Top Cable Tv Alternatives: Here is How to Watch TV Without Cable

Cable TV alternatives have been on the high side in recent years with different platforms showing up sporadically to ease people from this extortion from cable TVs companies.

Most individuals have spent a reasonable amount of cash on subscribing for their cable TV over the years. The pricing of the cable TVs keep going higher and they are deliberately offering coupons to ease the tension that stir up amidst users.

Nonetheless, these coupons don’t really account for a significant reduction on the long run.

Moreover, paying for a service that can be gotten free of any charge is a weird thing to do. Especially now that more people are getting to explore the features and benefits of some top alternatives to cable.

You might not really understand what is it you are missing if you don’t go through this list.

When you are deliberating about ways to cut out your costs and expenses, one way to successfully do that is to check out the best alternatives to cable TV that can offer you more for lesser cost or absolutely free of charges.

alternatives to cable tv

The list is tailored in such a way that it gives you an apt understanding of the features, pros and cons, pricing, and other related factors to consider before completely getting rid of your cable TV for an alternative to cable TV.

Check out the list below:

Best Cable TV Alternatives

1) Online streaming websites

So many TV networks are flowing with the great tide of change as they have over the years brought their programs and series to web platforms.

This enables users to have a great opportunity to watch their favorite programs online, which has, in turn, made these TV websites a great cable TV alternative.

This invariably brings more users to the website and also reduces the cost of viewing the same programs on the cable TVs.

Some cable TV channels are using this online streaming routes, making it the next best thing to happen to the users who are seeking quality alternatives to cable TV.

This is gradually making the cable TVs have a rethink of what they offer users in form of cost and quality.

This is a free or perhaps very cheap (in some cases) and hence, the viewers can adequately cut a large cost using this cable TV alternatives platform when compared to the original price of making use of a cable TV.

The only cons that come with the use of this very great alternatives to cable are the fact that the platform does not offer all the categories of programs and movies that you can get from a typical cable TV.

Nevertheless, you can still trust on some of the cable alternatives to keep improving and in few years to come, they would be a better platform to explore as a typical alternative to cable TV.

2) YouTube

YouTube is one of the most highly sort-after platforms to get any content that has to do with videos. With billions of users worldwide, YouTube is perhaps regarded as one of the dominant cable TV alternatives in this generation.

Giving everyone a free taste of quality video content which they would have had to pay for using cable TVs, YouTube has indeed and in fact become a household platform when cable TV alternatives come to mind.

Lots of cable TV stations, regular TV stations, individuals, and organizations have chosen YouTube as their most used and visited platform to showcase their programs and contents to their numerous viewers and prospective clients.

Though there are some contents that need some sort of cheap payment before you can get maximum access to them, that doesn’t disrupt the fact that most contents are relatively free on this platform.

Thus making it one of the best alternatives to cable television.

Despite all these features and pros accrued to YouTube, the site isn’t without its downside.

Having  a channel on this platform is just easy and straightforward, thereby bringing about the presence of substandard and less quality video contents on the platform.

Nonetheless, the effects of this is really negligible as you can easily filter what you want to view on the platform.

3) Google TV

The focus of the Google TV is to create a platform where you can access all the social media platform while watching your favorite series or movies on your TV.

All these and other mouthwatering features are in the works by the Google TV team for the nearest future.

With extensive live streaming opportunities and a bigger network integration (ABC, Hulu, CBS, and NBC) on the radar, the Google TV is definitely one of the platforms that would have the firepower to cause a great upset as an alternative to cable Tv.

Though the first version has been released, it doesn’t really match up with the focus and promise of the platform, but we know that Google doesn’t rest on their laurel until the goals are achieved.

This is why I am certain that upcoming versions would blow user’s mind away in an astounding manner. It is quite free for now and it supports most devices used globally.

I know you can’t wait to get a taste of the future. But you have to wait a bit for them to duly deliver on their promise of an unbeatable cable Tv alternatives.

4) Boxee Box

This cableTv alternative is adjudged to be what the future of our entertainment would invariably look like in years to come. There are so many features accrued to this great platform.

It brings the combination of light content, huge database and modern user interface to the Smart TV market – effectively combining the properties of Google TV and Apple TV.

It is really a must check out platform if you are really interested in finding the best alternative to cable.

It does play any type of video thrown at it perfectly and also has a Wi-Fi connection available for internet connectivity. Thus, making it possible for you to adequately play video online with relative ease.

