101 Best Work from Home Jobs & Business Ideas for Everyone

According to a recent release from FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics, America has experienced a 115 percent uptick in people who work, at least partially, from home since 2005—crossing from 1.8 million to 3.9 million.

And despite the debate as to whether remote work is good or bad for companies, it appears that the American workers would rather function remotely.

Moreover, it’s easier than ever to work from home. In the past, opportunities for home-based work were scarce.

But with the rise of some important business tools like the email, internet, video conference calling and other technology, many workers are finding that working from home makes a lot of sense.

Also, there are plenty of companies offering part-time or full-time positions in various job categories and a wide range of job ads are just a mouse click away.

A part-time position would be ideal for a college student, stay at home mom or even a young teen.

Those looking for full-time positions will also find that they have flexible hours allowing them to log in whenever they are ready.

best work from home jobs

One of the awesome gifts about working from home is the abundant diversity of potential jobs out there.

Our goal here is to list the best legitimate work-from-home jobs that can help you make good money from home.

We’re talking about real opportunities that pay at least $10 an hour or more – sometimes MUCH more!

Whether that’s working remotely for a company or starting your own business there’s no shortage of work-at-home small business ideas.

Here are 101 work from home jobs that pay above the average American salary.

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101 Work from home jobs that PAY WEL

1) Affiliate Marketing

Being one of the trendiest work from home jobs around, it comes with the skills and ability to market products (physical or virtual) and service of someone else to a ton of audience.

This audience of yours might be garnered from your social media platforms and other digital marketing outlets. The pay is based primarily on commissions.

2) Affiliate Manager

As an affiliate manager, your responsibility is solely to manage an affiliate business outlet.

Your ability to organize and coordinate activities without supervision would definitely come handy in one of the most lucrative online jobs from home.

You would definitely thank me for this insight.

3) Artist

The world is rapidly taking the working industry to a more knowledge and skill based one, and creativity is at the center of almost everything about nature.

You can be certain that this sample of best work from home jobs would not only pay your bills, it would indefinitely improve your living standard.

All you need do is create a creative personality and check out sites like AQUENT for painting, drawing, and sculpture projects.

4) Author

There are countless of names who have been very successful and influential just because they authored best-selling books.

If you have a very good writing prowess, then you can start writing books in any discipline that appeal to your kind of person. There are lots of opportunities for you in this!

5) Baby Planner

Do you know that your love for babies can actually earn you more than you can imagine? With an average earning of $70 on a daily, you can’t get it wrong with this legitimate work at home jobs.

All you need to be successful in this field is to have a practical discussion with expecting parents on how they would want their baby plans.

6) Baby Proofer

Dangers are one of the most feared reasons why your services would be needed for this awesome jobs from home opportunity.

Your ability to assess and manage risks and hazards, coupled with your prowess in mitigating and eliminating the effects of such risks in homes and environments would come handy for your progress in this field.

7) Birthday Planner

Birthdays are quite worth celebrating, especially amongst children. Hence, the opportunity to help plan, organize, and coordinate all the activities leading to the successful completion of such party is outsourced for greater fun.

This is just one of the cool work from home jobs for almost anyone, without prior knowledge or certifications.

8) Blogger

From the comfort of your living room, you can be racking a whole lot of cash by just blogging!

You can do this without owning the blog or have a website of your own – your interactive and writing skills are your only needed ally on this.

Be a contributor or an editor for different blogs and get paid for your expertise.

9) Bookkeeping Expert

online jobs from home

Being one of the most important parts of any business, small or large, it is more lucrative than you can think of.

Helping business with their bookkeeping right from your home is another one of my list of jobs you can do from home and earn cool cash without breaking a sweat.

10) Cake Baker

Cakes are used for different occasions and events, ranging from birthdays to retirements.

Therefore it is only rational to put this on the list without any hesitation, you can handle it as a work from home jobs or a work from home business, depending on your capacity and focus.

11) Life Coach

Due to the tenacity of the working populations, most workers get jaded and carried away by the traumas that come with the work.

This is where your services would be needed – helping people revive their career goals and push forward.

Organizations and individuals pay a lot for this because it is very important for their human capacity management.

12) Childcare

Are you very comfortable with having kids around you? Do you find them fun to be with? Then this very simple work from home jobs sample is just the right one for your personality type.

Get paid for taking care of the kids when the parent is not around, this can be done from your home.

13) Consultant

At this point in time, it should be understood by all that there are numerous tasks that would be outsourced to a consulting firm for an organization to be truly successful.

In any field and from any platform, you can position yourself as a consultant and get paid to do what you are good at.

