Broker Back Office: Take Your Trading To The Next Level

Trading is an exceptionally brilliant way to make a living. Moreover, with the internet giving people so much potential to make a living; honestly, it is more than feasible for anyone who has the will, determination, and the drive to make money online…to, as mentioned, make money online.

Having a broker back office software will prove invaluable for your trading endeavors and will ultimately help you to keep better track of digital advisors, client interfacing accounts as well as custodian and compliance reporting.

Broker back office greatly assists in easing the operations for online brokerage along with investment firms.

With the right technology, it will prove to make all the difference (in a positive way) for your business to run much more smooth and efficient.

In this article, we will discuss a few key advantages of using the latest in technology in regards to broker back office software and reveal how this software can significantly benefit you.

The Key Features

Running brokerage business or investment firm is not easy. However, I guess that can be said for almost ALL business.

However, when dealing with numbers (money) and having to manage a team of people and clients, it can be a harrowing experience keeping up to date with all that information.

However, with the right software you will be able to:

  • Have a transparent and more accessible way to manage with an “Account Management” section
  • Have a better understanding of your reports
  • Understand your risk management
  • Configure and operate your system effectively
  • Have the best security available

To better elucidate what these key features are we will explain in the coming section so that you can have a better understanding of each of these features and how they will benefit your businesses and investment.

Trading – as mentioned – is a brilliant way to make money and when you learn how to watch the system, how to take the educated and calculated risk, and learn how to set up your system in a way that you maximize your earnings and limit your loss; you can really make a great deal of money.

With the right system in place, you can also focus on improving your own system – as well as focus on other business endeavors as well.

⇒ Account Management

With the account management feature what individuals can expect to get in this feature is total transparency with what is going on in the system.

Now when we speak of the system we aren’t necessarily talking about the software but the overall trading account. This being:

User Management

  • The trades
  • The money
  • The client
  • The account
  • The losses
  • The gains

This user’s management allows you to effortlessly have a better understanding of how your money is running.

It can be an easy task to forget where your money is headed or where your money has headed; especially when you are busy.

The Account Management held to keep you up to date on all your transaction. Moreover, this makes the whole ordeal so much easier.


  • Have the ability to view as well as manage investors positions
  • Have all positions laid out on a blotter view
  • Have the ability to filter down the items of interest that pique your curiosity
  • Prioritize investments and investors
  • View your history of the transaction for any user in your account


  • Have access to all users orders
  • Place an order on behalf of users
  • Correct orders on behalf of a user
  • Be able to share comments in regards to orders with other back-office administrators
  • Have access to user support

Trading Account

  • Be able to manage a multitude of trading accounts for each user
  • Have the ability to add custom trading rules (and for the different user)

Margin Trading

  • Have the ability to configure margins requirements as well as the rules
  • Set margin rules for any groups that you desire
  • Set margin rules on a per user basis
  • Set rules, separately, for long or short stocks

The Account management feature allows you to have total control over a great deal, as you can see. The benefits of being able to see and make changes for your user (investors) will price invaluable.

⇒ Reporting

It is essential for interment firms and brokerage businesses to be kept up to date on reports.

The reporting feature that you can get from this software offers you daily update and keeps you in the loop about any changes that may negatively affect your business.

Reporting Engine

  • regulates reporting
  • automates your business
  • automates your financial reports
  • sets up new reports
  • configures report
  • automates OATS
  • complies with local laws and practices

Global Compliance

  • reduces risks
  • minimizes the chance of errors on your end
  • gives you a fat-finger rule warning
  • offers a validation engine
  • gives you the ability to integrate 3rd party background check
  • can integrate a market-manipulation scanner

The routing engine is a great asset in complying with the law and keeping you from paying any hefty fines as a result of overlooking a local law.

⇒ Risk Management

In trading and investing, just overall business, a risk is always going to be there. However being able to take calculated risk is what is also necessary to be successful.

In trading, there will be a risk, but as long as the risk is manageable, then it is a risk worth taking.

The risk management features that you will gain from a broker back office software will be able to allow the administrator the ability to set up events which will trigger an alert in the system; this is hugely beneficial.

