How To Create The Perfect Logo For Your Business

Your branding efforts wouldn’t be complete without creating a perfect logo to complement your good work.

During the launching of your new company or revamping of your brand identity, selecting a new logo will be one of your most important marketing decisions.

The logo is the most prominent element of your brand identity. It is your brand ambassador.

Designing a good logo may require involvement from the marketing team and the graphic design contest platform.

It requires a clear idea about the concept and values of the brand as well as an understanding of the consumer or target group.

Broad steps in the logo design process might be formulating the concept, doing an initial design, finalizing the logo concept, deciding the theme colors and format involved.

  • So, How do you decide which logo will best pass your brand message?

  • How do you choose from a myriad of available Logos the one that will best appeal to your target customers

  • How do you create the perfect logo?

  • What makes a logo not just creative, but strong, successful, and lasting?

All these and more will be answered in this post on how to create the perfect logo for your business. Special thanks to for making this infographic available for use.

Enjoy and learn…

How To Create The Perfect Logo For Your Business

Create The Perfect Logo

1) Your Story

The story behind the company is the first step to get the best message out.

Every company is set-up with the intention of making a profit, that is a story everyone knows, therefore, before you think about how your logo would be like or look like, ask yourself this, what is the story behind the business?

Don’t let your logo tell what business does, rather, let it tell why it does it.

2) Be Enticing

Your logo should be really attractive and appealing to the people you are targeting.

Assuming you are targeting men, who are in their 20s to early 30s within these categories

  • Working-class
  • College graduate
  • Sports lover
  • Confident
  • Adventurous

Then your logo should be something that covers all these at a glance, rather than a bunny, consider a bull, and instead of pink consider red.

3) Be Unique

Your logo speaks volume and the more unique it is, the more memorable it will be to your audience.

When your logo is distinctive, it will attract the attention of prospects easily, even if it is in the midst of plenty other logos it will stand out.

Avoid obvious design clichés, if your company is about photography, putting a picture of a camera will be too obvious and not creatively unique enough to be memorable.

Armed with the why question from earlier, and with the mind of making it enticing, sketch and refine all the ideas that come to your head.

Remember to keep the shape as simple you can, and a friendly advice, don’t use more than 3 colors.

4) Be Timeless

Remember that trends do die with time, and new trends will push the old ones aside.

Avoid trendy fonts and designs, if you remember the 3D fonts and design, today they are kind of out of trend.

Your logos and designs should be timeless, think of Nike or Pepsi, they have simple logo designs but are timeless.

Once you have a few sketches, pick the ones that keep attracting your eyes like 3 out of them.

Share this with people who you trust and fits your target buyer. Let them tell you about their honest opinions, any criticism you face will help you improve on your logo.

5) Be New

Don’t be lazy and follow trends rather, be the one to create trends, strive for boldness in your logo design.

Once you get feedback from your initial test, select the one with more votes and refine your logo, think about why you are in the business and work along that line.

A trendsetting logo should be what you aim to achieve.

6) Be Simple

Let your logo be simple and not too busy, when you make your logo design, always remember that less is more. Have one message, and it’s enough.

7) Be Consistent

Your design should reinforce what your brand represents. When you see the Apple logo, the bitten apple represents knowledge which really represents the brand.

8) Phycology of Shapes

You should know what each shape represents while creating your logo, don’t just choose a random shape because it appeals to you and contradict your intentions.

Circles, for instance, can represent unity, community, complete and something whole.

Triangle represents power, masculinity, protection, or stability. Square represents professionalism, balance, security. Always know what your shape represents.

9) Fonts

Use your fonts to convey the proper emotions your business represents.

If the sketch you finally choose is a shape or a symbol and not a text, then you should select a matching font to convey the right emotions.

10) Colour

Colors are very important to your logo as well as your enemy, you need to use the colors that also goes with your brand, and be very selective, once again, it is advised not to use more than 3 colors.

Don’t just follow the trend and let your colors make your logo stand out against other competitors and look unique.

Try to know what each color stands for before using them, Red can be for strength, energy, aggression and so on, green can represent nature, affluence, and so are other colors, always do your research.


You have made it this far, but always check if your logo is scalable, if it still looks good on a small screen as well as a big screen or even on a billboard.

Logos are meant to represent your business, they should be readable and recognizable, whether big or small.

These steps may seem a little engulfing, however, when you take it one at a time, slow and steady, you will find out that it’s fun and easy.

With our tips, we are sure that your logo designs will improve by leaps and bounds, and will surely stand out amongst competitions.

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