50 Best Paid Online Survey Websites That Pay Good Money in 2019

One of the most simple ways to make money online while working from the comfort of your home is taking surveys from different platforms.

Having said that, it is very important and pertinent to put in mind that there are lots of people who have racked up quite a lot from filling in the right information for these paid survey sites.

No wonder lots of newbies are getting interested in this rapidly developing work from home ways to make money.

It’s a wonderful feeling when you get paid for your opinion. And that’s why taking online surveys for money is one of the quickest ways to make some cash.

Unfortunately, there have been series of reports from people who have been quite on the wrong side of the deal – fake survey sites everywhere.

But, the game has really changed quite fast and there are more than half of a century legitimate paid survey sites around the world as you read this.

Hence, you really don’t have to panic about the payments and methodology of these legit paid survey sites.


This article is concisely written to give you an apt understanding of the rudiments, payment methods, payments gateways, and other important factors to consider before registering on any of the platforms that would be listed in the course of the article.

As a work from home person, you will be given a firsthand information on the site that best portrays and satisfy your interest, flexibility, and personality.

The list is not really meant to be exhaustive, its main purpose is to make all the very vital information about these legitimate survey sites that pay cash available at your disposal.

What to expect from this article includes the links to the websites; the survey platforms brief; their payment methodologies and registration requirements.

The list is arranged in alphabetical order so as to give you a hassle-free surfing of the content. You are provided relevant links to either the signup page of the sites or the official website.

Having said that, it is time for you to take surveys for money. Here are …

The 50 Best Paid Online Survey Websites


Operated by Decision Analyst Inc. – One of the top market research firm in the country.

The American Opinion Consumer Panel has a minimum cash out of 1000 points, and have been able to stand the test of time as a paid survey sites: being one of the reasons why it appears on this list.

The payment platform of this survey site is PayPal and Hyperwallet – making payment easily accessible and fast.

2) CashCrate

Though the survey is not the only way to make money from this particular site, referrals being one of the other options, our concentration for the purpose of this list is its survey constituents.

With cash out of $20 and a singular payment platform – PayPal, you are prone to less hassle while cashing out your money.

3) Clear Voice

This is one of the very few paid survey sites with considerations for international members. That is, you can sign up with them from anywhere in the world; regardless of your nationality.

Though most of their survey is more centralized on United State, Canada, and United Kingdom residents, a meaningful number of these surveys are suitable for international members as well.

With minimum cash out of $10, you can receive your payments using any of the theses platforms: Payoneer, Amazon gift certificates, and Dining Dough gift certificates.

4) Consumer Village

This site is one of the very few paid survey sites with a handsome minimum cash out policy. Payment is made using PayPal and their minimum cash out is a meager $5.

Another positive associated with this site lies in the additional moderated survey with gives room for discussion between you and the Panelist while a moderator is taking note and moderating the discussion.

5) Crowdology

This is a one of the quite new paid survey sites that is gradually and consistently getting a rave review from their members around the world.

This is a result of the simplicity attached to the site and the survey itself, coupled with their payment platform – PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

The minimum cash outs for this survey site is $8 for PayPal payment and $10 for Amazon gift card. This is quite cool when compared to other paid survey sites on this list.

6) Datatelligence Online

Cash out minimum is 1000 points whose cash equivalence can be paid to you through PayPal and Prizes. The surveys in the site are usually very fast and quite scarce.

7) Directive Analytics Panel

Minimum cash out of $1 which is equivalent to 100 Direct Points – generated from a single survey. With their only payment platform being the Check.

Redeeming your Direct point, it is the policy of this paid survey sites to send an email, with the subject line; Check Request, to them.

8) Engage Studies Consumer Panel

The site is characterized by limited survey due to its very high paying survey platform. Each survey ranges from $50 to $250 – this is really the highest you would see anywhere.

The payment medium is by Check and the minimum cash out is $50. This is one of the paid survey sites that can give you the opportunity to make a huge sum of money.

9) Engage Studies Healthcare Panel

Membership in a medical or healthcare community being vital criteria for signing up for this paid survey site. A check is the payment medium, cash out minimum of $50, and availability of high paying surveys.

All these are the most important features and characteristics of this site.

10) ePoll

Being one of the oldest, yet reliable top paid survey sites around, it is very important for its inclusion on this list. Lots of individuals had been paid from this survey site and there is still room for more newbies to sign up as well. Isn’t that cool?

With only PayPal as the payment platform, the cash out is just $20 – which is quite on the rational side.

