Which streaming service should I get In The UK?

With numerous streaming services in the UK presently, it might be burdensome for you to decide on the one suitable for you.

Not to worry, we will ease you of the stress. All you need is to check the best UK streaming services that we will present to you in this article.

We assure you that any of them will suit your choice of on-demand content streaming.

Also, you will be able to catch up with TV shows on your mobile device without burning a hole in your pocket.

Here are the best UK streaming services we will be reviewing in this article:

1) BritBox – Best UK Streaming Services

best uk streaming service

BritBox is one of the best  TV streaming services available in the online TV market.

It came on board in November 2019 in the UK after passing through the Beta testing stage. ITV and BBC invented the popular streaming service.

On it are numerous box sets of the first-rate TV show from ITV and BBC, including channel 4, channel 5 and comedy center.

The BritBox offers shows and some movies that are not available on other streaming services.

Unique Features

  • Available on HD
  • Ad-free
  • Parental Control PIN
  • Impressive interface
  • Over one million subscribers
  • Box sets of 290+

Price–  £5.99/month


BritBox allows you to enjoy a one-week free trial after signing up.

After the free trial, you can start watching movies with a standard monthly subscription of £6.99 or decide not to subscribe. Which you won’t be penalized for.

You can also save $14 by choosing a $66.99 annual subscription.


  • Affordable
  • Offers ITV and BBC shows
  • Availability of uncommon movies
  • Multiple simultaneous streaming


  • Streaming features are unreliable
  • No user profiles
  • No choice to download and view contents offline.

Unique Selling point

If you are a fan of British TV, you will find a lot of it on BritBox.

Compatible devices

Users can sign up and watch via;

  • iOS tablets and iPhones (iOS App Store)
  • Tablets and Android phones (Google Play)
  • Smart TVs (Apple TV)
  • Voice remote and Fire TV stick, Fire game controller (Amazon App Store)
  • Roku player and Smart TVs(Roku)

2) Hayu

Hayu was launched in Canada in May 2019, and ever since, the TV streaming service has gained popularity.

It houses tons of classic reality shows. What made it the people’s favorites can be linked to the supports it earned from Optik TV.

Also, Hayu provides content on various unscripted sub-genres like cooling, home and design, fashion, dating, and even nostalgic contents like love island and more.

Unique features

  • Available on HD
  • 250+ reality TV shows
  • Quality streaming tool
  • Ad-free

Price – £5.99/month

As a new user, you are entitled to a one-month free trial, after which you can either cancel or continue using the App.


  • You can download and watch movies offline
  • You can set the streaming quality manually while watching on a mobile device; this helps you view videos with low data allowances.
  • Ability to download up to 20 episodes at once.
  • Most shows are accessible on a premier day on TV. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the spoiler.
  • It’s affordable


  • No provision for 4K content yet
  • You must wait for an episode to download in full before you can watch on your device.
  • You can only stream a single movie at a time

Compatible devices

You can access Hayu through an Android or IOS App on mobile devices and also on a website via a compatible browser.

Android 4.4 version (KitKat) or iOS 10.0 is required to access the App on tablet or smartphone.

For big-screen lovers, Hayu has a 4th gen Apple TV which can be used to watch movies for reliable streaming of current reality shows.

The App also enables content streaming on Chromecast, Airplay, or Fire TV to TVs for larger viewing.

Likewise, Hayu supports TV2 Sumo and Roku. Users can as well subscribe to Now TV and use its stick to stream any content on their TV.

You can always get any genre of reality TV that you will love on Hayu.

3) Amazon Prime Video – Best UK Streaming Services

Amazon Prime Video is connected to Amazon Prime. Amazon upgraded from Lovefilm to prime video-on-demand streaming service in 2014.

Ever since the collection of original and non-original content has been included in its archive.

The streaming service, which is a top-rate one, boasts a high-range of third-party and genuine contents all over TV and film.

It also offers ardent amazon shoppers some unique benefits, like an endless day of delivery on ordered products from the store (Amazon).

Unique features:

  • Excellent collection of movies for kids
  • Musical contents
  • Free delivery
  • Fantastic interface
  • Parental control guide

Price – £7.99/ month


As a new user, you have the opportunity to try out the service for free. This enables you to decide on using the service.

