6 Major Guest Posting Myths That Need To Be Debunked

Over the years, internet marketers have realized that guest posting is one of the most dependable web marketing strategies of the present time.

If you are looking for fast and tangible results for your business website, nothing can get that done better than having your content posted on high-DA, niche-relevant sites.

It makes your brand a well-recognized one and gets you the trust of the target audience as these sites are frequented by them.

Moreover, it contributes to your link profile and increases your site’s authority as well for better SEO rankings.

However, there are some misconceptions that give guest posting a not-so-favorable image.

Let us debunk these myths and justify investment in guest posting without any doubts.


Myth #1: It is only about link building

If you take up this strategy for the sole motive of link building, you are going in the wrong direction.

The fact is that it is much more than just getting backlinks for your business; it can help you to gain authority in your niche and build connections with your target audience.

They will appreciate quality content and probably access your website to see where the content is sourced from.

With this, you increase the chances of getting qualified leads and better chances of conversion for your website.

Myth #2: It involves too much work

Guest posting requires delivering high-quality content that matches the blog guidelines in terms of parameters like length, readability, and authenticity.

This may require the investment of considerable effort and time, from pitching the content with relevant topics to getting it approved under the editorial guidelines.

However, it would be wrong to consider it as too much work because the results you may get can be very lucrative for your business.

This will be in the form of measurable traffic boost and stronger trust for your brand.

Myth #3: It is not a scalable strategy

Scalability refers to aligning your business strategy with the changing scenarios and needs.

If you think that you cannot have your guest posts published on higher sources once you hit a certain point, you should ignore this thought.

This is a fully scalable strategy as you can go further to attempt getting your content posted on higher authority sites or try to buy guest posts that are good enough to get you there.

Being rejected once does not mean the end of the world and you can try again to reach higher DA blog sites.

Myth #4: Getting the post published is final

Another misconception about guest posting is that your job is done once you have your content published on the desired sites.

However, you need to promote and syndicate the piece to get sustainable results with it.

The best way would be to leverage your social reach and boost its visibility by encouraging your connections to share it across their social profiles.

Therefore, guest posting strategy is a broad one and should be handled with expertise as you can keep getting lasting and sustainable results from sharing and re-sharing of quality guest posts.

Myth #5: You need an existing reputation

Though breaking in may be challenging, you can still succeed with guest posts even without an existing reputation.

You will have to get connected with authority sites and convince them about your blogging skills.

Pitching with good topics is essential to get invited to write for them and if you are able to match their expectations, you will probably get regular with them.

Perseverance at the initial stages helps and so does the focus on delivering quality content when it comes to building lasting relations with guest posting websites.

Myth #6: You are giving away content for free

If you think that you are simply going to give away great content for free by investing in this strategy, you are mistaken.

Yes, you are providing content to them but getting a backlink in return. A backlink from a high DA site has the potential to bring traffic to your site.

What more, a majority of the traffic would be niche-based, which means that the chances of conversion get higher!

Also, the audience will be most likely to build long-term relations with your business because you are endorsed by someone they trust.

All in all, guest posting is a result-oriented strategy that can work wonders for your online reach and brand value.

It boils down to supplying quality content for the niche-leading sites because they are the ones that can bring actual benefits for your business.

Being aware of these myths helps as it enables you to do things right.