14) Copywriter

The most important skill to unravel the heart of company’s prospective clients is through a compelling and empathic write-up.

This can be in form of articles, stories, product descriptions, and the likes.

All that matters for you to earn as much as you can ever imagine is your ability to convince and persuade readers to take actions with your words

15) Freelance Writer

The flexibility and lucrative potentials accrued to this work from home jobs sample are almost second to none on this list.

It is still not presumed as a saturated industry, hence, you can still garner a lot of money from getting projects from sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and the likes. Here are some freelance writing opportunities.

You can decide which area of writing best suits your skills and expertise and putting that into consistent practice would make you awesome in no time.

16) Coupon Crusader

Jobs you can do from home are numerous, but the simplicity and effectiveness of this one are alarmingly amazing.

Lots of brands would pay you to share their deals and coupons to your audience, blog or social media, knowing the potential of sales that would generate for them.

17) Crafter

Being crafty comes with a whole lot of potentially lucrative opportunities that can be harnessed from the corners of your home. Crafty and Cratsy are some of the top sites where you can sell your handmade products and train individuals respectively. Your income would skyrocket if you can deliberately tap into this opportunity.

18) Culinary Tutor

There are so many important needs for your culinary skills then you can ever think of.

You can either team up with known organizations to get up and running in the industry, or better still, you can launch your own culinary teaching classes on different platforms online and offline.

19) Direct Sales Expert

Avon and Mary Kay are some of the most prominent direct sales companies around.  Though most individuals have benefited from direct sales, there are still numerous people who are getting it all wrong.

If you feel or think that you have the high profile skill on this subject matter, you can advertently set up the direct sales consultancy and earn a great deal of cash with your knowledge.

20) E-book Writer

legitimate work from home jobs

So many individuals, brands, organizations, and companies sell their experience, knowledge, skills, and expertise on the internet through e-books.

But, the interesting part of this is that a good number of them didn’t write these e-books themselves. Tap into this field and watch your bank account grow on an exponential index.

21) Editor

So many individuals have been hugely successful in the art of editing, many more are tapping into this, and a lot of opportunities is still available for new entrants.

This great sample of a legitimate work at home jobs cannot go extinct as long as articles, books, and other publications materials are still very much around.

Your work as an editor or proofreader is to fine tune a writing piece.

22) Etsy Seller

Has it ever occurred to you that you can actually earn a lot of cash by selling handmade products to people online? Either you are crafty or not, all you need is to understand how Etsy works and start making money.

23) Event Planner

An organizational, attention to details, creativity, and good interpersonal skills are what will make you remain in the business for a long time.

Events spring up every day and everywhere, and the event’s owner has little or no time to sit down and make necessary arrangement for it. Just get started and grow your clients’ base along the line.

24) Advise Giver

In the world where everything and anything can be turned into a goldmine! I was sincerely surprised when I first came across this industry myself.

A good understanding of its potency has given me the opportunity to know how much can be earned by just offering the best and most practical advice to individuals in any situation or circumstance. Try Ether to get started.

25) Face Painter

Painting is a work of art, and art is just similitude to nature. Be a face painter for kids in birthdays and other very important kids’ populated events or gathering.

Your creativity would come in very handy in this line of work, you can start creating a good number of client offline and online through Gigmasters.

26) Fashion consultant

Fashion is just so broad, you can be successful in any aspect of it if you put your heart to it. Almost everybody knows this fact. Define your niche, set your goals, and work towards it, the income will flow automatically.

27) Financial planner

Organizations that joke with their financial prudence are on the shortest road to massive failure. This is known by top management of organizations, hence they are willing to pay handsomely to get their financial data in expert’s hands.

Position yourself as a true expert and earn cash.

28)  Food creator

Being a foodie is rapidly becoming a very lucrative quality. Foodzie is one of such sites that help you market and sell your food creations to customers.

29) Forum moderator

Stand in as a moderator for popular websites forum and get paid for doing that.

This is also on our rich list of work from home jobs which doesn’t require much from you aside from your communication and human relationship abilities.

30) Gift guide creator

If you are good at curating gifts, then this is the right option for you. Your responsibility is to create, write, and publish gift guides. This task comes with collecting articles, recipes, and finding advertisers.

31) Grant writer

Can you come up with a very persuasive grant proposal that would earn the nod? If this is so, then you can earn good amount of money by showing your expertise on this front. It is one of our best work from home jobs on this list.

32) Graphics designer

Ranging from logo designs, flyers, and so many other quite important business and personal graphics needs, a graphic designer is poised to make a lot of money if his creative prowess is top notch.

Help your clients communicate visually with their own clients and see how the money would flow.