The subscription plan for a month is £7.99, but you may save more if you chose an annual plan of £79.


  • It shows sports like the premier league, tennis circuit, etc.
  • You can buy or rent films that don’t require a subscription plan
  • It shows an excellent range of collections of award-winning original shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and others.
  • Provides many entertaining contents
  • Good and standby customer support


  • All videos don’t come under subscription price.
  • Has some shows that have an additional cost.
  • To watch some particular show, you must have the complete prime video

Compatible devices:

  • To set the top boxes, users can use Google TV, TiVO Roku, and Shield
  • Fire TV Stick, Amazon Fire TV, Game Consoles,
  • Android devices, such as tablets and phones.
  • Fire phone, iOS devices, and Fire tablets

For any form of entertaining TV shows, Amazon Prime Video is a good choice.

4) Now TV

Owned and operated by Sky; this streaming service provides service for people without a satellite dish.

It is a good choice for those that prefer flexible and less sophistical streaming package.

It functions as an on-demand and consists of live content that SKY broadcasts on its channels.

Unique features

  • Fantastic films
  • Swift to use
  • Streams images on 720p standard
  • Impressive movie line-up

Pricing – £11.99/month

Addon Packages:

SKY sports package – £9.99/day for every Sky sports channels.

Sky Sports package – £14.99/7 days

Sky Sports package – £33.99/month

Kids package – £3.99/month

Entertainment package – £8.99/month for many channels and box sets

Sky cinema package – £11.99/month for every Sky cinema and film channels

Now TV Pros:

  • Adjusts streaming quality depending on your device and internet connection
  • Option to view sports based on your choice-daily, weekly or monthly to catch up with football match and other sports
  • Affordable
  • Supports 1080p (up to 4K) and 5.1 audio.
  • viewings on Now TV Smart Box and Smart Stick.
  • It offers boxes from some popular partners like the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

Now TV Cons:

  • Not wholly in accord with Blu-ray new release, but it’s not bad too.
  • Some sections are removed quickly, making it hard for you to catch-up
  • Image quality is low compared to other services
  • Its entertainment aspect is not expansive like other services

Compatible devices

  • Now TV Smart Box and Smart Stick
  • PC and Mac
  • Android and iOS
  • Roku
  • LG smart TVs
  • LG Blu-ray players
  • PS3 & PS4
  • Google Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • YouView boxes
  • Xbox One & Xbox 360
  • EE TV

If you are a lover of sport, you can stream live and other content on Now TV at a very low price on your device.

5) Sky Go – Best UK Streaming Services

Sky GO is a popular streaming service used by millions of people for its excellent facilities.

It has been in the market since July 2011. Ever since, it has been experiencing a lot of updates to offer its subscribers a worthwhile experience.

The primary target of the catch-up TV and on-demand service is the Sky TV existing customers.

Therefore, if you are already their customer, we implore you to make this a choice.

Likewise, current subscribers on Sky TV packages are not exempted from this benefit.

If you belong to any of the two categories, you will enjoy a lot on this steaming service without paying a massive amount of money.

Unique features

  • Up-to-date archive
  • Kid-friendly with parental control.
  • Fairly impressive quality image
  • Has the selection option
  • Better navigation and accessibility


Sky Go Packages:

  • Existing customers of Sky TV are allowed to stream for free
  • Sky Go Extra- £5/month on like four devices including offline viewing
  • Customers of Sky Q multiscreen experience can stream on Sky Go Extra without paying.


  • Existing customers have the opportunity to stream without subscribing
  • It has another add-on that enables you to extend offers to add offline viewing.
  • It can download recordings too and view offline
  • Provides more than 200 channels on on-demand or live
  • Provides access to Sky Sports and Sky movies channels
  • Has well-presented apps on the supporting devices


  • Non-Sky customers can not enjoy the streaming service
  • It doesn’t support all devices, especially older versions.
  • Only those who have the Sky Q app enjoy the service better.
  • Your TV subscription determines available contents

Compatible devices:

  • Mac and PC
  • Xbox One & Xbox 360
  • PS4 & PS3 on Sky Go is needed for quality game performance
  • Android and iOS devices.

If you are already a customer of Sky TV, you will enjoy an abundance of all the excellent packages on Sky GO.


