How to establish a Human connection with your client using Google Hangouts?

Working remotely eliminates the face-to-face connection that is normally a basic component of the traditional workplace.

Consequently, it is more difficult to build a human connection with a client who is miles away.

Thanks to technology, this hassle can be eliminated. The Google Hangout Apps were specifically made to establish that much needed human connection in business.

⇒ The Google Hangout Video can be used for video conferencing where it enables you to see the facial expressions and body gestures of your clients. It helps to get personal with the client.

⇒ You don’t have to imagine what’s going on in your client’s mind as you can hear and also read your client’s body language.

⇒ When shorter messages need to be communicated, the Google Hangout chat is the ideal tool.

Chat is preferable when you want a quick answer, or you don’t want an interruption.

⇒ You can use Emoji and Gifs to express your ideas and feelings. This could be fun.

⇒ In fact, you can communicate actively with your client’s outside the work hours, if you so desire.

⇒ And when you need to make a change to a design, you can share your screen with your client.

This way, he/she can appreciate whatever changes you are making to the design.

Both video and written communication are essential tools for success in a remote setting, and the Google Hangout Apps provide the conducive environment for these forms of communication.

Ultimately, it is important to have a bond with your client that will transcend the current project, and probably lead to more jobs and referrals in the future.