10 Best Live Tv Streaming Services Comparison

Live TV streaming services are exciting to use and to some people, they seem to have displaced the need for traditional cable TV services.

Perhaps, many people love to watch their favorite cable TV channels on smartphones and other internet-enabled devices that offer a more pleasurable viewing experience.

For one reason or the other, you could be paying outrageously to watch your favorite channels on a traditional cable TV.

Provided you’re not satisfied with the fees your cable TV provider charges for accessing its premium channels, you could switch to a live TV streaming alternative that offers your desired channels at a fairly lower rate.

Most people willing to reduce subscription costs are now gravitating towards live TV streaming platforms as substitutes for traditional cable TV services.


How to choose the best tv streaming service.

Of course, there are cheap live streaming services out there which offer highly desirable channels including ESPN and Disney channels.

While you’ve got a good deal of live streaming services to choose from, you might still find it difficult to decide which is best for you.

The reason could be that you have an all-rounder viewing flair which incorporates sports, entertainment, news, education, lifestyle and lots of other viewing categories.

In an instance like this, you may have to combine two or more live streaming services to get the maximum excitement you can ever think of.

But again, there are a few TV streaming services that offer you almost all the cable TV channels related to your favorite sports, news and entertainment segments.

Some TV streaming services require you to include extra add-ons in your chosen package. Each of the add-on packages might cost anything beginning from $5.

Whichever way you’re combining streaming services and their add-on packages, ensure you aren’t spending beyond the monthly fee you would normally pay to access your favorite channels on a traditional cable TV.

To help you out while making a choice, below are the 10 Best Live TV Streaming Services in 2020.

Each of these streaming services has pros and cons and by reading through this article carefully, you’ll hopefully decide the best alternative(s) for your liking and budget.

What’s The Best Live TV Cable Streaming Service?

1) Hulu (with Live TV)

Hulu is a streaming service that offers on-demand TV programming which covers numerous TV networks.

The service charges the monthly fee of $40 and it features a live TV package that allows users to stream over 55 cable channels.

Interestingly, Hulu offers an extensive collection of on-demand movies and TV shows.


  • There’s unlimited access to Hulu content library
  • Cloud DVR available with 50 hours of free storage


  • Service availability is limited to certain areas

Hulu Live TV Subscription and Channels

The Hulu Live TV subscription offers 50 hours of free cloud DVR storage and allows for simultaneous streaming on the maximum of two devices.

This basic subscription of $40 per month offers a number of exciting channels including Disney and ESPN channels.

Below are some of the channels you can access via Hulu Live TV subscription.

  • SyFy
  • Disney channels –including Disney, Disney XD and Disney Jr.
  • FYI
  • Universal Kids
  • HGTV
  • National Geographic
  • FXX
  • FX
  • ESPN and ESPN 2

Through the Hulu Live TV subscription, you could enjoy live streaming of at least one of the broadcast channels in your location.

However, this is often determined by your local TV market.

Also, Hulu has wide coverage for sports streaming and many sports lovers are likely to enjoy using the service for watching channels such as

  • ESPN Goal Line
  • NBC Sports Network
  • FS1 and FS2
  • NBC Golf
  • Big Ten Network
  • ESPN U
  • SEC Network
  • CBS Sports Network

Hulu Premium Add-ons

For each of its premium add-ons, Hulu charges the monthly fee of $15.

Your need for these add-ons may depend on your desired screen-watching capability, the amount of DVR storage you want and where you wish to stream Hulu.

There is a premium add-on that expands the DVR storage for a fee of $15. In addition to the free 50-hour storage limit, this add-on offers improved 200 hours of cloud DVR storage.

Interestingly, there is another add-on that enables you to stream simultaneously on three mobile devices and unlimited devices at home.

This add-on is known as the “Unlimited Screens’’ add-on and Hulu charges you the monthly fee of $15 to use it.

2) Sling TV

Sling TV is a streaming service that serves as a great substitute for traditional cable TV.

If you’d be abandoning your cable TV probably because the charges you pay are a lot higher, Sling TV could be the best option to consider.

Interestingly, Sling TV offers the channels you watch on cable TV and amongst other subscription-based streaming services.

