25+ Best Price Comparison Websites You Need to Try

Usually, buyers or customers who want to check for the best price for a particular product they are willing to purchase, make use of price comparison websites and applications.

Learning the skill of product pricing as an online seller is actually not as difficult as it seems.

It just requires you to examine the way in which the competitors in your business world price their own goods and services.

And with the knowledge of the standard prices, you will be able to set yours more pocket-friendly.

Price Comparison is for you?

You may ask, what is price comparison? Well, price comparison is the process of comparing the price of a certain product in different outlets within the same business brand as yours.

As the name implies, price comparison websites and applications compare the price of goods and services from a range of available firms and companies, and with them, everything seems to become attainable.

They exist to provide the price of mass consumer items such as flight tickets, loans, health insurances, hotel accommodations, clothing accessories and many more.

How do Price Comparison sites Work?

The operation of these price comparison websites is actually simple.

You start by inputting the product into their search engine, some of these websites actually allow you to input the product in their search engine by either keying in the name of the product or, scanning the barcode found on the body of the product.

After inputting, a list of stores that are selling the same products like yours is displayed, with the price at which they are selling their own products alongside it.

The perfect tool for research by those who are looking to save money on the purchase.

Although, for items that provide personalized results such as personal loans, credit cards, and insurances, you would be required to supply additional information such as your name, age, address and occupation to help improve the search results.

Some Interesting Findings About Price Comparison

Here are some interesting facts about price comparison that you did not know about:

1) Customers tend to visit at least three to four websites when making a purchase decision.

Generally, the more cash a customer plans to spend on a product, the longer the time he or she spends on finding the best available deal for the product online.

For example, when it comes to laptops and tablets, customers tend to dedicate more time into comparing the prices of these products rather than when they compare the prices of hair accessories.

2) Most customers still do their research online even if they are still going to purchase the needed product from physical outlets.

3) Eighty-one percent of customers conduct online research when shopping online.

4) According to a study carried out by the e-tailing group, they revealed that consumers highly value the capability to research a product before purchasing it, in order to discover the best price agreement.

This means that customers are likely to search for the prices of products they are interested to buy on Google, AliExpress or Amazon before purchase.

5) About seventy percent of online shoppers make use of the Amazon store to acquire and compare prices found on other firms’ websites.

With an increase in their digital shrewdness, online shoppers are keener now, researching product prices among innumerable platforms; paying for a product that they feel it actually worth.

Best Price Comparison Sites

Since we now have the knowledge about the operation of price comparison sites, you would be able to, efficiently make use of the best 30 sites listed below.

  1. Google Shopping

Previously known as Google Product Listing Ads, Google PLAs, Google Shopping is a service that allows buyers to search for products on online shopping websites and compare the prices between different sellers.

All you have to do is search for the product under the shopping unit and click on the interested product.

Few photos of the product, its description, pricing information and reviews from different sellers are usually supplied alongside the name of the store.

Products are then automatically enumerated in descending order with the price, starting from the lowest to the highest.

It is also a good resource for store vendors who are looking to find competitors that are selling similar products and compare the product pricing between competitors.

With this, store vendors can add their products to the Google Shopping site in order to bring more traffic to their store site.

  1. Yahoo Shopping

Quite similar to its counterpart Google Shopping, the site allows its users to search and find products sold on popular online stores such as AliExpress, Amazon, and Walmart.

Making itself easy to use, you just need to provide the name of the product in the search bar for it to give you the pages identical to your result request.

  1. BizRate

With an included notification feature, the BizRate allows its users to find the best deals, set price alarms and search through limitless offers on their search engine.

One of the top ranking shopping engines that offer a great variety of product deals.

Some features that enable the search engine unique among others is its option to download links to PDF user guides for hundreds of mobile devices.

Moreover, for the price alert feature, all you need to do is to provide your email address and price onset to them and BizRate will notify you if the price of your selected product has fallen below or above your selected alert range.

  1. CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is an Amazon price comparison platform that allows customers to look through great deals that would urge them to the purchase.

The search is accessed via the box at the top right of every page or, by clicking the link “Amazon Products” through the menu section at the top of every page.

The result of each search are then arranged in tabular form each containing the Amazon New and Used prices which allows for easy comparison, and links to price history RSS feeds for each type of price.

Just like the BizRate, the CamelCamelCamel comparison platform allows its users to receive email alerts of price change, by simply providing a price threshold and email address unto which alerts are generated and then sent respectively.

