The Best Start-Up Ideas For Tech Wizards

When you think of a start-up, you tend to think of people living out their dream but eventually failing. That is what some have been made to believe.

In reality, many start-ups succeed and outlive their founders because they understand the needs of the people or simply because they are good at marketing their products.

Others fail because the business never showed any promise from the start and they didn’t focus their attention on the right places.

For those who are considered tech wizards, there are so many different start-up businesses that can work for you, even if you start small.

As long as you have some basic tech knowledge you can develop your skills and start making money.

Here, we are going to tell you about some of the best start-up ideas for tech wizards. Keep reading to find out more.


1) Web Design

As soon as you hear about a new business – is your first thought to look up their website?

Websites are very important in this computer age as people care about an online presence despite many businesses thinking that social media should be their main focus.

For those who are skilled, web design can be a viable business plan, as long as you show off your creative flair and skills.

Web design is a top-notch and high demand business for every techie that is knowledgeable in that regard.

Companies are looking for website designers that can design websites that are compatible on mobile, tablet, and pc.

Why not make designing for them or designing to sell, your new business venture.

2) PCB Design

PCB designers are in high demand and businesses that can focus on this kind of service are sure to succeed even as a start-up.

All you need is the best PCB design software and some PCB designers that can do the job.

While this isn’t that easy to pick up, you will find that the best PCB design software will help you out along the way.

Soon you’ll be designing PCBs and making a lot of money.

3) Digital Marketing

Another great start-up idea for those who are considered tech wizards is a digital marketing business.

As we have previously mentioned, your online presence as a business is very important and digital marketing businesses are more in demand in recent times.

You could focus on link building, social media support or even simple website updates that could build a business.

First, market your own business and then show this off to prospective clients.

4) Web Support

Finally, you will find that a great start-up idea for tech wizards is a web support business. If you can remotely support other businesses or individuals who are having problems with their systems, then you can make a lot of money.

This kind of business can do well, even with limited knowledge as some people just need help right away.

Look at what other web support businesses are doing right now and do it better.

5) Computer training

Business training can be such a brilliant business idea if you know how to go about it. Not everyone is as tech-savvy as a computer technician, which is what makes them highly sought after.

You can develop modules, organize training classes, and design training materials for sale as a computer trainer.

6) Data entry

It might look easy and sound easy, but data entry is such a big deal. If you are passionate about data collection and data analysis, you will, and you can find it an easy way to make money from helping companies and business with data entry.

7) Software developer

Beautiful hardware’s are useless without an equally beautiful and functional software which is why there is a great demand for software and software developers.

Accounting firms use software; medical firms use software and every mobile device you use runs on software. This means you can make it big as a developer.

8) App development

This is probably one of the most popular business ideas that tech wizards are known for.

As the world becomes more globalized; apps will be needed for a variety of things from shopping for groceries to finding a donor for an organ transplant.

You can either build yours or help someone build theirs.

9) Internet research

There is so much demand for research in companies and large organizations. With a glut of information out there, it is almost impossible to ignore the role internet researchers play.

If you have a knack for searching out information online, this might be a chance for you to turn it to a business venture.

10) Technical writing

Who helps tech lovers understand the nitty-gritty of technological issues? Who helps customers understand how a new software or a new product works?

The job falls on the laps of technical writers. As a technical writer, you can convert your love for tech and your passion for writing into a business.



11) System analysis

There is a sizeable market enough for the technological wizard to turn their skill of hardware and software analysis into a big business.

You can work for others or start-up on your own – the choice is yours.

12) Social media consulting

Social media is where the money is because social media is where people are.

Individuals and businesses are using social media a lot, and sadly only a few know how to navigate its choppy waters and steer themselves to safety and prosperity.

If you have the skill and the knowledge about social media, turn it into a viable consulting business.

13) IT support

Not to be confused with system analysis; IT support is a hotcake for companies that cannot or do not have in-house support staffs to setup, backup, maintain and provide recovery roles for them.

Why not turn that skill into a business as a techie?

14) Computer manufacturer

You don’t have to be a software designer to be the next business mogul as a tech whizkid, you can be a hardware manufacturer.

Softwares need complimentary hardware to function, which means that if you are ready, the market is also prepared for you.

15) Podcaster

If you are knowledgeable about technology-related issues such as new technologies, trendy inventions, and emerging trends in the technological industry, why don’t you try out podcasting?

Podcasting is another way to convert your knowledge to the business.

16) Database management

It is commonsensical to know that in a world where data has become the new currency, data management will be a high demand business.

Companies need to manage data for their software programs and other web-based applications, and if you have this skill or training, here is a business opportunity for you.



17) UI/UX service provider

New products are continually being produced, and these products need to be tested before they are launched into the market, here is where the ui/ux service provider can strike gold.

If you can facilitate testing for apps, websites and web programs, then you can make a business from this

18) Game developer

Not only are game developers in high demand, but it is also one of the ways techies, especially the talented ones, can use to move from being an employee to being a business owner.

You can design online games, mobile games, and other kinds as a business.

19) Social media inventor

Facebook, bai du, twitter, and instagram are all social media platforms, and they were invented or founded by technology wizards just like you.

If you have a novel idea, a wonderful social connection concept, or a growing social media community being test run, get some investors to the table and get your business off to a roaring start.

20) E-commerce seller

If you are confused about e-commerce, here is where to start from. Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay are all e-commerce businesses that were started by tech wizards.

These individuals have become billionaires, and their activities have become billion-dollar companies. Is that clear enough?

If you are an e-commerce designer or seller, turn it into a business and watch the money roll in.

21) Online course creator

Companies like Udemy, Coursera, and the likes are looking for course creators for their many courses and who says you can’t start a site like that by yourself if you are a course creator- a trial will convince you.

22) Computer backup and data recovery

This might be the age of cloud computing, but not everyone is up to speed with backing up their files and data. And for those who lost their data, not everyone can quickly recover it.

This can be a business for you – the company of cloud computing and data recovery.

23) Blog consulting

Are you good at blogging? Do you love learning, exploring, and sharing this knowledge with people? If yes, then you can consult for small blogs or bigger companies starting their blogs.

Check it out; if it fits you, there is a possibility of doing business out of it.

Try one out today!

Now is the time to start your own business so make sure to consider your skills carefully and find the right one for you.

If there is something which you are very interested in, then you should make sure to use this to your advantage and get your business started today.