Sling TV is the first to allow users to stream cable TV channels right from the comfort of internet-enabled devices such as smartphones, computer systems, and Wi-Fi-enabled flat screens.

Launched in 2015, Sling TV is a great option for anyone who wishes to stream their favorite cable TV channels without the need for a satellite dish and a cable box.

Why choose Sling TV?

Quite frankly, Sling TV is one of the most reliable services that offer an online avenue for watching your favorite cable TV channels.

Also, the service provides users with on-demand programming and access to Cloud DVR storage.

Sling TV is one of the best live TV streaming services not only for its affordable charges but also for its premium offers.

Its basic streaming package ranges from the monthly fee of $20 and it provides users with streaming access to premium top channels such as Disney and ESPN.

Of course, these two channels are some of the best channels streamed by lots of people and the fact that Sling TV offers them at an affordable price is something to reckon with.

While Sling TV charges $20 for the package that offers access to these channels, several other streaming services charges from $35-40.


  • Very affordable with add-on packages ranging from $5 per month


  • Not available to visitors outside the US
  • Few local TV options; the service might not live up to the expectations of sports lovers

Extra Add-ons: At a price of $5 per month, some of the extra add-ons available to users are listed below;

  • News
  • Comedy
  • Lifestyle
  • Sports
  • Cloud DVR
  • Kids

Sling TV offers three basic packages with different monthly fees.

After subscribing to any of these packages, Sling TV allows you to enjoy additional packages known as “skinny bundles’’.

Perhaps, you need certain sports channels but your current package doesn’t have streaming access to them.

In an instance like this, Sling TV allows you to subscribe to a sports package that will enable you to stream the desired sports channels.

However, the monthly charge for doing this ranges from $5.

Now, let’s take a look at the three basic packages offered by Sling TV.

Sling Orange Package

Sling Orange package is the most affordable of the three packages offered by Sling.

For those who would like to spend less, this package could be the best option for streaming ESPN (including ESPN 3 and ESPN 2) and Disney channels.

The package has a total of 30 channels and few of them are TBS, AMC, and the History Channel.

The noticeable downside to Sling Orange package is that it doesn’t allow for streaming on multiple devices.

If you’d like to stream on two or more devices at a time, you could consider switching to any of the two other packages we would be discussing next.

Sling Blue Package

This package costs $25 per month and it packs the total of 48 channels. One of the advantages of using this package is that you’re allowed to stream simultaneously on three devices.

Compared to the Sling Orange Package, the Sling Blue Package charges an additional fee of $5 and this makes it the cheaper of the three packages.

This package doesn’t have streaming access to Disney and ESPN channels but if you subscribe to it, you can still stream some of the channels below;

  • SyFy
  • Regional Fox Sports Network
  • NFL Network
  • FX
  • Fox Sports 1 & 2
  • NBC Sports Network.

Sling Orange and Blue

Although the costliest at a monthly charge of $40, Sling Orange and Blue is the best amongst the three Sling packages.

Put simply, it is an interesting combination of Sling Orange and Sling Blue packages.

While Sling Blue package allows for simultaneous streaming on the maximum of three devices, Sling Orange and Blue lets you stream simultaneously on four devices.

Opting for the combo package –known as Sling Orange and Blue –could be a great idea especially if you’re doubting what should suit you better between Sling Blue and Sling Orange packages.

Since the combo package comprises over 55 channels, you’re very certain to get all the channels you want in Sling Blue and Orange packages.

3) Fubo TV

Fubo TV is arguably the best live TV streaming service for lovers of sports.

Although soccer enthusiasts are likely to benefit more, Fubo TV is suitable for lovers of various sports.

While Fubo TV majorly focuses on sports, sports fans who wish to stream ESPN may still have to pay a monthly fee of $20 to subscribe to Sling TV Orange package.

Basically, Fubo TV charges the monthly fee of $45 and provides users with streaming access to over 75 channels.


  • Could be the best live TV streaming service for sports lovers
  • Supports DVR with 30 hours of free storage


  • Doesn’t support ESPN channels
  • Doesn’t support any premium movie channel other than Showtime

In addition to iOS and Android devices, Fubo TV can be streamed on several devices including Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon fireTV, and Roku.