Customizable alert system:

  • Global field change
  • Required-maintenance call
  • Reverse-split announcement
  • Equity-, maintenance call
  • Concentrated-maintenance call
  • Day-trade call
  • Housecall
  • Split
  • Reverse split
  • Split announcement

Rule Engine

This engine is able to read errors in the system by upholding compliance as well as adapting to specifications. It is relatively simple to use, and it offers a manual so that you may better understand.

Real-Time Margin Calculations

Have the ability to adjust your margin in real time.

Order Processing

Be able to set limits on which trade you want to purchase.

Configuration & Operations

This feature allows you the ability to have better control over your configuration and management of the system.

In other words, you will be able to effortlessly change whatever it is that you want on a dial.

Security Master Database

  • Be able to enable security system
  • Be able to disable the security system
  • enable or disable for a full grip or an individual
  • Automatically be updated via corporate actions
  • IPOs automatically pushed to a platform

Order Routing

  • Configure securities that you want to be traded by a group
  • Configure securities that you want to be traded by an individual
  • Customize your trading rules of security
  • Create custom margin rates


  • Create order from a plethora of software (OMS, API, ETNA or Broke Back Office)
  • Trade with sell-side destination

Portfolio Monitoring

  • Hold your order for reviews
  • Have real-time analysis
  • View valuation of portfolio
  • Drill down to security
  • Analyze and view P& L
  • Track trading activities

Stocks and Options

Expose your trading platform to potential clients who may be interested.

Take You Trading To The Next Level

Trading is a very calculated and tricky business endeavor to engage in.

With numbers investors, and software and reports and with so many other aspects to the trading business model it can be a difficult task handling all that is required successfully and all by you.

Having trading software that will substantially assist you in your trading endeavors will prove invaluable to your work, and you will be able to utilize your time and energy much more effectively.

There is always a risk in investments. However, as we have shown from the samples above you can limit your risk and decrease how much you can lose.

The amount that you can gain and at the expose that you will also get from using a software system as Broker Back Office will be of great help to your business endeavors.

What Are You A Trader Or Investor?

Whatever you may be – trader or investor – the need to download software that will help you in your financial journey is a must.

The world is ever-changing, and technology is indeed making money and finances so much easier for anyone to earn.

Investing is a great way to make money, but it will take you a much longer time whereas trading in comparison is much faster. Moreover, with trading styles, there are some trading styles out there, not solely one.

  • Position trader – month to years
  • Swing trader – days to weeks
  • day trader – throughout the day
  • scalp trader -seconds to minutes

Regardless of whatever your financial avenue you may have chosen, the more time you have to use more effectively will prove invaluable for you to earn me money.

This software a great deal of work and streamline so much for you that trading and investing becomes so much easier to deal with.

Make your market participation much more comfortable by using software to allocate the different tasks:

⇒ Research Software

As you can see there is a wide array of benefits from downloading software for the marketing world.

The marketing world (trading and investment) is very capricious. It can be a trying task trying to understand where the market will go. It takes years to be an expert, but the action is real for most things in life.

The app and the software that you download will prove invaluable for helping you have better management of not only your account but also the account for anyone else you may have managed.

The great thing about these systems is that it will save you so much time and they will also keep you put today on what needs your immediate attention.

The alert systems that you can set up coupled with the risk management also save you from losing money.

If you are a trader and have clients and people you trade for them, it is a crazy idea not to be using software to manage our people.

As mentioned when you set you the system correctly you will be able to not only increase the money your clients, and yourself, will get but you will also be able to improve your portfolio significantly.

By having a portfolio show how much money you were able to give to your clients on how little money you lose you to set up the right risk stops you will have more clients then you could want or need.

⇒ Use Software To Handle The Hard And Tedious Task

There will be some task that will demand your attention, but the great thing about these systems is that you can automate many tasks and when you have done it correctly and have mastered the whole software you will be able to run the whole business without you ever having to touch it (maybe occasionally).

The alerts system, the automated system, the risk stops, the account management setup, and the optimization all make this very feasible.

⇒ Learn More

There are many software platforms out there. It is essential that you do a bit of research on the company that designed the system.

Broker Back office has a good relationship and many traders, about 25% of them, are using this system. That is a quarter of traders out in the market that use this software.

So if you want to take your trading to the next level and want more time to find more clients or want to work in another business endeavor, it would love invaluable for you to download this software and start managing your account and your client account easier.