It also makes use of the USB and Flash drive options for playing videos while other relevant contents are played effectively like all typical alternatives to cable TV should do.

Though it can’t be used as a do-all replacement for cable TV, it does have more than enough potential to be on this list of the best alternatives to cable TV.

5) Apple TV

When the superpowers in the tech world become more interested in the entertainment world, that should mean something of a bigger platform that would really be great for people like you who are continually searching for alternatives to cable TV.

The Apple TV consists of on-demand TV shows, movies (after two weeks of release), and host other fascinating contents that are capable of making you stay glued to your screen without the trauma from exorbitant cable TV subscription.

This platform promises to be one of the best alternatives to cable in the shortest time possible (2022 precisely) and works have been ongoing to ensure that you have a platform you can trust.

There would definitely be a monthly subscription which would be around the $10.99 range if the current Apple music monthly subscription is anything to go by.

But for now, you can enjoy the Apple TV version that is available for users to explore.

I can’t wait to really get started on this platform as it promises to be a better option to the popular cable alternatives available.

Apple would also have their own personalized TV shows in the shortest time possible

6) Netflix

This is perhaps the most dominant platform to consider when an alternative to cable TVs comes to mind. This is as a result of the series of relevant actions that have been taken by Netflix to cut the excesses of cable TVs.

You would agree with the fact that most homes with kids are aggressively opting for Netflix as a great cable TV alternative, making it the forerunner in the quest for price and quality compatibility for users.

With a very cheap pricing model that has the considerations of their users in mind, Netflix has come out on top.

These plans include:

  •    $7.99 per month
  • $9.99 per month
  • $11.99 per month

NOTE: A free month trial period is also available for their new subscribers.

Netflix gives you maximum satisfaction for different programs and videos for viewing and all these come at a reasonably cheap cost.

There is always something awesome in almost all the categories available on Netflix, giving everybody something to cherish.

The only con that comes with Netflix is the fact that you have to deal with the various timing of programs depending on your part of the world. Aside from that, it is generally a great platform.

7) Amazon Prime

With a yearly subscription of just $99, Amazon Prime comes with a streaming service called Amazon Instant Video.

This streaming service gives room to extensive and limitless video streaming and a huge chunk of TV programs as well.

This cable TV alternative also comes with lots of quality videos and TV programs for your maximum satisfaction at a very affordable and cheap cost.

That is, approximately $8.25 if you decide to divide the cost per month, whereas, it comes with $10.99 if you decide to pay on a monthly basis.

As a typical cable Tv alternative, it is very important that it has a very wide range of TV programs and videos contents. Thus, it is no exception to this list as it boasts different program categories such as:

  •    Amazon original shows
  •    Popular TV shows
  •    Documentaries
  •    Classical movies
  •    Popular movies
  •    Different sporting videos and programs
  •    Fitness movies and shows

These categories are practically all that is being covered by a typical cable TV which demands a lot of money from users. Amazon is a great platform for you to explore all the possibilities of alternatives to cable TV.

8) Sling TV

There are so many alternatives to cable TV, but this actually stands out amidst the rest of the pack.

The greatest feature of this cable TV alternative is the fact that you don’t have to pay for rental equipment or installments before you start streaming shows from your TV, tablet phone or computer.

With several viewing options available to customers on this platform, you can get almost all you want from this great platform. These packages include:

  • Sling Orange Package: This comes with a monthly subscription of $20. The subscription gives you a complete access to 28 channels with Food Network being part of the list.
  • Sling Blue Package: It comes with an extended version of the orange package. It comes with 44 channels and a monthly subscription of $25. Making it a really cool cable TV alternative.
  • A combined package of $40 per month gives you a better access to customize what you really want to view.

If you are looking for the best alternative to cable Tv with the ability to customize what you watch with a very cheap subscription package then you will have it with the Sling TV.

There is really no downside to this platform, owing to the fact that it gives quality streaming with a very cheap package which is affordable for all.

9) Hulu

Most users argue about its similarity with Netflix. It should be duly noted that Hulu comes with its own very unique features and characteristics that are only available on the platform.

The subscriptions offered by Hulu is one that is rapidly eliminating the preference of users to the cable TV platforms. The switch to this platform is taking a greater positive turn in recent years – making them a force to reckon with.

With the basic package offering users the opportunity to view all the movies and TV shows available in the Hulu library, this package comes with a cost of $7.99 for a month, you have a guaranteed access to their library.

