17 Best Mobile Video Editing Apps

Stand back PC! Stand back!! This is a new age. The golden age of mobile. A new world of interconnectivity and possibilities thanks to innovative mobile apps and capable hardware to power them.

Don’t be surprised, we all use our mobile devices much more than any of the old generation gadgets, including PCs.

Mobile apps have made every single thing just a tap away. We are reliant on them to relate to one another, to keep everything organized and for entertainment too.

And nowadays, when it comes to mobile editing, phones can now edit photos and videos, many thanks to specially designed apps.

We have listed about seventeen of the best video editing apps for you, android user and iPhone users.

These apps are incredibly perfect for amateurs and professionals, check them out.

Mobile Video Editing Apps


Android users know there is only one name to trust when it comes to easy to use and feature-rich video editing apps, and that is none other than Kine Masterpro.

Kine Masterpro is one of a kind pro editing video app for Android. It supports several layers of videos on devices that are compatible with the features. It is one of the most trusted apps for video editing for Android users.


While most video-editing apps do not support images and text, as well as multi-track audios, Kinemaster allows the user to add images and text as well as multi-track audio to the videos.


» Free to download

» Speed control and volume control

» Multi-track editing

» Three-dimensional conditioning


» The presence of ads in the free version

» Watermarks are present in the free version.

Mobile Video Editing App 2: iMovie  (iPhone)

In search of a clean, interactive and intuitive interface for your editing gigs? Then this is the video editing app of choice.

This is probably the best free video editing app for iOS. It’s solely exclusive to Apple devices.

It is best for editing footage and adding titles, music, voiceovers, and photos to your videos.

You can use iMovie on Apple devices including the:

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone X Plus
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Pro

iMovie allows you to save videos to the iCloud drive with the additional option of streaming videos to an Apple TV via AirPlay.


» Compatible with the latest iOS releases

» Easy to use

» Free to download

» Clean user interface.


» Not particularly feature-rich

» Only suitable for short videos

» Can export directly to YouTube.


The most trusted name in video editing for android users

The users of this video-editing app can share their thoughts on the user-friendly interface of Filmora Go. It is one of the easiest to use without the need for any form of a tutorial.

It has a wide range of themes, filters, and effects for you to get the closest to professional editing that most apps can’t give.

Interestingly it is free to download, and it offers many features that give it life, including being able to add background songs to videos.


» Extremely easy to use

» Contains brilliant filters, effects, and themes

» Free to download.


» It doesn’t support 4k videos,

» In-app purchases as not all FEATURES are free.

APP4: Adobe Premiere Clip (iOS and Android)

The video-editing app of the future

The first feature of note for this app is the compatibility with Android and iOS.

The adobe premiere clip is extremely simple to use and can stitch photos and videos together from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Interestingly, video can be exported directly to YouTube, and it supports 4k video format.

You can import special effects to beautify your video and just as you guessed, it is free.

One other feature of this app is the presence of a creative cloud that can be utilized for storing and accessing videos on the go.


» It is cross-feature hence it works for Android and iPhone,

» Supports 4k videos

» Saves directly to youtube


» Cannot edit multi-track.

» Simplistic and cannot be used for complicated editing processes.

Mobile Video Editing App 5: Apple Clips (iOS)

Kids love this, families treasure it.

This app is here for a reason: its features are awesome for kids and junior video editing functions.

Apple clips is filled with playful filters, animated text, music, lots of emoji’s, and stickers.

Interestingly the app can be used to create, tell, and send video messages as it is filled with images from famous kid’s movie characters like Superman, Spiderman, Disney characters, star wars, and the likes.

You can send fully edited videos through airdrop and email or save them to the cloud depending on your choice.


» Easy to use by kids and adults

» Free to download

» Lots of filters and stickers

» You can export directly to YouTube


» Not a serious app

» Doesn’t allow multi-track editing

» Doesn’t support 4k editing feature.

APP 6: Power Director (for Android)

Perfect video editing app for intermediate video editors

This intricately designed app is an ideal fit for the android and windows platform.

Power director boasts of multi-editing features and interestingly and it also supports videos in 4k format.

With this app, you can edit and arrange every scene and you can also arrange titles, subtitles, and translation as text to the videos.

While other Android apps may not support voice over effects, Power director supports voiceover, background music, and slow-motion effect.

The free version comes with watermarks and adverts that pop up at random, but this shouldn’t bother you much if you can pay for an upgrade.


» Compatible with android and windows phones

» Supports videos in 4k formats

» Videos can be uploaded directly to YouTube.


» Videos contain watermarks and annoying pop-ups of adverts

Mobile Video Editing App 7: Splice (iOS)

The best app for action footage

Not only is this app easy to use, but it also has amazing qualities that many apps fail to have such as

  • allowing users to trim photos,
  • arrange video clips, and
  • even import directly from your phone’s storage.

Splice is Compatible with Apple iOs devices, and users can easily add text overlays, filters, titles just the way it is done with documentaries.

