Need a freelance writer for your blog or a copywriter for your content?

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You’re a business owner with a blog and you want quality posts that attract customers, clients and readers.

But creating content for your blog is a full-time job all by itself!

Not only do you have to run your business, you also need to create targeted and engaging blog posts that your visitors will want to read.

But, Google keeps changing the rules, internet users are finicky, and you just don’t have time to create high-quality blog posts on your own.

Luckily, I create engaging content that your readers will enjoy!

I specialize in:

  • Digital marketing content that will get your business more traffic, increase your search engine visibility and boost your conversion rate.
  • Writing Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and Social Media Optimized (SMO) editorial content so that Google pays attention to your site, and your content is on your audience’s radar.
  • Web writing that uses a specific set of rules to maximize reader attention – yet is easy to scan.

I strive to meet those needs whenever I collaborate with a business.

My colorful content is used as a lead generation tool to help your business:

  • Reach your intended audience
  • Grow your email subscribers
  • Boost new business leads

Hire me as your freelance writer to produce blog posts or high-converting copy

I have written for highly popular websites like TrustOrRun, SpecsPriceKenya, LinkedIn.

My expert knowledge and specializations include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Health and Wellness (I’m a Doctor. Remember?)
  • Branding
  • WordPress (Plugins, Themes and Hosting)
  • Inbound marketing
  • Content marketing and blogging

My writing Services Include

Copywriting – need converting copy for your website? I can write that for you. Whether it’s a sales page, service page, about page or shop page, I can turn your bland copy into persuasive copy that converts.

Blog writing – you know that task you hate to do? Well, I love it. Blogging is my thing. I blog on my blog, blog on other people’s blog and will blog on your blog too. And I can turn your blog into a strong marketing tool too.

Ghostwriting – too busy to write? Let me take over and write for you. I’m a ghostwriter for key influencers in the blogging industry and I have no problem writing in your voice and brand.

My Clients Get Results!

I also have a degree in Human Medicine and minors in business marketing and project management.

Here’s what you get when you work with me:

  • Relevant, well-researched content; not just an article that meets word count
  • Personalized and relatable articles that engage your audience and influence your business (just ask my clients)
  • On-time work and top-notch communication
  • Guaranteed work and a professional work environment


I specialize in management-related topics in the areas detailed below. My writing style is from a personal-experience/teaching standpoint.

Although I love to use well-researched facts and hard data, I feel that using a personal approach makes articles more relatable. I enjoy crafting helpful articles that inspire and engage people to do better.

Personal Finance

I’m a freelance money blogger who loves talking about money! Over on my blog page, I write about money topics like how to make money online and saving.

Health and Wellness

My professional training in Human medicine and my love for writing work hand in hand to produce some of the best articles in the industry.


Let’s write about managing your time, your goals, and your small business.


I love writing about anything WordPress. It’s like sipping a bottle of Coke in the Sahara.


I enjoy writing about the how to start a business, as well as the tools and techniques that help me maintain a small business as a side hustler.

Product Reviews & Descriptions

I’m a hands-on person who loves trying new digital products. I’ll admit it! I’m an app junkie. I get excited about trying out new apps especially ones that help with money and productivity. This is why I love doing product reviews and descriptions.

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