The formerly known “The Auterus” was upgraded to MUBI, and it came into existence in February 2007 by a Turkish entrepreneur.

Since its launch, MUBI has introduced other streaming services too.

MUBI is available in more than 15 languages of classic, indie, and horror movies.

Unique features:

  • Available in HD
  • Films available in over ten different languages
  • Houses Kids-friendly comedies
  • Supports parental guidance
  • Beautiful and colorful interface
  • Available in over 150+ territories

Price– £7.99 per month


In the UK, users subscribe monthly at a rate of £7.99 per month.

In the US, it takes $10.99 to subscribe per month.

Mubi Provides a 3-month subscription at $2.8 (Rs 199), and then $7 per month or $67 per year, in India only.

Selecting the yearly subscription plan means you are paying a sum of $5.5 per month, this is better to reduce cost.

Also, in India, you are offered a weekly complimentary movie ticket.


  • Houses almost any class of film
  • Ability to download and watch videos offline on smartphones
  • Has old and recent movies
  • Quality service
  • It provides subtitled movies from different countries.
  • Unlimited selection of movies for you
  • It offers rental service too


  • Limited film selection based on the country for rights-related reasons.
  • Does have superb action movies
  • Not all videos can be streamed

MUBI Compatible devices:

  • Android and IOS devices
  • Mac and PC
  • Apple TV
  • LG, Samsung and Sony Smart TVs
  • PS4 and PS3
  • Samsung and Sony Blu-ray players

If you want to watch movies in any category of film, MUBI is your best choice. It is one of the places you can get quality cinema features.

7) Apple TV+ and iTunes

Apple launched the premium streaming service in January 2007 and experienced its last update in September 2017.

Its primary focus is to offer enticing services and options for people. Presently it only consists of original on-demand content.

Unique features:

  • Easy to use streaming system
  • Viewable on full HD 1080p
  • Amazing interface
  • Surplus 4K HDR content
  • Parental control tool

Price– £4.99/month


New Apple products users are offered a whole year free subscription. After then, they can decide to subscribe every month for £4.99.


  • It has lots of content for rent and buys.
  • iTunes provides an impressive library.
  • Subscription is price friendly


  • Limited selection
  • Not accessible on some devices like Android, tablets, etc.
  • Some shows are not too impressive on Apple TV+
  • Movies purchased are locked in the ecosystem and saved in Apple’s iCloud.

Compatible devices:

  • Streaming boxes and games consoles
  • Mac and PC
  • Apple TV
  • iOS devices

Apple TV+ is the best option for TV streaming service for iPhone users specifically.

8) Netflix – Best UK Streaming Services


Here is the most significant TV streaming service that has made a golden name for itself all over the world.

It is financed by Netflix alone and offers users a cheap service. Its popularity is traced to lots of benefits and great features it possesses.

There are various exclusive series on the platform for lovers of TV series to enjoy.

Unique features of Netflix:

  • Available on HD viewing
  • Suggestions are available
  • Awesome user interface
  • Has 4K video streaming
  • Parental control tool
  • Has the option for Ultra HD 4K videos.
  • Different plans at different prices

Price – Starting at £5.99/month

NETFLIX Packages:

As a new user, you are entitled to a month free trial; after which you can decide to continue or stop using this premium service.

The standard subscription goes for £5.99 in a month.

Simultaneous two screens in HD subscription plan is £8.99 in a month while you can simultaneously watch on four screens in Ultra HD 4K for £11.99 per month.


  • Ability to save favorite movies to watch later
  • Ability to download content and watch them offline.
  • Numerous Kids-friendly movie collection on the separate home screen
  • Ability to personalize your profiles
  • Android users can as well enjoy the unlimited download and watch offline options.
  • Good and standby customer support


  • K version of Netflix is more restricted than the US version
  • Us version has a higher number of movies and shows than in Britain.
  • Netflix removes movies and TV series with overdue content licenses.
  • It takes sometime before Netflix uploads the latest episodes.

