10 Ways To Generate Publicity For Your Business Without Going Bankrupt

Publicity is all about making noise; getting your voice heard in the overcrowded marketplace.

Usually, the rule states that the loudest gets the attention of the prospective customers. But this is disputable.

It is unarguably a very difficult task, however, for a small business trying to generate publicity for its new product when its competitors have arsenals of resources and expertise at their disposal for accomplishing this seemingly difficult task without breaking a sweat.

So how does a small business generate free publicity without running at a loss? Here I am to help you get started.

How To Generate Publicity for your business without going bankrupt

1) Host a contest

People love free giveaways. All you have to do is to organize a contest around your business.

One key factor that will drive interest and the amount of publicity you get is the prize tag.

Offering a simple recharge credit is no big deal except it is a 100k-recharge code.

Get creative. Ensure the contest is relevant to your brand and also exciting at the same time.

2) Sponsor a competition for schools:

Everyone loves kids. The media does too. Brand a debate, football completion, quiz completion, etc. around your business and throw out invites to notable schools in your region.

Then write to the proper media channels to cover the finals of this event. You will not only have gained the love of the kids but their parents as well.

Better still, showcase your products during the course of the competition and offer a free trial if possible.

3) Send a free sample of your products to Potential Clients

Pretty straightforward. Give your potential clients a chance to test your products at no cost at all.

If they love it, they are stuck with you. Don’t disappoint.

4) Organize a Launch event for a new product or service

Create a new or improved version of your product and organize a launch event.

If your product indeed solves a problem, you will easily generate publicity for your business without breaking a sweat.

You can have a product demonstration of your new product in the course of the launch.

This will help silence any doubt about the effectiveness of your new product.

5) Renovate your old structures

You will be surprised at what a simple painting of your business complex from red to blue to white or any color for that matter can do to your business.

Renovate and redecorate your business center from time to time. This will surely get the locals talking.

6) Develop a Customer Referral Program

Encourage your customers to tell friends and family about your business by offering them something in return.

Offer your existing customers a bonus, free product, free month of service, or some other monetary reward for referring new customers.

This is as good as affiliate marketing for your business.

7) Use social media for business

Social media is a great way to connect with friends and potential clients alike.

Set up a business page on facebook and twitter and start engaging with your followers.

You can also promote your business page through paid ads at little cost. The big three: Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube will not only increase your public profile but will also allow you to connect with your existing and potential clients as well.

Instagram is also great for some businesses.

You can also search for and join groups related to your line of business.

Remember, the trick to getting fan loyalty is through constant engagement and not just throwing sales pitches at them.

8) Write problem-solving contents/articles around your niche

In simple terms, write blog articles that can help your customers.

This could be how-to articles, solutions to frequently asked questions and useful information tips in general.

You can also make instructional videos. This can be hosted on your website or submitted to article directories like TrustOrRun or online forums like Nairaland.

9) Do something crazy

I really don’t know how to explain this. Pull a publicity stunt. Do something newsworthy. Do something unique. But please, don’t break the law.

10) Get Listed in business directories

There are loads of business directories, make sure you add your business profile and contact details to them.

Think about Linkedin, Vconnect, Mashable and others — they are often free.

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