You should know that this package doesn’t come with a ads free option, nevertheless, it is one of the great cable TV alternatives that is rocking their users’ imaginations with lots of video contents and TV programs of their choice – provided it is in the Hulu library.

There are other very deep and apt packages that comes with Hulu which gives you much more than a cable TV can offer you and at a cheaper rate of course. You can’t get it wrong if you decide to choose this as your cord cutting solution.

10) Broadcast Network Websites

There are so many reasons why broadcast networks are taking their business to the dotcom platform.

One of such reasons is the fact that it brings them closer to their audience –  facilitating interactions capable of leading to creativity and innovations.

Subsequently, you can effortlessly get your favorite broadcast network video and programs online by simply visiting their websites to get it.

Though not all the broadcast networks have been able to get fully involved in this sort of innovation, most of the popular and relevant ones are already raking in massive reviews and engagements on their websites which is indeed another great outlet to reach more people.

Some offer all their contents for free, while some charge a little amount for you to gain access to their premium contents. Whatever the case may be, you are sure to have a really cool cable TV alternative when you decide to check this out yourself.

11) Starz

This is the first hybrid streaming platform on this list. This platform has a good mix of quality in-demand content and a fast streaming of live contents without any sort of hassle.

As awesome as their service is, it still comes with a really cool 7 days free trial time, this is meant for you to see how fast the streaming is and what sort of in-demand content are available for you on their platform.

After exhausting your trial package and you love what you are offered, you can start their subscription package with $10.99 per month – making it one of the cheapest hybrid streaming platform when it comes to cable TV alternatives.

Nothing beats the quality streaming and contents on this alternative cable Tv platform.

Also, proper provision has been duly made to make your streaming experience so smooth and hassle-free. Nothing is more awesome while streaming than having the right content at the right time with a superb streaming experience.

Indeed, this platform offers a great viewing performance while you are at it.

12) HBO Now

This is another hybrid streaming platform that can serve as an alternative to cable TV. This is owing to the fact that it meets all the criteria necessary to usurp the cable TV market diligently.

The ability to give audience and users live contents, premium contents, and other high-end content on their platform is what is gradually turning them to a powerhouse in the hybrid section of the cable TV alternatives markets.

After exhausting the free one-month free service they offer on their platform, you would be required to start a subscription package of $14.99 per month to keep enjoying all the in-demand and live contents that are apparently available on their platform.

If you are looking for live content at a relatively cheap cost, this cable alternatives is perhaps the best alternative to cable that can aptly deliver that without compromising on quality.

13) Showtime

This platform is quite similar to Starz in some ways, aside from some touch of uniqueness that differentiates from the former platform.

Just like Starz and other hybrid streaming cable Tv alternatives, you have the following streaming options:

  • Smart TV: I am well aware of the fact that you understand the quality that comes with using this platform to view your videos. Be it live contents or in-demand contents from any quality streaming platform.
  • Personal Computer: With good internet access and a great video quality compatibility, your PC is a great avenue for a streaming experience that promises to be an awesome and unforgettable experience for you.
  •    Amazon Fire Stick: This is another great device that doesn’t compromise on the quality of the video being streamed using the device. This device has been tentatively used by so many alternatives to cable TV platform due to the effectiveness that comes with it.

Should in case you are thinking of getting one of the best alternatives to cable that comes with as low as $10.99 monthly subscription, you are sure to get all you ever wanted with this platform.

14) Direct TV now

Getting a free 7 days trial to try out the features, pros and cons, and pricing policy of this great and popular cable TV alternatives before subscribing give you a crystal clear head start in knowing if what they offer is what you really want.

There are four different services offered by this best alternative to cable platform. This service plan ranges from different prices with the stipulated numbers of channel attached to each service plan.

These plans have a minimum of $35 per month and a maximum plan of $70 on a monthly basis.

There is a very huge difference between the minimum and the maximum plans, making it quite easy for you to pick the one that suits you perfectly – putting the channels and the price into consideration astutely.

The range of channels available on this platform is 60 to 120 and gives an option that adds HBO or CINEMAX to your plan at an additional cost.

15) Philo

With over 37 channels available for streaming on this platform, there is always something to go around for everyone in the family. Thereby, making it a definite inclusion on our list of best alternatives to cable TV in 2018.

The cheap monthly package that comes with Philo is one of the highlights of this great platform. With $16, you can have access to all the channels available on this best alternative to cable platform without breaking a sweat.

