10 Best Holiday Destinations In The World

My goal for the new year is to travel around the world.

I want to visit the undulating hills of Sri Lanka, the lagoons in the Philippines and the winter sun of Mexico.

All in all, it looks like I will experience much delight from the world’s best holiday destinations in 2018.

Holidays are those periods in time when we get that much-deserved escape. It is not to be taken likely.

And with a superb range of choices for a holiday destination, the hardest bit is deciding where to go.

Luckily, we have come to the rescue. Check out our full range of top holiday destinations around the world.

And if you still can’t decide – why not browse through our site? We have some interesting pictures that might help.


1) Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Exotic is an understatement and this you learn after visiting Kotor Bay (Boka).

It is a winding bay that will instantly overwhelm you both with its picturesque mountains and emerald waters.

The shoreline is home to breathtaking medieval towns such as Perast where you can subsequently unwind.

2) Lake Como, Italy

Just several miles away from the Italian town of Milan is Lake Como-a breathtaking Italian destination which aside from its magnificent beauty, is also home to several celebrities including George Clooney.

The lake is slender, long (50km) and awfully deep.

What’s more, its southern end clefts into two distinctively long sections _sandwiching’ a promontory that houses Bellagio town-another captivating scene.

3) Petra, Jordan

Relive the awe-inspiring sceneries as is filmed in the epic Indiana Jones and Last Crusade Hollywood Blockbusters with a visit to Petra.

Cropping off a cliff amid the Dead and the Red Sea, Petra is a feature-packed destination concealing numerous exclusive secrets of the Jordanian nation.

It features multiple carved structures and tombs evenly dispatched across an otherwise sandy backdrop.

4) Longsheng Rice Terrace, China

These are gorgeously terraced fields known by a Dragon’s Backbone name for their apparent appearance.

The area features a mountain range with a summit that resembles a dragon’s backbone not to mention the said rice terraces that look like dragon scales.

5) Gozo, Malta

Gozo is a delightfully fascinating Island in Malta and a central component of the famous Maltese Archipelago.

Despite its popularity as a prominent diving destination, this Mediterranean location also features among others historical forts, spectacular panoramas, and mystical backwaters.

6) The Great Blue Hole, Belize

The Great Blue Hole is a dream come true destination for any professional or aspiring scuba diver.

It is a submarine sinkhole just some miles off the Belize coast.

Besides its scuba diving popularity, the site features an assortment of marine species all the reason why you need to check it out.

7) Amer Fort, India

Combine Hindu and Mughal influences, and the result is a magnificent structure fluently spreading on a hilltop in the form of Amer Fort.

This structure is carved from white marble and red sandstone and features a series of gardens, palaces, courtyards, and halls.

8) Forest of Knives, Madagascar


The Madagascar Forest of Knives is an irrefutable testament to the harmonious co-existence of nature in the rarest of instances.

Here, you enjoy the remarkable scenes of wildlife sprouting within pin-sharp vertical rocks in a terribly mesmerizing forest.

While here, you can observe diverse types of lemurs and birds not to mention hiking around uncanny limestone pinnacles.

9) Sabah and Sarawak, Borneo

If you have not made a lifetime goal yet, then visiting Sabah and Sarawak should start you off.

Start off with walking the famous Sarawak-located Head Hunter Trail and at dusk, walk towards the stunning Mulu caves for an exclusive view of millions of bats departing for their daily nightly journey.

Moreover, while at Sabah, you can visit Denham Valley research center for a Jurassic Park-like experience (devoid of the dinosaurs of course) or take horse rides with the numerous Borneo cowboys.

10) Far North Queensland, Australia

Expose yourself to diverse breathtaking sceneries within just a short drive including Mount Bartle Frere (Australia’s highest peak), the Great Barrier Reef not to mention the Outback.

Furthermore, you can take time to explore among the oldest aboriginal cave paintings and finally unwind at Undara-where accommodation is an antique railway carriage.