avoid them?

While it is always a must to avoid unethical and even possibly illegal activities, you also can’t avoid setting up legal foundations properly.

This means setting up a legal business structure, getting the proper insurance, and making sure everything is in check.

Even messing up on your taxes can cause you some serious headaches, that is why you should never skip out on doing those properly either.

4) Don’t avoid selling

If there is one thing you had to do to make your cleaning company successful it would be the ability to acquire new accounts.

Without new, loyal, and paying customers coming back month after month; you won’t last long. They are the most important thing to your success for obvious reasons.

By avoiding selling and marketing efforts, you will never realize much success. Once you get one client, you shouldn’t slow down. Instead, you should use the momentum to gain even more clients!

Learn how to sell and market your business, acquire some good cash flows, and let the momentum tumble like a rock down a hill until you get to the successes you want (and then some).

Let me tell you, it’s not that hard other than gaining the effort to stay motivated and working hard every single day.

5) Stay motivated or you will give up.

I’ve given some other motivational type tips in this post, but I felt the need to add an entire tip you should not overlook while starting your cleaning venture.

Motivation will drive you to keep moving, even when things get tough. Not being motivated and staying motivated will literally cause you to give up. 

Any little bit of resistance will make you question why you are doing what you are doing and that is exactly why 90% of businesses will go out of business. 

And without being motivated, your productivity levels will suffer which is the greater cause most businesses fail.

Not because they can’t manage a business or network with others, but because they lack the motivation to grow and build their business everyday. 

If you aren’t where you want to be, you should be grinding every single day. Don’t give up, don’t let resistance take you down and most importantly; don’t give in!


From reducing costs to always doing your research, I’ve tried covering the most common tips that you will not want to miss while growing your cleaning business to a huge success.

The most fundamental thing you must understand before getting deep into this business (or any venture) is that even when you do hit roadblocks, don’t give up. 

Even if there is no answer anywhere on the internet, don’t give in. No matter how difficult it may seem, if you push through you will get around it and find a way. 

And when you do, I want you to come here and let everyone know how you overcame it, it may just help someone else you encounter the same issue in the future!

Don’t give up, keep moving forward, and most importantly; don’t forget these 5 tips!