  1. NexTag

One of the oldest price comparison platform that made its big introduction in the year 1999.

A price comparison engine that allows its users to set price alerts, find similar products in the market, compare the sellers of that product and many more.

With the best stores such as Amazon and e-bay, customers can easily find the best deals.

  1. Pronto

This is a useful comparison site for store vendors who want to search for a variety of online stores and sites selling similar products such as Amazon, Walmart and more.

It also allows you to compare prices amongst the thousands of stores it obtains across the net.

  1. Shopping.com

Having its own shopping catalog, Shopping.com is an international price comparison site that offers you a great base that you choose the right price for your products.

  1. Shopzilla

With millions of monthly visitors to their site, Shopzilla offers a huge shopping engine to visitors to compare the prices of all products and allows you to add your drop shipping products and start selling more online.

  1. Become

Become is a price comparison site that includes reviews and discounts to help its users choose the best brand of products for their pockets.

It also you to check out the competition to your brand, especially the smaller ones.

  1. PriceGrabber

This is a great platform for people who wish to perform deep research into brands and their products.

An advantage of using this platform whether as an online retailer or not is that it gets your business profile listed on the Yahoo Shopping platform.

With a myriad of products on the platform to research on, you can decide to buy or sell different products anywhere in the world.

Price Comparison Sites for UK

  1. PriceRunner

A price comparison site that compares the prices of top-ranking retailers in the UK such as Amazon, ASOS, and other top brands.

With this, upcoming brands or retailers can determine how best to set their prices by comparing theirs to that of the reputable brand’s products in the UK.

On this platform, you easily have access to price histories, price alarms, price information, and reviews with a friendly interface that allows easy use by its users.

  1. Idealo

Idealo is a UK price comparison site that displays the best product deals and prices from reputable online stores such as Amazon and eBay.

It is a perfect platform for drop shippers to view the total cost of products requested by a customer.

Just like all other price comparison sites, you just need to search for the required products in the search bar, and pages of your search results will be provided to you; with their local and international prices, product descriptions, and reviews.

  1. PriceChecker

This is the ideal comparison sites for those who wish specifically to purchase electronics, entertainment, household goods, and fashion.

Although some products viewed by the site only have one retail price while others, allow customers to compare prices.

  1. PriceSpy

PriceSpy is a price comparison site that allows customers to find the best price for products under groups such as beauty, photography, fitness, and more on their platform.

With various unique parameters, customers can be able to get deals that are more detailed on products.

  1. Skinflint

You can easily search for common products that you sell at your store in the search bar and you will be shown the product pricing for the various retailers in the UK and EU.

A platform where drop shippers can easily compare pricing for goods and services in the UK, and a convenient tool for stores who have European customers.

Price Comparison Sites for Canadians

  1. Shop To It

Suitable for Canadians who wish to find the best prices and deals for products sold locally and online.

It also allows customers to limit their search results to only their province or state from online stores such as Amazon, Overstock, Zazzle and more.

  1. Comparator

Comparator is a price comparison site special for the search of computers and electronics.

Aside from giving you a comparison between prices, it also gives you a detailed list of common products, daily deals, and new products on the homepage.

On each product page, you can easily have access to pricing, price history, reviews, and specifications.

  1. PriceBat

Easily observe the price comparison between the products under the computer and electronics category.

With products such as desktop stands, TV antennae and many more, customers can simply find the best price of each product and add more money to their pocket.

Each product has a price range that allows customers to view price variations so that they can decide on which to buy.

  1. Pricewatch

You can effectively observe the prices of electronics such as tablets, monitors, printers, and mice with Pricewatch.

Businesses and stores that deal with computers and electronics would benefit greatly from this site.

  1. Shop Wiki

Prices from brands and stores such as Amazon, Wayfair, Target and many more.

After inputting the name of the product into the search bar, you could further filter your search results by adding your own price range, preferred merchants, and selecting a specific category to look in.

Price Comparison Sites for Australia

  1. PayLessDeal

PayLessDeal is certainly one of the best price comparison platforms you can find on the Australian market.

With numerous product categories in your reach, you can easily find the best deals among millions of products on the platform.

Store vendors who have an interest in researching on what kind of products local Australian business brands are into can do so with ease.