11) ESearch

This site is one of the paid survey sites, on this list, that accepts worldwide membership. With an average of $1 to $5 per survey, PayPal is the only payment medium, this site is perhaps an awesome addition to this rich list.

Their minimum cash out of $1 is the lowest you can get anywhere.

12) FusionCash

This is one of the few paid survey sites on the list that offers varieties of options of making money online aside taking surveys.

With a sign-up bonus of $5 and a good minimum cash out of $25, your cash would be paid to you through the following media: PayPal, Direct Deposit, and Check.

13) Global Test Market

This is arguably one of the best-paid survey sites with tons of survey for their members at every point in time. This feature makes it very easy and possible to earn points which are in turn paid to you in its monetary equivalence.

The minimum cash out is $50 (the equivalent of 1100 points), which would be paid to you through PayPal, Gift cards, or Charity donations.

14) Harris Poll Online

With a seal of integrity from CASRO, this is one of the legitimate paid survey sites on this list. The reward is earned as points and can be used as e-Gift cards, with the minimum cash out being $10 (1250 points).

A singular survey can earn 70 to 200 points which can be accessed instantly and without hassle. There is also a biweekly and quarterly prize for members of this survey site.

paid survey sites

15) HCD Surveys

Each survey you take on this site would give you the range of $1 to $5 in monetary value which can be paid to you through the use of Check. Check being the only payment platform of this paid survey sites.

With a minimum cash-out of $10, you are good to go with this one.

16) InboxDollars

This is one of the few paid survey sites that has been around for quite a long time, and this is evident in their over $45million payment made to their members over the years of existence.

Sign up bonus of $5 and an extra bonus would be given after filling out your profile, this is really positive when compared to their high minimum cash out of $30.

The payment medium is Check – you can request a check once you hit the $30 mark.

17) Institute For Online Consumer Studies

The main focal concentration of the survey on this paid survey sites is shopping related behavior, though there are a handful of surveys channeled at marketing and economics. Its payment medium is through PayPal and there is no minimum cash out, you are paid upon the completion of each survey.

18) iSurveyWorld

This site offers you a signup bonus of $5 which can be accessed through PayPal. A very cool feature of this paid survey site is the instant payments method – paying you as soon as you complete a survey.

All you have to do is sign up and start taking the surveys that are aligned with your demography.

19) iPoll

There is a lot to talk about this awesome sample of paid survey sites, but we would be highlighting what you need to know that would invariably help you in making decisions.

With panels in so many countries of the world, this site is a sure inclusion on this list of top best-paid survey sites to make money.

Its cash out minimum of $25 which can be paid to you using PayPal, iTunes gift cards, and Amazon e-vouchers.

20) Ipsos I-Say

This is a very great platform with over 70million interview annually, giving you more than enough surveys to take when you sign up with them.
Their record of payment is pretty fast and unblemished over years of existence. That should sum it up.

It is one of the point-based paid survey sites on this list, hence, your minimum cash out point is 500 point – paid to you through PayPal and Gift cards (Visa and store).

21) Kids Opinion

The basic concept about this paid survey sites is giving the kids the avenue to take surveys – with your permission. They can rack up points doing this survey which in turn is converted to pay for them.

The minimum cash out for the site is $1 which is equivalent to 1000points on the platform.

This cool site mode of payment is only with the check which shouldn’t necessarily pose any problem.

22) KidzEyes

Meant for kids, aged 6 to 12 living in the United States. This is perhaps the only survey site on our list of paid survey sites that gives considerations to kids – answering questions that are used by them.

The site is a point-based system and points are accumulated as the kids take surveys. The minimum cash out is $10 and payment can be requested to be paid by PayPal or Check – depends on your preference.

23) Legerweb

Do you a list of people who are willing to take this quick and smart way to get money online? Do they trust your judgments and decision making as regards online platforms?

If the answers to these questions are in the affirmative, then this is the right paid survey sites for you. Their payment platform is through check and it is a Canadian based survey site.

The sites’ minimum cash out is $20, which is quite rational as it gives you extra pay for referrals.

24) Microsoft playtest

This is primarily designed for game lovers. This paid survey site gives you access to play new and unreleased games and get rewards for doing what you really love doing.

There is no minimum cash out on this one as it rewards is new strictly through games and software.

25) Mindspay

With a high cash out of $50 and a single payment platform – PayPal, so many newbies without prior knowledge of how to accumulate this figure easily on this paid survey sites would be freaked out.

Here is the thing, this site offers a wide range of high paying survey (say, a range of $15 per one) which makes it quite simple and easy to reach the cash out point and surpass it.

