6 Factors That Guarantee the Safety of a Pallet Rack

Pallet rack

Warehouses can be dangerous places to work. Hence, pallet rack safety should be a big concern for all those who work in or near a pallet racking system.

Here are some essential factors to consider for assuring the safety of a pallet rack according to warehouse racking safety guidelines.

Installation of Anchors

All pallet racking anchors should be secured to the floor with bolts. The specification of design, testing, and utilization of steel racks requires the use of column base plates and anchors.

Secure all aisles, interior, or exterior columns in the frame with a base plate and anchor bolts as per pallet rack design specifications.

The base plate and anchors are engineered and designed to resist any force experienced at the base of columns like impact force caused by a forklift collision or seismic forces like an earthquake.

Use of Column Guards

Forklifts mishaps are part of the warehouse environment. Over time jolts and bumps to your pallet rack can affect the structural integrity of the racking system.

The column guards can offer reinforced protection at the base of the upright. They are available in bolt-to-floor and bolt-to-column styles and various heights.

The installation of column guards prevents the occasional run-in or forklift mishaps from causing structural damage.

The column protectors are made of heavy-duty steel and built to deflect the impact of large machinery over time.

The traditional column guard is bolted into the floor for security and circumvents the base of the column.

They have a protruding triangular shape that works effectively to deflect any impact from hand trucks, forklifts, and large carts.

Use of Drop Pins

A drop pin is an important safety component in a racking system. It fits two aligning holes in the upright pallet rack frame and a cross beam of the pallet racking system.

The drop pinholes can be found on the beam to frame connector of the cross beam.

A universal drop pin drops into the holes of the pallet racking system and is secured with a button on the end that resists any disengagement of the beam connector.

Use of Pallet Support Crossbars

The front-to-back pallet support crossbars allow secure storage of standard pallets that are deep enough to fit on the pallet rack and provide additional support to the pallet racks.

Storage specialists recommend the use of two pallet supports per pallet.

Use Right Forklifts

There are various types of forklifts, and selecting the right ones depends on the type of product you are transporting, the height of your racks, and the width of your warehouse aisles.

You need to consult a storage solution expert to determine which forklift is suitable for warehouse operations.

Handle Pallets in Right Way

As a part of pallet rack safety measures, you need to ensure the forklift has received adequate training to place pallets on the racks in the right way. Place the pallets on racks square and evenly.

Also, you can replace any damaged pallets immediately as it increases the risk of accidents.

These are some of the factors and safety components that increase the safety of the pallet rack and also work to reduce work hazards in busy warehouses with heavy machinery moving around.