7 Easy Ways To Earning Your Living As An Expat

You always wanted to live in a new city abroad but wonder how you will earn your living. You need to explore different ideas before you make a final choice and make arrangements for that.

Here are 7 easy ways you can earn your living as an expat.


1) Work Online

In this advanced world, there are so many online works available for people with certain skills.

If you have skills such as writing, SEO, web design and development, project management, virtual assistance, data entry and so on, you can work on various online platforms such as Upwork and Elance at least until you get a job in the new city you move to.

2) Teach A Subject Of Your Expertise

If you have expertise in any particular subject, you can find some tuition jobs (click here to sign up as a tutor) easily.

If you are moving to a city where English is not the main language, you can teach English and earn good money.

If you already have great results in competitive professional tests such as TEFL and TEFOL, you should get English tuitions in quick time.

Finding tuitions should be less difficult than finding a regular job.

3) Work At Bars And Restaurants

Bars and restaurants require many employees to do many different kinds of easy to do jobs.

They are always looking for people who can work hard for long hours.

Just roam around some popular markets and business hubs and look for opportunities for work.

It should not take much time to land a decent salary job.

4) Sell Unique Products

Selling products that are not readily available in a city can be a great way to earn your living.

You can make specialty foods of your native country and sell in the places where people from your country live most.

Like if you move to Singapore, you can sell Chinese foods or products in China Town if you are from China.

You can make some handicapped products and sell to shops and customers.

5) Start A Taxi Service

If driving is something you don’t hesitate to do in a new city, you can simply rent or buy a taxi and start driving.

Many people love to ride in taxis driven by someone who speaks the same language.

So, if you target the areas of the city where you can find many people from your country, you can earn a living fairly easily by driving a taxi until you get a good permanent job.

6) Be A Tour Guide

If the new city is well known to you, you can easily become a tour guide.

Try to connect to some local travel agencies and look for jobs as a tour guide.

You can study the history of the city and explain the historical significance of each tourist attractions when you take guests to those places.

7) Work As An Au Pair

If you love taking care of kids, you are going to get jobs as a female nanny in all busy cities.

Parents work long hours at offices and always look for competent women to take care of their children when they are away from home.

This makes working as an Au Pair one of the easy-to-get jobs for women.


When you move to a new city, having a friend or family member in that city can help you land a good job in quick time.

But you can always try things before you land a job of your preference.

Being able to start your own business can surely be a very satisfying and long-lasting solution.

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