26) My Opinion Now

Your cash is measured by the value of the “RewardPoint” you were able to accumulate. The RewardPoints is calculated per survey, which makes it possible to earn as much as you want to, provided that you can take as much as surveys as possible.

You have to accumulate a total of 20,000 points with an equivalence of $20 in monetary value before cash out can be permitted.

This is also one of the many paid survey sites that use the check as a payment medium.

27) MySurvey

With millions of dollars being paid to their members on an annual basis, it is only rational to have this survey site on our list of top best-paid survey sites. You earn point by either taking surveys or testing products.

With $20 cash out minimum which can be paid to you through PayPal and Gift cards. Their payout is always swift and accurate.

28) OpinionWorld

This is one of the point-based paid survey sites on this list. You would accumulate points as you take surveys which in turn can be converted to its equivalence in cash or gift card when you are eligible to cash out.

Their payment media include PayPal and Gift cards. One of the great parts of this site is the quarterly prize draw of $10,000 which is readily available as soon as you take a paid survey from them.

The survey on this sites cut across almost all the important topics of your daily existence – education, politics, consumer products, lifestyle, and lots more.

29) National Consumer Panel

Being a way to keep up with the standard of the Nielsen Company, this is exclusively designed to get answers from clients. Answering few questions after buying some product is a great way to get some cash back from the company.

With a minimum cash-out policy stipulated at 8000 points – accumulated through series of surveys from this paid survey sites.

You have a choice when it comes to payment platform, you can either go for the Prepaid Visa or the Gift Cards options.

30) NiceQuest

Our top paid survey site on this list whose payment medium is fully diversified, that is, there are so many payment platforms that can be utilized by anyone. You can answer there very high paying survey with the use of App.

Minimum to cash out is as little as $5, making it a must join survey site. The method of sign up is simply through invitation which can be accessed through their social media pages.

31) Nielsen Digital Voice Research Panel

Nielsen is one of the very few renowned market research firms. Though the reward for participating in this survey site is not like others that are paid through cash and all that.

The program gives you the access to just sign up and download the application, the rest is done anonymously by the site and you are automatically in for their prize draw which gives 400 people the chance to earn big (the top two earns $1000).

32) One Opinion

This paid survey site is one with no strict signup procedures. You can rack up quite a fortune from this sites by simply taking surveys that are aligned with your demography.

It is worthy to note that their payment options include PayPal and prepaid Visa – practically easy for anyone to access.

Their minimum cash out is 25000 points which are equivalent to $25. This is a very good sample of an easily paid survey sites around.

33) Opinion Outpost

A low minimum cash out of $5 which can be paid to you through iTunes Vouchers, PayPal, and Amazon gift cards is one of the positives accrued to this paid survey site. It is a point-based platform.

Aside from getting paid for answering the questionnaire, you also have the chance to access their $10,000 quarterly prize draw.

34) Paid Viewpoint

With a rational $15 cash out policy and a singular payment platform, coupled with their very fast and efficient prompt payment service, the site is sure to be on the list of the top paid survey sites around.

These features are quite important when seeking to sign up with any of these paid survey sites, hence, you should pertinently understand their payment promptness and ease.

35) Panda Research

A signup bonus awaits you when you sign up with one of the highly diverse paid survey sites around. Though their $50 cash out minimum is quite on the high side of the deal, this is adequately covered by the number of ways to generate income from this site.

Taking high paying surveys and reading paid emails is the two ways to earn big from this survey site.

36) PanelPolls

With a cash-out minimum of $20 (the equivalent of 20,000 points), and using the check as a medium of payment. This is one of the most prominent paid survey sites which pays cognizance to your flexibility as an individual.

Their flexibility is evident in most of their important survey which is practically aligned with family and there is also a closed group option as well.

You have options to pick from, depending solely on what fits you best.

37) Parent Speak

As the name implies, this survey site is basically meant for parents. I cover most of the topics relating to parenting – food, clothing, entertainment, etc. The minimum cash out for the site is $10 and would be paid by check.

Each survey has a flat rate of $1, which implies that you need to at least take ten of such survey before you can request for cash out.

The deal breaker for the site is the follow-up questions that could amount to $20 to $50, depending on the survey.

38) PineCone Research

This is perhaps the most exclusive survey site on this paid survey sites’ list. To join the site, you would need an invitation which is available to only their affiliates. Therefore it is very important to stay up-close.

The features of this site are the flat rate for its survey ($3) and would be paid to you immediately after completing the survey, except when you want it otherwise.