Basically, Fubo TV allows for simultaneous streaming only on two devices but if you wish to stream on three devices at a time, you’ll be charged an additional fee of $6 monthly.

While Fubo TV is best known for allowing users to stream sports channels, the service also supports a handful of news and entertainment channels without charging any extra fee.

Below are the non-sports channels you’re certain to enjoy on Fubo TV.

  • CNBC
  • HGTV
  • FX
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • Hallmark Movies and Mysteries
  • Fox News
  • Hallmark
  • USA
  • SyFy

Sports Channels on Fubo TV

While it should be noted that Fubo TV doesn’t offer ESPN channels, the streaming service still compensates users with a number of top sports channels you’d love to stream as a sports enthusiast.

Below are the sports channels you’ll find in the basic Fubo TV package.

  • Bein Sports
  • Pac-12 Network
  • Football Report TV
  • Eleven Sports

Also in the standard Fubo TV Premiere package, you’ll be allowed to stream major sports channels including

  • NFL Network
  • CBS Sports Network
  • Big Ten Network
  • FS1
  • NBA TV
  • FS2

If you’d like to access premium sports channels such as ChelseaTV, you’ll be required to subscribe to add-on packages.

The monthly fee for using an add-on package starts from $5 and you can choose to stream premium sports channels such as

  • Fight Network
  • Fox Deports
  • ChelseaTV
  • NFL Redzone
  • GolTV
  • Fox Soccer Plus

4) YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a new inclusion in the lineup of live TV streaming services and obviously, it has gained significant grounds making it one of the best live TV streaming services.

This streaming service allows you to watch your normal YouTube videos –such as DIY project tutorials –for free but you’ll have to pay the monthly fee of $40 to watch cable TV channels.

One of the advantages of using YouTube TV is that you can stream simultaneously on six devices and if you’d like to watch a particular live video over and over, YouTube TV offers you massive DVR capability for storing recorded contents.

Interestingly, this features a considerable storage period. In other words, it can keep your recorded videos for the maximum of nine months.


  • Allows for simultaneous streaming on six household devices
  • Offers free DVR storage


  • Doesn’t support the addition of premium movie channels like HBO
  • Limited availability

To use YouTube TV on your mobile devices such as smartphones, you’re required to download its mobile app. At the moment, YouTube TV can be streamed on the various devices listed below.

  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Airplay
  • Xbox
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Samsung and LG Smart TVs

YouTube TV Channels and Subscription Fee

YouTube TV charges $40 monthly and offers you the total of 60 channels.

You’ll have streaming access to various cable TV channels plus your local channel affiliates.

Also, fans of certain sports will make great fun with YouTube TV for accessing the additional channels listed below.

  • MLB TV
  • Big Ten Network
  • FS2
  • FS1
  • NBA TV
  • SEC Network

Meanwhile, below are some of the popular cable TV channels you’ll be allowed to stream via YouTube TV.

  • CNN
  • FX and FXX
  • AMC
  • Fox News and Fox Business
  • Disney channels –including Disney, Disney Jr., and Disney XD
  • SyFy
  • ESPN channels –including ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN U

5) DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is a live TV streaming service that covers lots of cable TV channels.

By reason of its wide-ranging coverage, DirecTV Now could be the best alternative for users of DirecTV Now or AT&T Uverse wishing to spend less on subscription.


  • Supports lots of cable TV channels


  • Doesn’t feature DVR storage though several channels provide users with 72-hours of program rewind
  • Prone to frequent service outages, according to some users

Quite frankly, DirecTV is a streaming service with numerous channels which apparently make it the most perfect substitute for traditional satellite TV.

Many channels on DirecTV Now provide viewers with on-demand programming for movies and TV shows.

In addition to the absence of DVR storage, one noticeable downside of DirectTV Now is that users can stream only on two devices at a time.

Basically, there are 4 packages users of DirecTV Now can subscribe to. Meanwhile, each package comes with a different monthly fee.

Let’s take a look at each of the 4 packages and what it offers:

Live a Little

While Live a Little –precisely the basic package –comes as the cheapest package, it offers the total of 60 channels and costs $35 per month.