33) Hairdresser

A cosmetology license should be in your arsenal! Styling, coloring, and giving people all sorts of hairstyles would imprint your names in their mind.

This would unavoidably bring you more income than you can think of its potency as part of the jobs you can do from home is vast.

34) Handmade cards creator

From the comfort of your home, you can create tons of cards – invitation, thank you, and others. This card can be sold at a lucrative price to lots of customers, online and offline!

This is indeed worthy of the list of work from home jobs.

35) Home organizer

A home organizer is someone who is responsible for putting the home and the environment in a conducive and serene state before leasing or buying of such homes commence.

It really doesn’t take much to be successful here.

36) House cleaner

For purpose of health and safety of the family, it is very important to actually make it as clean as possible. The more reason why this appears on the work from home jobs is that of its flexibility and the low-cost capital requirements to startup.

37) House Sitter

Housekeeping, paying bills, attending to emails, feeding pets, watering the plant, and taking care of the general wellbeing of the house. You would be able to function optimally in this position if you have a very flexible schedule.

38) Illustrator

Being an illustrator is a very cool opportunity amidst this exhaustive list of the 101 work from home jobs and business. Using artistic skills for the medical diagram, brochures, and a lot of other marketing materials that needs a visualize conception is a real gem.

39) Tour guide

Have you lived in tourist attracted cities? Do you have a good understanding of what tourist needs to know about such areas?

If your answers to this are in the affirmative, then this is an avenue to make a living from home. Check Vayable for online income version of this opportunity.

40) Instructional designer

Flexjobs is the home for a lot of instructional design project that can be utilized to make money and build clientele.

Your attention to detailed learning procedures would help others learn things more vividly and accurately, thereby giving you a handful of income as well.

41) Interior designer

The beauty of the interior part of the home is paid very much attention by homeowners. Your client base goes way beyond just the homeowners, it cuts across all the other members of the environments.

Ranging from corporate bodies to event planners. It would be mediocre not to have this on the list of work from home jobs list.

42) Internet researcher

jobs you can do from home

Researchers, writers, and company are in dire of adequate and accurate information on a daily basis, and they are willing to pay a good amount of money for this service.

Your ability to surf the internet for the right information and data is what would make you indispensable in this typical example of online jobs from home.

43) Inventor

Jobs from home are lucrative, but what about inventing something that would be profitable for you from your home and also give opportunities for others to do the same.

It is a very lucrative thing to do. Though this is new, its potentials count it worthy to feature on the work from home jobs.

44) Investor relations specialist

Securing fund is one of the most traumatic experience for startup business owners. If you understand how the investment world works, it would be a very profitable work from home jobs for you and the business owners.

45) Jewelry maker

You can make that smart move to be a jewelry maker and sell your products both offline and online. Your creativity and attention to glamour and ambiance are really important in jewelry making.

Sell your jewelry and make money with this work from home jobs sample.

46) Marketing specialist

Are you savvy with the trends in the marketing world? Do you understand how to communicate marketing materials to prospective clients? If yes, then it is time to start raking in cash as a marketing expert.

47) Massage therapist

Zeel is one of the in-demand platforms for getting massage clients. As a licensed massage expert, you can get to work with your clients at your home or device way to give them a professional home service.

The beauty and flexibility of this work from home jobs sample lies in its lucrative powers.

48) Mastermind leader

Being a thinker is a great way to make money from the comfort of your home. Hence, tapping into this work from home jobs opportunity will invariably provide small business owners with the chance to leverage your expertise, also providing money for you too.

49) Meal planner

Specializing in a lucrative and unsaturated niche such as budget-friendly and the kid-friendly menu is the right way to attain real success in this opportunity. Create an avenue to share your expertise.

50) Medical Transcriptionist

This is one of the jobs you can do from home if you have flair for the medical field. Your ability to type medical transcript with ease and speed would come in handy.

51) Muralist

FindAMuralist is one of the few sites that help you sell your large-scale painting ability to the world. You must be creative and see things in a bigger picture than an average person would do.

52) Membership site owner

To fully enjoy this influential work from home jobs opportunity, you must be a very knowledgeable person in your field. You can share your wealth of knowledge using teleseminars, articles, etc. through paid membership sites.

53) Music instructor

The music industry is quite a goldmine, and having a class where you share your music expertise with paid tutee is a cool and legitimate work from home jobs. Any aspect of music is sellable.

54) Mystery shopper

This might not really bring you the huge amount of money you might be expecting, but getting a dinner or possibly a little for doing what you love to do most – shopping. This might be a surprise inclusion in the list of work from home jobs, but it is worthy.