Splice was made for the action video audience, and you can always trust it as it was made by the makers of the popular ‘Go pro” cameras.


» You can change the speed of your clips

» The app is easy to use

» You can sync with your iTunes library

» Supports videos in 4k format

» You can export directly to YouTube


» Cannot be used on android devices

» No multitrack editing

APP 8: Adobe Premiere Rush (cross-platform)

The all-Important app, every upcoming videographer should have

Adobe rush can be used across all platforms from Apple iOS to Android and even windows.

This elegant app can edit multiple tracks, and there are lots of powerful tools available for use.

It is perfect for individuals who are ready to make a new video for their teeming fans on social networks like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. This is why it allows for fast upload after editing.


» Adobe premiere rush can be used across all platforms

» This app supports videos in 4k format

» It’s free to download and can export directly to YouTube.


» It is not very professional hence the limited features

» Only perfect for short videos.

APP 9: Hyperlapse video editing app

The easiest and fastest app for you

There is a reason why almost all social media video bloggers start video editing with this app. Hyperlapse is a free app whose features are so cool that they can even capture changes in weather.

Most users sometimes use the app to creatively show you how a product is made or how a process is carried out etc.

Another feature to notice about this video editing app is its strong stabilization technology, which means that you can record with or without a tripod and your videos will not appear shaky.


» Depending on the result you want, you can adjust the speed setting of the time-lapse feature,

» It has an incredible built image stabilization technology

» It is very suitable for Instagram pictures and videos.


» To get a desirable result, you need to make several attempts at recording

» It doesn’t allow for multi-track editing.

APP 10: Magisto Video Editing App

The intelligent app

Only a few apps are artificially intelligent, free, and easy to use in just three steps.

Magisto is compatible with Android smartphones and Apple iOS, which makes it a top choice for editors that are always on the go.

To edit a video, all the individual needs to do is to choose an editing style, add the desired video and include the music track from the in-built library while the AI does the rest of the work.

There are three grades of the Magisto video editing app: free, premium, and professional, and you can use any of them depending on the length of video that needs to be edited.


» Can export videos to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube directly,

» AI-enabled


» Slow

» Most of the great features are paid for.

APP 11: Boomerang video editing app (iOS & Android)

The choicest app for Instagram users

If you are a social media user, there is no doubt that you must have used boomerang for your video editing purposes.

The Boomerang app is available for use on both Android and iOS devices, making it a cross-platform app.

Boomerang doesn’t allow multi-app editing but it can combine photos to become a video.


» Boomerang is easy to use;

» Allows for easy export of videos to Instagram


» Can create only short videos.

» Does not support videos in 4k format.

APP 12: Horizon video editing app (iOS & Android)

The app for a brighter horizon

Most phones get the perfect picture when positioned horizontally. Although most pictures may still look cool enough when taken in alternative positions, we all agree that pictures are better in horizontal mode.

Regardless of how your phone is tilted, the horizon app helps all pictures to orient horizontally.

The horizon video editing app can be downloaded in the iOS and Android app stores, respectively and may require specific in-app purchases for video-editing to be fully optimized.


» Easy to use


» Does not allow for multi-app editing

» The Android version is not as advanced as the iOS counterpart

» It requires in-app purchases.

APP 13 Pic play post ( iOS & Android)

The small, but mighty app

Imagine a small app that can do a lot of great editing? Pic play post is a small app that can be used to create video collages.

It is used by creators who want to introduce narration to separate video collages. It can be downloaded from either the apple play store or google play store.

Just like most video editing apps, Picplaypost needs an upgrade if you want to enjoy all the features completely.

You can carry out different modifications on the app including video editing and trimming.


» The app can trim videos


» Needs a paid upgrade to enjoy the amazing features.

APP 14: Anchor Videos video editing app

From podcast to videos

Originally, this app was designed for podcasts, but it has the added advantage of being able to record videos.

With anchor videos, you can create videos from your audios, and upload them easily to social media.


» Easy to convert audio to video

» Available on Android and iOS.


» Functions are limited.


The power of three in one

Probably the most common and most creative content editing app in use now.

The Inshot video editing app packs the power of three in one. With this app, you can make collages, create videos, and edit images as you wish.


» You can trim and change the speed of your footage


» In-app watermarks and in-app adverts

Mobile Video Editing App 16: LUMAFUSION

Choicest app for iOS users

This app is for iPhone and iPad users who want professional video editing done. Lumafusion is indeed a fusion of the best graphics, titles, tools, sound, and video effects.


» Richest app for iPad and iPhone users

» Clean and easy to use interface


» Video cannot be synced across devices.

Mobile Video Editing App 17: QUIK

Fast and free to use

Quik can be used with devices such as GoPro and motion photos. As the name implies, Quik is fast, and videos can be saved in your photos folder in whatever resolution you want.


» It’s the best app for fast editing


» Editing options are minimal.