20 Best Freelance Websites To Find High Paying Jobs Online

For some people, freelancing is an alternate source of income for anyone who is interested in making extra cash.

They assume that freelancing is something you do when you can not get a real job. But the freelancers no better.

Freelancing is one of the most satisfying tasks you could ever do. It delivers a large measure of freedom, independence, and control over your work schedule.

Moreover, working from home is an ideal solution for balancing work and your private life, during which you can successfully make a living at a pace that suits you.

Many professional freelancers will tell you that the hardworking, smart and skilled freelancer, will very quickly advance both professionally and financially.

Just imagine how good it is to not worry about what to wear to work simply because you can work from home.

best freelance websites

So, if the perks of freelancing have got you wondering about how you can start getting freelance jobs online, don’t you worry.

This article will help you discover the best freelance websites to find jobs that will suit your skills and schedule.

Best Freelance Websites in 2018


Upwork.com is one of the best freelance websites where you can find online jobs.

Upwork.com was formed as a merger between two freelance websites- oDesk and Elance and it is rated as the most popular of all freelance websites in the United States.

It is reputed to have over 1.7 million clients in its database and it provides different projects for its clients.

Jobs available on the site varies from different job specifications; new applicants get to start with content writing jobs and as they progress in their jobs, more competitive jobs will be tossed their way.

However, as a new applicant on Upwork.com, you forfeit about $20 from your first $500 earning on the site and as you get more upgrades, the fees reduce.

If you’re looking for the best freelance website to find jobs, you should consider using Upwork as their services and conditions are attractive.


Fiverr is among the best freelance sites for freelancers to find jobs to do online. It is so popular because it is quite easy for newbies to find freelance work.

At Fiverr, freelancers offer their skills spanning across various categories like writing and designing for a minimum fee of $5 per job.

The interface of Fiverr allows the freelancer to offer services to prospective clients and with its simplicity, the site is best for a freelancer to execute jobs without many hitches.


Freelance is one of the Best Freelance Websites but highly competitive. Jobs on the site are given to freelancers who have proven their skills.

As such, new freelancers on the site normally encounter difficulties before they can be considered to take some jobs; except they are able to prove their mettle early, it is quite difficult to convince prospective clients to consider paying for their services.


Guru.com is a freelance website where clients hire the services of freelancers. Freelancers are hired to perform specific jobs mostly on those which they specialize in.

The challenge of using Guru.com is the limited number of jobs available on the site but unlike most freelance websites, clients of Guru.com offer much better payments to freelancers for jobs rendered.


ServiceScape is a budding freelance website where freelancers offer their services on translation, graphics design and writing.

It provides the platform for online outsourcing when there is a need for an experienced professional or when an experienced professional seeks increased visibility in a competitive freelance market.

The site’s freelance directory is organized into several categories and subcategories of specializations so that clients can find professionals who understand a specific field.

As a freelance writer or editor, your profile will highlight your attributes to thousands of potential clients in an accessible, easy-to-read format.

Those who appreciate your services can add positive ratings and reviews to your profile and also use social media to recommend your services to their friends and the business community.

As you establish client relationships and receive positive ratings, your ranking within the ServiceScape directory will increase, which will drive even more traffic to your profile and expand your overall earnings potential.

Interestingly, freelancers on ServiceScape hardly bid for jobs; instead, most aspects of project creation have been predefined and integrated into your profile, meaning that a client can buy most services without your involvement.

The earnings from projects are split between ServiceScape and the hired professional. Their percentage is 50%.

This site is worth checking out!


Toptal is a freelance website basically for software developers and other technological services.

The site performs a match-make service linking technological companies to freelancers who will offer them the desired service they want.


WordPress Jobs allows freelancers to render their services on specific WordPress jobs like Site Optimization and Plugins.

Freelancers on WordPress Jobs are expected to have some knowledge of WordPress and its features.

8) 99Designs

99Designs is a freelance website for designers to render their services to clients.

Freelancers on 99Designs embark on pre-design contests and suitably qualified freelancers in the contests will be chosen by clients to render some jobs.


Peopleperhour is one of the Best Freelance Websites where freelancers offer their services on different webs jobs like SEO and Web Development.


With scams almost taking over some freelance websites and hindering efficient online jobs, Flexjobs is one of the freelance websites that weeds out job scams.

Jobs and services on the Flexjobs are verified to be true before they are posted for freelancers to apply.

Flexjobs admits freelancers on a part-time and freelance basis and charges its members a fee of $49.95 per year and $14.95 monthly.


As one of the Best Freelance Websites, Hubstaff Talent serves as a link connecting freelancers with businesses and clients.

Freelancers are to sign up on the site and await being hired and they can optionally seek for available jobs by surfing the site.


OzLance serves as a freelance website for residents of New Zealand and Australia.

Freelancers on OzLance are connected to business owners in Australia and New Zealand who might need their services and for better exposure of their services on the site, freelancers on OzLance pay certain fees for that.


Freelance Writing is the meeting point for all writing services.

Freelance Writing is one of the Best Freelance Websites that enables businesses to hire writers suitable for their needs and also allows freelance writers to locate writing jobs on the net.


MediaBistro is the hub for different media jobs and writers can also source for information on the media job they are writing from on the site.

MediaBistro simplified its site interface by enabling “Location Search” on their site allowing writers to seek jobs in their location(s).


iFreeLance is a freelance website that allows freelancers across different categories to showcase their services on their site.

Distancing itself from the concept of collecting commissions adopted by many freelance websites, iFreeLance allows its users to keep all their earnings.


Tutor.com is a freelance website that offers exceptional teaching services. The site is for coaching and impacting knowledge on its clients.

You don’t necessarily need to be a teacher to be part of the freelancers; your small knowledge of some concepts will earn you money on the site.

So hurry and be part of the freelancing team at Tutor.com


Textbroker was established in 2005 and has over the years become one of the Best Freelance Websites.

Textbroker engages in services of connecting qualified writers to clients who might be in need their services.


DesignCrowd is a freelance website that links clients and freelancers who render services like web and logo designs.

Clients on DesignCrowd pay a minimum of $30 for each design that won in the DesignCrowd contest.

Freelancers on DesignCrowd can, however, search for design categories on the site and submit their designs for upcoming contexts which if considered, might be chosen by the client and the freelancer gets paid.


PowerToFly is a website conceived with the idea of connecting women with interest in technology to freelance jobs.

Freelancers on PowerToFly are vetted for a period of 4 weeks maximum to be certain of the authenticity of their skills before job matching begins.


Naming Force is one of the Best Freelance Websites and the task on the site seems simple-just providing names!

Naming Force is designed to allow freelancers come up with suitable names that some businesses and companies can adopt for their business operations.

Freelancers on Naming Force are to submit names for the business submitted in contexts by the client and earnings per context won is about $50-$500.

At the moment, Naming Force accepts only United States freelancers.