55) Networking admin

If you are a techie and you are not making money from it, then you are wrong. You can manage the networks of different companies at your own flexible schedule.

The application of what you know is what people pay for, not just what you know!

56) Boutique owner

Be it online or offline, owning a boutique is one of the very cool ways of making money. Having a knack for fashion trends would come in handy in this best work from home jobs.

57) Nurse caseworker

Insurance firms are in dire need of licensed nurse who can perform case management task from home. You can start making cash from this work from home jobs.

58) Online Publisher

Start publishing with businesses like Macaroni kid, City mom Blog, etc. without getting involved with the tech part. Rack up cash while doing what you know how to do, all from your home.

59) Personal Chef

Having a good knowledge and prowess in cooking can be very important here. Families with very tight schedule would be needing your expertise on a different meal. So easy and simple to run from home.

60) Personal Caretaker

Being detailed and corporately inclined is needed to make it in this best work from jobs. You will be required to help out with tasks such as planning meetings, bills payment, getting tickets and making reservations.

61) Personal Shopper

Stitch Fix would provide you with gigs for helping people shop. Finding your way around the shopping malls with a very great deal is a great asset for this opportunity.

Work from home jobs requires flexibility, and this one has it in abundance!

62) Personal stylist

If you are truly passionate about fashion, then you can help other women tap into the elegance of fashion by being their personal stylist.

Your responsibility is, but not restricted to, wardrobe shopping, makeup, and hair revitalization. Your home is a suitable place for arranging meetings.

63) Personal trainer

So many people are in need of a workout trainer to help them achieve their fitness goals with relative ease. If this appeals to your person, then you can go to Handstand to get clients.

64) Pet Groomer

Help pet owner to maintain the general wellbeing of their pet. Very flexible example of a work from home jobs.

65) Pet Sitter

Being a pet lover is really a great way to make money. Help feed and provide other important duties to the pet while the owners are not around. Your income would grow in as much as you are diligent with your tasks.

66) Photographer

Photography is one of the most flexible and lucrative work from home jobs opportunity available around. This opportunity is always opened and can be fully utilized by selling your images in Getty and other outlets online.

All these would be done in the comfort of your home.

67) Personal Organizer

If you are really organized, and you can help others to organize their homes, offices, and every other important aspect of their life.

Racking cash from these is a function of how organized you are – which would help your clients reduce stress.

68) Project Manager

Flexjobs is also very relevant on this sample of best work from home jobs! All you need is to be very savvy and witty in managing people and projects with relative ease.

Make contacts with others who are in need of a project manager and earn income with this expertise of yours.

69) PR Professional

Public relations is one of the most prominent ways (radio, television, print media) used by organizations to get their products and services to the hands of prospective and actual clients.

Hence, they are willing to pay handsomely to individuals with crystal clear understanding of PR.

70) Real Estate Agent

Either selling or buying homes, there is always a cognitive need for the service of a real estate agent – fundamental knowledge or understanding of the environment is a necessity.

71) Recruiter

Are you a smart and effective human resource person, or you are experienced in how recruitment operations and procedures works?

Start helping business to attract and get the service of a quality workforce, you can be in for real cash.

72) Resume Writer

A resume is one of the most important materials used in the recruitment process, hence, individuals pay apt attention to the quality of their resume.

If you have a very great background on this subject matter, you can write for lots of job seekers. All your resume writing can be done in your home – isn’t that a great sample of a good work from home jobs?

73) Sales Rep

A high level of motivation, enthusiasm, and passion is very important to be a real deal in this work from home jobs. Position yourself for organizations who are always in need of quality sales representative for their products and services.

74) Seamstress

Everybody loves a perfect dress at every point in time. You can define your niche – wedding or formal. You can only function in this legitimate work from home jobs if sewing is your thing.

Check Thumbtack for online client base.

75) Seller

Though there is no huge amount of income from this work from home jobs opportunity, if you have a very critical way of seeing products and goods that have potentials of being a diamond in the mud, then, this is just right for you.

76) SEO Expert

A website needs more views and more traffics, which is believed to be very important for marketing and sales. An SEO expert is one with practical skills on how to optimize search engine results.

This work from home jobs sample comes with a lot of analytical understanding and interpretations.

77) Shoe Designer

Do you have a good knack for coming up with awesome shoe designs on a consistent basis?

You can sell them online and also at the designated boutique, giving you the access to make real money while working from your home.

78) Social Media Marketer

Social media is just too important to brands and individuals to be ignored. Are you an influencer on any of the social media platform, or you are very good at using social media to get products into the hands of users?

Then this is the best online jobs from home for you.