Check, and more recently Visa Cards are the promise payment media for this site.

39) Savvy Connect

The survey site has a whopping lot of benefits for its members – ranging from automated surveys to referral bonuses.

All you need to do is to sign up with them and download their app on your computer, it will automatically run in the background and hence, you get paid for that.

For every direct and indirect referral you get, you are paid for that as well, the check is the medium of payment on this survey site.

This is one of the ‘most join’ paid survey sites for anyone serious about making real cash through the survey.

40) Springboard America

This is one of the very rare paid survey sites that have varieties of payment platforms. This feature and the swift point accumulations after taking a survey is considered when coming up with this list, little wonder why they are on the list of top best-paid survey sites.

A reasonable minimum cash out of $20 (the equivalent of 5000 points) and payments platforms such as PayPal, Prepaid Visa, and gift cards (varieties).

41) SurveySavvy

As if having one of the highest paying surveys isn’t enough, this survey site also gives you extra income through direct and indirect referrals.

That is the type of paid survey sites on your mind when you were opening this article.

There is no minimum cash out and the payment medium is through check – I can not see a better-paid survey site that offers all these mouthwatering deals.

42) SurveySpot

Your payments can be paid using the following media; Amazon gift card, Airline miles, iTunes codes, and PayPal – making it hassle-free for anyone.

With a minimum to cash out of $5, you are sure to have a great deal of time on this site.

Taking a survey on this paid survey sites give you the opportunity to participate in their $10,000 quarterly prize draw.

43) Swagbucks

Though not your regular paid survey sites, but its inclusion on this list is justifiable owing to the fact that you can earn money here by doing varieties of things. And the cash out minimum is a very low one – $1.

Their payment outlets include PayPal and Gift cards. Swabucks is your best shot to get paid for doing the normal things you do – including searching online.

44) TeensEyes

This survey site is one that is designed for teens only – 13 to 18. Due to the focus of this paid survey site, their survey is woven around the products and services used by teens.

Points are accumulated as you answer the survey and the cash out minimum point is 1000 point – the equivalent of $10 in monetary value. This cash out is paid through Check.

Note: A member cannot accumulate more than 60,000 points in any given calendar year.

45) Toluna

Although the minimum cash out is 50 points, realistically, you would be needing a whopping 30,000 point to get your point paid to you through cash or prize.

To attain this point level is not as difficult as it seems, given that the average point accrued to filling out a survey is 4000 point.

Sign up and completion of your profiles gives you addition thousands of points as well, making your cash out minimum attainable in a short while.

46) Valued Opinions

Created in 2004, this is one of the paid survey sites that has grown exponentially over the years. It covers varieties of fields and topics – electronics, entertainment, and food.

Immediately you attain the $20 mark (the minimum cash out), you are instantly sent an Amazon gifts cards (payment medium).

Your point accumulations is a function of the survey you take. That is, the more survey you take, the higher points you earn, and vice versa.

47) Vindale Research

With a minimum cash out of $50 and is one of the highest paid survey sites around (a single may accumulate $50) and PayPal and Check payment platform, you can’t get it wrong with this survey site.

Do you know that you get to earn for just signing up on this site? That is how cool this site really is.

48. VIP Voice

Having one of the longest record of survey panel over the years should give you an insight of their credibility.

There is no minimum cash out on the paid survey site, your reward is paid through Sweepstakes – for cash and gifts.

49) Windswarms

The sincere fact is that if you talking or listing top paid survey site and Windswarms is not top on that list of yours, then, you are not really doing a great justice to the topic at hand.

Being the top paying paid survey sites ($50 for a single survey), coupled with their flexibility and cash out policy, you would be in for real cash flow if you can take your time to check this site out.

One of the important features and uniqueness of this particular paid survey sites is its registration process which is more of a thorough and simple video session.

That is, your sign up process requires the use of video to state your demography. This demography would invariably be used to sprout surveys on your dashboard, you can apply for this survey by answering some questions.

Your responses would be review by a researcher and an invitation will be sent to you which would enable you to take the survey.

The survey is answered using the video functions of your smartphone or webcam.

NOTE: There is no minimum cash out and the payment gateway is PayPal, the payment is made within 24hours.

50) YouGov

The selling point of this site is the diversity of their interesting topics. Ranging from politics to brands, from products to public affairs, you are sure to have your survey in a field that appeals to your personality and demography.

Their minimum cash out is $50which can be paid through Prizes and Gift Cards – no hassle whatsoever.