NETFLIX compatible devices:

  • PS4 & PS3
  • Xbox One & Xbox 360
  • Mac & PC
  • Android & iOS
  • Smart TVs
  • Nintendo Wii U
  • Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast
  • Choose any Blu-ray players on LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, and Philips
  • Roku
  • BT TV
  • Sky Q
  • YouView boxes (set-top)
  • Apple TV
  • Virgin Media TiVo
  • Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV

Netflix is the most convenient and classic place to be for TV series and movies, including other entertaining TV shows.

9) Disney+

Disney+ made its grand entrance on November 12, 2019, and in this short period, it has won the heart of millions of children and parents.

This is due to its massive collection of enticing series and movies, including award-winning films and series.

Disney+ is one of the streaming services that are available in the UK and are making a precious name.

It’s over 2 million subscribers can be linked to its focus on providing children and families with friendly videos to enjoy.

Unique features:

  • kids-friendly
  • Great content collection
  • Colorful and impressive user interface
  • Supports Dolby Atmos and 4K HDR videos
  • Offers users suggestions
  • Provides old and latest classic films

Price – $7 per month

Disney+ Packages:

If you are a new user, you will have access to a week trial without payment.

A month subscription on Disney+ is $6.99 while a complete year subscription goes for $69.99.

Disney+ HULU and ESPN+ package is $12.99 in a month and $17.97 in a month if you subscribe for each separately.

Note that Disney+ will offer you free access to over 1000 shows and movies, Pixar, National Geographic including Star Wars, etc.


  • Since this is from Disney, it has in-depth content and a fantastic presentation.
  • It offers all the classic animated films that are available on Disney, including The Mandalorian and others.
  • Disney+ offers tons of movies and TV shows for the kid to enjoy.
  • You can personalize your profile.
  • You can download and watch videos offline.
  • Disney+ content can be watched anywhere due to its available 1080p high definition
  • Friendly and 24/7 customer support


  • Disney+ may not be affordable for everyone.
  • No significant mature content available for adults, as it focuses on kids and families.

Disney+ Compatible devices:

  • Amazon Fire Tablet
  • Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon Fire TV
  • Android & iOS devices.
  • Nvidia Shield TV
  • Smart TVs
  • Apple TV
  • Mac & PC
  • Roku
  • Chromecast and AirPlay

It offers you and your family endless fantastic box sets and movies. It focusses more on children.

So, parents don’t have to bother about what their kids are viewing at any time.

10) YouTube TV

This streaming service is among the best TVs you can find online. It came into the market in February 2017 and ever since, it has never disappointed users.

It enables its subscribers to catch-up with news, on-demand contents, live shows, sports, and cloud-based DVR from over70 channels.

YouTube TV is funded by YouTube, one of Google’s subsidiary. The TV streaming service houses some U.S networks like PBS, FOX, Discovery, CNN, News, and more.

Unique features of YouTube TV:

  • Classic and beautifully categorized interface- Live, Home and Library
  • Available Dark Mode option
  • Suggestions are available
  • Ability to personalize profiles
  • Available on HD quality
  • Parental control guide

Price- $49. 99/month

YouTube TV Packages:

If it’s your first time using it, you have the opportunity to use the TV for five days as a trial. Then, you can decide to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Subscription is made monthly for $49.99 to watch more than 70 channels in a month. This package is called premium channels.

If you subscribe through Apple’s App Store, you will pay $54.99 in a month

Note that you can unsubscribe anytime without being penalized.


  • It has enormous DVR storage
  • All main sports’ channel is available, such as NBA League Pass, ESPN, etc.
  • Price not too expensive, considering its impressive services
  • Life show and all genres of films are available
  • You can watch videos with three streams at a time
  • You can own about five accounts.
  • News is available for you to view life or catch-up with them later.


  • Hallmark, PBS, HISTORY, HBO and Comedy Central are not available
  • Football lovers can’t have access to NFL Red and NFL SUNDAY TICKET
  • Appearances of Ads that interrupts streaming

YouTube TV Compatible devices:

  • Mobile devices
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Roku
  • PC & Mac
  • Google Chromecast
  • Fire Stick and more

YouTube TV offers you an abundance of classic and quality content that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere at reasonably affordable prices.


There is nothing like a perfect TV streaming service, and the best ones are available everywhere, including the UK.

In a nutshell, signing up on one of the best UK streaming services should no longer be a problem for you.

As we have carefully researched and selected the best ones among them. Feel free to select the one that suits your taste and budget.