79) Social Sharer

Get into Share Magnet to get paid for sharing deals and offers of others with your followers and audience on the social media platform. Simplicity is the feature of this work from home jobs sample.

80) Software Developer

Are you good at reading and writing codes? Use this skill to help companies make life and transaction easier for their clients.

81) Speaker

Motivating and energizing people from every walks of life is generating real cash for so many individuals already. If speaking eloquently is your thing, then this is just for you.

82) Sport Instructor

Teach people on how to up their games and get paid. For people to listen to you, you must be a pro at what you are talking about.

83) Tax Consultant

Taxation can be a very daunting task for some individuals to understand. If you are so good at this, you can use it to start a living, it actually requires a high level of expertise and competence.

84) Translator

You can use your knowledge of a foreign language to translate different documents and discussions for individuals, brands, multinationals, and lots more. It is indeed a very lucrative and flexible jobs from home example.

85) Travel Planner

Help people get what they needed for their traveling adventures – hotels, landmarks, rent-a-car services, etc. So many people are in need of this service than you can imagine. This shouldn’t be left out from a detailed list of work from home jobs.

86) Tutor

Are you a professional in any of the difficult subjects – Maths, English? If your answer is in the affirmatives, then this work from home jobs is really your thing. All you need is a flexible schedule of appointment with your tutees.

87) Twitter Party Host

Are you a tweet freak? Can you coordinate a large section of your followers? Then you can make money by helping brands build a solid awareness by hosting a twitter party.

88) Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant responsibility is to help top executives take care of minor works – flight booking, attending to e-mails, etc. This is a good online job from home opportunity on this list.

89) Video Producer

Create creative and appealing video commercials for brands and organizations. All you need is filming and editing skills, coupled with the knowledge of the right equipment to use for productions.

90) Virtual Call Assistant

Cash in on this work from home jobs with your excellent communications and customer relation skills. You can land a long-term contract as a customer care rep for brands.

91) Web Programmer

If programming is your thing, and you are very witty with it. Then, you can help brands develop useful programs for their web.

92) Wedding Planner

A wedding is a great thing, and the wedding industry is really worth it. Help couples-to-be plan their wedding in grand style and the cash would flow in seamlessly.

This work from home jobs is suitable for anyone, and everyone with good organization skills.

93) Writer

The field of writing is so broad and lucrative for anyone who has the skillset to delve into it. Try Upwork for different writing projects – blog post, newsletters, etc.

94) Risk Assessment Manager

Are you a certified safety and health expert with proven track records? Then this is yours!

Every company is in need of an outsourced risk assessment person to help point out the flaws of their health and safety procedures.

95) Dancer

There are lots of marketing and advertising organizations that are in need of very good dancers to promote their businesses.

Artiste and video producer alike will flock around you if your dancing skill is top notch. Professionalism is key to unlocking the gem of this work from home jobs example.

96) Transcriber

If you can combine listening and writing skills to great perfection, then you are on your way to making cool money from your home.

Transcribe audios and podcasts to writing a document in an instant and see how great your service would be sought for.

A lucrative work from home jobs is one with large customer opportunities, and this is one of such work from home jobs that has it in stock.

97) Landscape Designer

One of the factors that aid the beautification of the home and environment is a very great landscape design. This is easy to startup from your home and that is why you are finding it on the list of 101 work from home jobs and business.

98) Franchise Owner

There are lots of local businesses around that are willing to give you the roadmap and template for success in business. This is one of the basic features of a franchise business.

99) Conference Founder

Organizing retreats, conferences, and seminars for empowering women happens to be on this list because of its great returns – cash and kind. Your ability to make connections with sponsors will be helpful in the long run.

100) Advertiser

There is a lot of small business who cannot afford the big money ads. If you are witty and can find your way around the advertising world, then this is meant for you.

Utilizing this typical work from home jobs is a function of your insight and advert know-how.

101) Strategic manager

There are so many companies who lack the strategic prowess that can take them to their goals.

From your home, you can start getting in touch with these organizations and arrange to help them with their strategies or train their staff on the subject matter. You must be an expert at it.

102) Youtube Vlogger

Did you know that you can make so much money working from home as a Vlogger? Oh yes, you can and now is a perfect time to take advantage of the opportunity provided by Youtube.

Millions of people all over the globe earn a decent income from uploading videos on Youtube. Need ideas on the kinds of videos you should upload?

We have listed a few for you below:

(A) Videos ranting about a topic (the more controversial, the better)
(B) Your honest review of movies
(C) Prank videos
(D) Product or service reviews
(E) Videos on Fashion and Makeup
(F) Reviews of gadgets and electronic devices
(G) Videos showing off your talent (this could be singing, dancing etc)