Though the platform does not include any sports channel, the affordability, and quality of the other relevant video streaming and TV channels makes it one of the really cool cable Tv alternative.

There is also a better package with 46 channels for a mouthwatering $20 monthly subscription. Remember that this doesn’t have any sports channel attached to it also – one of the reasons for their low-cost subscription.

It also comes with a free 7-day trial for new customers. All these are competitive ways to maintain their status quo as a relevant cable TV alternative for quite a long time from now.

16) Sezmi

The major purpose of coming up with this article is to get you equipped with products and platform that are great alternatives to cable TV and would give you access to TV networks, videos, and other in-demand contents that will duly replace the need for cable TV.

Sezmi is no exception, considering its great service delivery policy. You need to purchase their box that will invariably grant you immense access to the fusion of over-the-air cable as well as online television.

This access also cuts across in-demand TV shows and web-streamed videos. The monthly package comes with just $4.99 and works wonders.

Unfortunately, Sezmi isn’t as popular as some of the other cable television alternatives as at the time of putting this article together.

The potential is there, and maybe Sezmi will someday become the best alternative to cable Tv. You really can’t get it wrong if you are fortunate to have Sezmi working in your neighborhood.

17) Redbox

If renting movies is your thing, and you are less concern about live streaming of programs from popular TV channels, you can opt for the service.

This feature works perfectly well in all regions where Redbox offers their services. Unfortunately, you cant access Redbox in most of Africa and Asia, at least, for now.

A charge of $2 is applicable to every movie you rent and return it that same day, otherwise, you will be charged $2 per day until you return the movie you rent from them.

This platform is quite simple and easy to run unless you forget to return a movie – this can accumulate to huge amounts. If you can keep it in mind to return the rented movie, there will no drama of any type.

The plan of this alternative to cable Tv platform is to make movies readily available to their users without any stress or hassle whatsoever while also offering it cheap price.

18) CBS All Access

They have made it easier than ever to access the shows you love from America’s #1 network – live and on demand!

Catch up on fan favorites like NCIS, The Young and the Restless and Madam Secretary, stream exciting new comedies & dramas or discover something you’ve never seen before!

One great feature of this platform is that you don’t have to rob a bank to get all you want. Just a cheap monthly subscription after enjoying their service for free in their 7 days trial.

This should tell you that they are user-oriented with their video streaming service. Subscribers also get access to CBSN, the 24/7 live-streaming news channel, featuring award-winning coverage from CBS News. 

There are the two basic subscriptions available on this platform, namely:

  •    A $5.99 per month subscription which does comes with reasonable commercials to the video, and
  •    A $9.99 per month subscription which is absolutely free of any sort of commercials.

Whichever one you would prefer to go for, you can be sure that you have a great platform that is gradually becoming a great cable Tv alternative.

19) PlayStation VUE

PlayStation Vue is a live streaming TV service with sports, news, and your favorite must-watch shows.

It isn’t yet available on the PlayStation 3 and the recently released PlayStation 4 and the reason isn’t farfetched.

It is a relatively new service amidst others on this list. It can be streamed using your web browsers, apple or android TV, Amazon fire TV, mobile devices, etc.

It is quite expensive when compared to other platforms on this list of alternatives to cable TV, but that doesn’t rub it off the list as it adequately and consistently giving the cable TVs a good run for their money.

Their available packages include:

  •    The Access Package which comes with a monthly subscription of $39.99.
  •    The Core Package also comes with a monthly subscription of $44.99.
  •    The Elite Package comes with a $54.99 on a monthly basis.
  •    The Ultra Package comes with a monthly subscription of $74.99.

The huge quality and content available on this cable Television alternative essentially cover for the cost when compared with the other platforms.

Experience premium channels, a powerful cloud DVR (available in your home and on the go),* streaming on up to five devices at once, and no annual contracts.


The main and fundamental purpose of coming up this sort of content is to adequately inform of the numerous ways available for you to find a lasting solution to your search to cable TV alternative which might have been giving you quite a tough time.

The content is apt, succinct, and brief in the sense that it was able to site the basic features, benefits, pros and cons, and ultimately the price. The comparison was also made between products with similar characteristics in the list.

The pricing and the number of channels available for most of the products or platform mentioned here were duly elucidate for rapt understanding and unique independent decision making.

After going through this article carefully, you would agree that there is really more options you can take when considering alternatives to cable TV. I hope you have been able to reach that definite decision.