Top 3 Areas in Chicago for Your Start-Up Office Space

chicago office startup space

Chicago may be known for its freezing and windy winters, but it’s a warm and welcoming city for startups and entrepreneurs.

This city is home to a diverse community of businesses that represent almost all sectors.

For three straight years, Chicago ranked number one in the list of best startup cities in the Midwest.

And with the perfect blend of cultural, educational, and lifestyle centers in the town, Chicago is indeed an excellent place for your startup to bloom.

If your heart is set on beginning your journey in the windy city, here is office space in Chicago that you can choose.

West Loop / Fulton

The boundaries of West Loop are Ashlan and Ogden on the west side, Chicago river on the east side, Grand Avenue on the north side, and the I-290 highway on the south side.

This vibrant neighborhood is a place for growth and expansion. Not only does it foster an environment of economic advancement, but it also encourages life outside of work.

You will notice office buildings and residential properties sitting next to award-winning restaurants, hip bars, and gourmet food markets.

Startups can get inspiration and breathe in the energies of corporate giants such as Google, McDonald’s, and Accenture.

After a long day of hustling for your startup, West Loop also offers parks and recreational spaces where team members can blow off steam.

Union Park in Randolph street offers a vast green space and facilities for swimming, tennis, basketball, football, or soccer. Parents can spend time with their kids after work in the park’s playground.

Another venue to kick back and relax is Skinner Park at Adams Street. You can enjoy a stroll along with the community garden or catch a movie night with your pals.

West Loop is all about work-life balance. Putting up your office space in this area keeps you and your employees happier, thus more productive and more creative.

La Salle Street

If New York is famous for Wall Street, then Chicago is known for La Salle Street.

The financial world is privy to the hustle and bustle of this narrow urban canyon that stretches three blocks from Madison to Jackson Street.

Massive bank buildings, aptly described as “Temples of Commerce,” line the canyon. At the south end is the Chicago Board of Trade.

La Salle Street is brimming with financial geniuses that work in major banks, insurance companies, and the Chicago Stock Exchange.

If you want to thrive in a place where these geniuses trade millions of dollars every day, then this is the perfect place to set up your office space in Chicago.

If you provide financial or customer service, then being in proximity to potential clients will be good for your business.

North Michigan Avenue

North Michigan Avenue, commonly known as the Magnificent Mile, is one of the most successful and vibrant residential, commercial, cultural, and tourist destinations in the world.

This unique mixed-use district is home to premier retailers, world-class restaurants, and award-winning hotels.

The boundaries of the Magnificent Mile extend south to Randolph Street, north to North Avenue, west to the Chicago River, and east to Lake Michigan.

The area boasts of iconic architecture and prestigious educational institutions such as Loyola University, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago.

At the end of a tiring workday, you may take a relaxing stroll along the Chicago Riverwalk. On weekends, sail along Lake Michigan with family and friends.

This district is a perfect headquarters for your startup if you want to get inspiration from the retail and commercial vibe.

Fashion, food, and lifestyle trends are within your reach, giving your business a competitive advantage.

The location of your office is as vital as the business itself. Choosing one that fits your goals, company culture, and philosophies are critical to a successful startup.