  1. GetPrice

Observe businesses in Australia easily with GetPrice. Customers can easily compare the prices of products in common business brands such as electronics, computers, clothing and fashion, and books.

Covering the prices of products in cities within Australia such as Melbourne, Sydney and more.

  1. Gimme Shopping Australia

An amazing Australian price comparison site that allows customers to find the best product prices and deals online.

Gimme Shopping Australia also helps shop vendors drive traffic to their online stores.

You can also get your products listed on the platform free. They are also one of the few price comparison sites that do not disturb their customers with ads.

Although, you will need to pay commission for traffic that leads to sales on your store online.

Best Price Comparison Apps


  1. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy does not only guarantee their customers the best lowest prices but also, they provide alerts on price changes and new items and allows you to scan barcodes of products in a store.

Therefore, if there is that new Amazon coupon that has been recently released to the market, ShopSavvy will quickly find it and notify you of it.

Prices of products found on both physical and online are displayed on the result page alongside their reviews to help you find the best deals for them.

  1. PricePirates

A convenient application that helps one efficiently compare Amazon prices, Shopping.com, and eBay.

In order to obtain a list of products that match your request, you need to input the name of the requested product into the search bar.

Remarkably, suppliers often offer the best prices for products on this platform.

Thus, making it difficult for other store vendors to meet up with the prices on the platform.

  1. BuyVia

Get the best prices from top sites such as Amazon, Walmart, and more with BuyVia.

There are many features offered for customers on BuyVia such as the option to scan QR codes and barcodes, the option to be notified when there are sales for products within your selected category and the option to customize the app to view important deals and products.

Although they do not give you the best-looking result page when compared to other top-ranked price comparison apps, they try to make up by showing customers options that are not found on other price comparison platforms such as the listing of both used and new books when comparing book price.

  1. Pricena

Pricena is an amazing comparison app for both customers and store vendors who live in the Middle East, Nigeria, or South Africa that want to compare prices on the Amazon site and keep an eye on competitors respectively.

Individuals could also make use of the Pricena website to search and compare for the prices of products.

You could search for all sorts of products on the platform ranging from sporting equipment, fashion, laptops, and computer accessories to mobile devices.

  1. ScanLife

Find the best deals now by scanning the barcodes of products into the platform.

Scan the barcodes of those products right away with the barcode scanner found at the main screen of the app.

Store vendors can also reward loyal customers with special deals, coupons or discounts.

  1. ShopMania

You can easily view promotions, deals, and prices of products sold within your country.

ShopMania allows its users to create wishlists and scan products into their platform for smooth searching of best deals and prices.

You can also compare the prices of products within their product categories.

  1. QuickScan

Available on the Google Play Store and IOS, QuickScan provides you with thousands of prevalent stores who sell different categories of goods and services.

This enables you to find the lowest prices of products sold both on online and physical stores.

Start your research on QuickScan by either scanning the barcodes and QR codes found on the product or, typing the name of the product into the search bar of the app.

How do Price Comparison sites Help Retailers?

These websites can help you and other retailers in your daily trading in many ways.

  • Give Your Audience What They Want

With these sites, you would be able to give your customers what they actually want. Some of your customers are likely to be already searching for the best deal for certain goods and services.

However, by using these price comparison sites also, you would be able to see the type of deals and prices that are attracting your customers and audience; placing yourself in their own perspective.

  • Know if Your Product is Popular

With your brand well known, you may need to get these price comparison sites to see whether your brand and its products are on it.

If your store is on the site, will want to know which other store is offering a better deal for a product the same as yours.

  • Discover Your Competitors

With new brands and their products darting out each new day coupled with old ones, you may find the need to efficiently monitor and discover which brand may pose a competition to your business.

Luckily, price comparison sites can help you with that using their effective programs.

So why not compare your brand to that of your competitors without letting your customers do that for you.

  • Realize Your Competitors Price

This is one of the basic features of the price comparison sites. They allow you to see how your rivals price their own products.

With this, you will be to understand more how to set the right prices for products in your store.

  • Determine How to Price Your Products

Eventually, you will have the final say in the pricing of your products. Having understood the way in which your rivals put prices on their products, you will be able to find out the average between your competitors.

Thus, determine if your products are priced within business standards.


There you have it, 25+ of the best price comparison sites and apps on the net.

You could start today by visiting each one of these websites and apps to find, that which suits your business brand perfectly; and try adding your business brand or store to their platform to skyrocket your business sales.