5 Mind-blowing Tips On How To Increase Sales

Many manuals you’d read on making a sale are volumes of rules that convolute the science of sales making at best.

They concoct conclusions from academic research in psychology and sociology; rapidly dishing them out to you in contexts you might not easily find applicable.

What’s daunting about the information in these sales’ bibles is the number of things they say you must change if you are going to get better profits.

The list of behavioral modification seem endless and in turn cripples your interest in them.

The authors of these books are doubtlessly sales’ experts who surprisingly cannot soundly sell their insights to the average man.

I’m of the opinion making great sales isn’t rocket science. And though it requires a few learning here and there, you don’t need up to a hundred nuggets and series of complexly-named concepts drilled in your head to be great at selling.how to increase sales

It seems certain you’re reading this piece because you have sold something before and even though you might have been good at it, you want to be better.

Alternatively, your recent selling experience may have turned sour and you’re looking for what works.

You will not find every magic potion for great sales in here.

The startling truth is that you don’t need every sales magic pill to make amazing sales.

You need a good sip of a small number of universal rules that govern great selling and a large opportunity to find what extra you can creatively add to how you sell.

That extra you will find, easily appeals to you, and then becomes simpler to apply. Our focus is on the universal rules. They are few but concrete.

tips on how to increase sales.


There is conflicting research on when humans make up their minds about a person.

Some say it is in the first four seconds, a few say ten and others put the time-frame at thirty seconds.

These lengths of time only amplify the fact that we quickly form our opinion about a person, a concept or a thing at first sight.

So, you want to look your best at sales.

It does involve you smiling a bit more, having good clothes on and deliberately making your colors match.

These not only improve your confidence, it improves the confidence of your customers in you.

Remember to dress like the general understanding of your product. You don’t want to make sales in tennis balls and dress in a 3-piece suit!

How you look must be in sync with the products you sell. If you are convinced of their quality, dress to depict the facts.

Your fluency will persuade your buyers that you are an expert at what you do.


This pretty much affects what you sell, not necessarily who you are. If what you sell is you, digest ‘presentation’ a bit more.

However, most people sell goods and services and how it is rendered matters too much.

Appetite for buying goods has been found to be easily stimulated by how the goods look.

This is why people work intensely on aesthetics. Designs don’t come readily to some people.

Give the job out to someone who easily can do that.

Many times, the choice to customize your good for clients makes them more sellable because the customer feels an ownership of it already.


If you had great skill, invaluable service, but it comes at the time the client has found an alternative, it is a good as useless.

The time of need of your customer is the backbone of your profits.

You don’t joke with time when your clients need your services.

Delivering on time eliminates the chance that allows your clients to consider an alternative—consequently comparing you with a sister company.

No, you can’t afford that luxury.


This is the art of anticipating your consumer’s needs and fulfilling them. It’s a rule: Client’s are too lazy going up and down to get all their needs met.

If they can get it all in a place, why not?

Moreover, the chances you get clients chronically stuck to another brand is as low as 10-20 percent.

What do you do with the remaining 80% of clients who are not stuck yet? Survey what matters most to them and provide it.

If it is out of the scope of your company to sell those needs, outsource it!

You are looking for every chance to be the one who meets your customers need.

Whether it is for the extra you provide, or for the main thrust of your business—their continual need to come etches your business on their minds more indelibly.


In all you do in sales, it must be felt that you genuinely care. It reflects in how you persuade your clients.

Trust me, every client knows whether you care just to make more profit out of them or you care about their well-being.

Maintaining a communication with them beyond what they buy from you seals their allegiance to you and your product.

I know it is easy to think it makes no difference since the marketplace is an open system with too many kinds of customers rushing in and out sampling opinions.

Your passion is likely the very reason they’ll stay, patronizing you. Let’s have an example:

Company A: This car costs N 1.4 million. It is a V-8 engine with 324 horsepower generating a torque of blah blah. It races from 0-60km/hr in just 10 seconds!

Company B: What car are you looking for? You strike me as someone who loves racing.

Let me show you this piece of beauty that just suits you! It is a V-8 engine with 328 horsepower generating an incredible torque of blah blah.

It gets you from 0-60km/hr in 10 seconds! Your race-loving friends would trade anything for a ride in this with you.

You could even have a test-drive today. After the drive, then you can discuss the price.

I’m sure you can tell which company is nearer to making the sale.