Comparatively, this price is affordable since the package offers top entertainment channels –such as FS1, FX, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries and Hallmark Channel –and other popular channels like ESPN2, ESPN and Disney.

Just Right

For a monthly fee of $50, this package offers more channels compared to what the basic package offers.

While Live a Little lets you access the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel, Just Right doesn’t support this channel but users will be compensated with lots of other interesting channels.

From the total of 80 channels, below are some of the top channels you’ll enjoy on Just Right.

  • SEC Network
  • Big Ten Network
  • Travel Channel
  • Cooking Channel
  • GSN

Go Big

For a monthly fee of $60, this package offers the whopping total of 100 channels. Interestingly, it combines all the channels in the two previous packages.

If you don’t know what to choose between Live a Little and Just Right, you could simply opt for Go Big provided you can afford its price.

Below are some of the extra channels you’ll be able to stream on Go Big.

  • CBS Sports Network
  • FX Movie Channel
  • NBA TV

Gotta Have It

This is obviously the costliest package as it costs the monthly fee of $70.  Meanwhile, it comes with a handful of channels you won’t find in the three previous packages.

As the flagship package offered by DirectTV Now, Gotta Have It offers access to Boomerang, Univision Deportes, and the Starz Encore movie package.

More interestingly, Gotta Have It packs a crazy total of 120 channels.

6) PlayStation VUE

PlayStation VUE is a live TV streaming service available to both PlayStation and non-PlayStation users.

A streaming service developed by Sony, PlayStation VUE comes with an interesting number of channels for sports and non-sports programming.


  • Offers unlimited DVR storage –but recorded contents expire after 28 days
  • Compatible with PlayStation and other streaming devices
  • Can be used with 5 devices at a time


  • People might think it’s only compatible with PlayStation devices due to its name

Basically, the streaming service offers 4 different monthly packages and each of the packages allows users to stream simultaneously on the maximum of 5 devices.

This is really awesome compared to what other streaming services here offer. From the cheapest to the costliest monthly package, the price ranges from $40 to $75.

Here, we take a look at the four monthly packages one after the other.


This monthly package offers you streaming access to the total of 50 channels for just $40.

Below are some of the top channels you’ll be able to stream when you subscribe to the package.

  • FXX
  • Fox Business
  • Investigation Discovery
  • Disney
  • SyFy
  • FX
  • ESPN


This package is an exciting option for lovers of sports. It comes at a price of $45 and offers top sports channels including

  • SEC Network
  • CBS Sports Network
  • MLB Network
  • Fox Sports Network
  • NBA TV
  • Big Ten Network
  • NFL Network

If you want streaming access to certain other sports channels, you can simply add the Sports Extra package which costs an extra fee of $10.

Interestingly, this extra package will give you streaming access to popular sports channels including

  • NFL RedZone
  • Bases Reloaded
  • ESPN Classic
  • Longhorn Network

While sports lovers will likely make the most fun with Core, the monthly package also offer non-sports programming and some of the channels in this segment include

  • Turner Classic Movies
  • Hallmark Channel
  • DIY
  • Cooking Channel


At a monthly fee of $55, this package is fairly costlier than the “Core’’ package and it could be a great option for anyone who favors sub-channels above flagship channels.

If you’re using a high-profile cable plan, you could be spending almost $100 per month.

You might not feel comfortable paying such an amount if what you stream most of the time are subchannels.

If you’re willing to switch from that cable plan and still stream most of the subchannels, you could opt for this “Elite’’ package which costs you only $55.

Meanwhile, some of the subchannels you’ll have access to are

  • FXM
  • Discovery Family
  • Universal Kids
  • Hallmark Drama
  • MGM-HD
  • ESPN Deportes


This package costs $75 per month as it offers premium movie channels in addition to all the channels in the three previous packages.

If you need some premium movie channels like Showtime and HBO but can’t afford the “Ultra’’ package, you can simply opt for any of the previous packages and pay additionally for your desired premium network.

Obviously, Ultra gives you access to premium networks like HBO and Showtime but to watch Cinemax, you’ll have to pay an extra monthly fee of $15.

7) Philo

If all you watch on a cable TV are lifestyle contents, Philo could be the best alternative TV streaming service to the cable TV that costs a lot higher.

