Why Document Management Is the Best Solution for Drake Software

If a business has chosen to use the Drake Ultimate Tax Software Solution, they’ll need to consider a document management system to go with it.

Drake is everything you need for accounting but it doesn’t cover everything an office needs.

To stay on top of its game, a company needs to look for tools that will maximize efficiency in every area of their operations to be able to perform at their best.

A document management system can help a company keep track of any files they may need to keep on hand such as client information or operations information in an organized and digitized manner.

It Saves Time

Searching through and maintaining paper files takes a lot of time. In fact, an office spends an average of one to two hours daily just to manage the paper files in their office.

A document management system can cut this down to only 10 to 20 minutes a day. This is a massive time saver and it means a lot.

After all, time wasted is money spent. It’s much better and much more profitable for companies to cut down on unnecessary wasted time.

With the time that a company saves on this task, it can dedicate that time to more profitable tasks. Take an insurance job, for instance.

The less time a representative for the company has to spend looking for information on the clients they’re talking to, the more time they’ll have to service those and other clients.

Efficient Scanning

One of the most intimidating things about switching to an electronic document management system is the time it takes to scan in existing documents.

It can be a pretty sizable speed bump in moving towards efficiency and it turns a lot of offices off of using a DMS.

That’s why the efficiency of getting the documents scanned in should be a first-line concern rather than a feature to tack onto the end of your decision.

The best DMS for Drake software looks to eliminate this problem by streamlining workflow and making it easy to scan documents.

A big part of this is that an office needs the supplies to transition from one operating system to the next.

That’s why systems like FileCenter DMS must work with most scanners that an office would have handy.

This not only includes desktop scanners but with almost any scanning device. This includes the currently very popular ScanSnap scanners.

These can help automate the filing process as well. It includes powerful features such as naming and saving documents.

It also includes an automatic document separation function which can help divide large stacks of documents into smaller files.

This is a handy set of features includes more in-depth functions as well such as automatic filing.

This system will single out information such as document types or key information like dates and client names.

With this information, it will file the documents as you scan them in instead of simply importing them for the user to manually file later.

PDF Availability

In the business world, PDFs have become the standard. They’re considered the most professional option to trade back and forth. So, it’s important to have plenty of capabilities to work with PDFs.

At the most basic level, a DMS will allow you to save and send files as PDFs. The Techwalla will show you how to send files in PDF format here.

It’s also handy to be able to preview PDFs before opening them as well as drag and drop files to combine them.

One of the biggest challenges to working with a PDF, though, is that they can be difficult to work on.

Part of their appeal in professional settings is that they have a finalized appearance compared to a variable word processor document.

While complete edits would require a PDF to be converted into a different type of file, this shouldn’t be required to make minor notes.

The best DMS for Drake allows users to leave a comment for themselves or another user to see.

All in all, the best DMS is going to make dealing with PDFs simple. It shouldn’t be a chore to do something that can be done in seconds.

A DMS Increases Office Organization

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT system for drake accounting

It’s easy for physical files to leave the organization on the wayside. This is where a document management system comes in.

One of the central functions of a DMS is to make sure your files are organized in one place.

Most systems like FileCenter use a similar system that you would expect from a filing cabinet but much more efficient.

On a broad scale, this system will give you the chance to put your electronic document into specific drawers, files, and folders.

This type of setup is perfect for creating a straightforward system to handle information about clients and customers.

Better yet, this allows business owners and managers to set up a company-wide standard. This is a crucial piece of the puzzle to ensure that files not only get organized but stay organized as well.

It’s easy for a filing system to fall apart if not everyone knows how to operate the filing system.

An easy, straightforward process cuts down and in some cases, eliminates the chance for employees to get the system wrong.

Added Security

When using physical files, there’s only so much that can be done to protect them. Usually, the most that’s done is to lock the files in a filing cabinet or an office desk drawer.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a completely secure method.

A DMS allows an office to take advantage of the security features that an electronic database has to offer.

For instance, a password might be required to access certain files or only employees of a certain management level have clearance to access the files.

Of course, this comes with a bit of a downside. It has the potential to create a level of bureaucracy that comes with some complexity.

It’s also important that the DMS a company is using is a great choice for them before creating a system that’s too complex.

This way, there isn’t a worry about trying to extract files from a complicated system and move them to another DMS.

FileCenter stands out here for a few reasons. For one, it’s a system that’s well-designed and isn’t likely going to need to be replaced by a new DMS.

On a more technical note, it’s designed to offer companies an organized system and security without that system getting too complex to handle efficiently.

DMS for Drake Accounting Software

Drake software is a great way to handle a company’s accounting needs but it doesn’t take care of every general need an office may have.

That’s why it’s best to use Drake software along with a document management system. This will help any professional reap the benefits that have been discussed here.

FileCenterDMS is one of the best options to go with for this purpose too.

Not only does it offer everything that’s been looked at today but it’s also specifically compatible with Drake software.

This eliminates the worry about office systems negatively overlapping. When all systems work together, the more efficient the company they work for will be as a whole.