Probably due to its cheap charges (of $16-20 per month), Philo doesn’t have much to offer.

The streaming service doesn’t give you access to national news or sports channels.


  • Most affordable live TV streaming service on this list
  • Could be the cheapest option for entertainment and lifestyle programming
  • Offers unlimited DVR storage –but recorded programs disappear after 30 days


  • None of its plans offers access to highly-coveted channels such as Hallmark and Disney
  • Doesn’t offer news, sports or local channels

Philo Plans and Channels

Philo’s basic plan comes at a monthly fee of $16 and offers access to 37 channels. Below are some of the channels you can access with the stated monthly charge

  • Nickelodeon
  • Lifetime Movies
  • Comedy Central
  • TV Land
  • HGTV
  • Travel Channel
  • Lifetime
  • AMC

While there is an option to magnify your viewing experience with additional channels, Philo charges you the monthly fee of $20 for doing this.

This plan gives you access to the total of 46 channels and the channels you get in addition to the basic 37 channels are

  • Logo
  • MTV Live
  • Destination America
  • Cooking Channel
  • Nicktoons
  • Discovery Life
  • BET Her
  • Discovery Family
  • American Heroes Channel

8) Netflix

Netflix is one of the live TV streaming services with cheap monthly plans. Like many other streaming services, Netflix offers a number of plans at different prices.


  • Doesn’t charge an additional fee for removal of ads
  • Lets you enjoy offline viewing of downloaded shows


  • Removes its old contents when its license for showing them expires
  • It might take some while for new episodes to be uploaded to Netflix

The first plan –also known as the Basic plan –comes at a monthly fee of $8. Meanwhile, the major downside to this plan is that your streaming capability is limited to one device.

If you’d like to stream simultaneously on up to two devices, you could opt for Netflix’s Standard plan which costs the monthly fee of $11.

Compared to the Basic plan –which only offers viewing in standard definition –the Standard plan lets you experience high definition streaming.

Provided you’d like to stream on the maximum of 4 devices at a time, you could choose Netflix’s Premium plan which is obtainable at a monthly fee of $14.

Not only will this plan allow you to stream on up to 4 devices simultaneously, it will also give you an “ultra high definition’’ of streaming.

9) HBO Now

HBO Now is another live TV streaming service for low-budget customers.

Perhaps, the quality it offers will not compare that of several other services on this list but it would be an interesting option for lovers of entertainment contents and even comedy series such as Silicon Valley.


  • Offers the VR app for streaming shows in virtual reality
  • Free from pop-up ads that might disrupt viewing pleasure


  • Limited simultaneous streams
  • No option to add to the available channels
  • Shows can’t be downloaded for offline viewing

HBO Now Subscription Fee

HBO Now charges the monthly fee of $15 and it offers a pleasurable viewing experience courtesy of its ad-free streaming. In other words, you won’t stumble on any ads while using the streaming service on your device.

10) Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a live TV streaming service attached to Amazon Prime.

You’ll make a success with the service provided you’re already an Amazon Prime subscriber.

But if you’re not a member of Amazon Prime and would like to use this video service without subscribing to Amazon Prime, you’ll be charged a monthly fee of $9.


  • Offers a massive collection of titles
  • Considered one of the affordable streaming services for lovers of entertainment contents


  • Doesn’t allow for adequate personalization
  • Simultaneous streaming is possible only on two devices

While you’re only subscribing to the Amazon Prime Video at the monthly price of $9, you still get to access a whole lot of titles provided by the service.

However, you won’t be allowed to use multiple accounts under a single subscription. If you’re an avid lover of movies like Freakonomics, you could make great fun with this affordable video service.

In conclusion,

Netflix, HBO Now and Amazon Prime Video are surprisingly cheap compared to the other services on this list.

Perhaps, only Philo and Sling’s basic package have closer prices at $16-20 and $20 respectively.

Before you opt for any of these low-cost live tv streaming services (and service packages), try to weigh the pros against the cons to see if they will suit your needs or not.

But if you can’t afford to pay more than $20 as a monthly subscription, you may have no choice but to stick to any of the low-cost services above.