8 Tips On How To Maintain Your Energy At Work

The hassles of our work lives are energy-draining, but it is possible to have things under control and still feel energetic at the day’s end.

Below are eight tips on how you can keep up your energy levels when at work.

1) Filter Out Your Decisions

Our jobs can be very demanding, we make many different decisions within a few hours, and this often leaves us fatigued.

The best way to overcome this is by creating a savvy scheduler that helps you sort out your tasks so that you can avoid the unnecessary and deal with the most important ones.

The scheduler can also include your eating and commute arrangements.

2) Move More

Much of the hours spend working have many people seated, and this sedentary life has a negative impact on your health.

Trying to get more movement during a day’s schedule is one of the ways of staying healthy and upbeat.

3) Breaks Should Be Part Of Your Workday

You are not a machine that can work round the clock. But even then, machines that work like that soon start to malfunction due to strain (wear and tear).

Since you are not a robot, you need to take short breaks from your work to allow your mind and body to recuperate.

4) Eat Smarter

A breakfast such as coffee and bagels that lacks enough protein only set you up for a low-energy day that may have you grumpy when at the office.

According to Jason Fitzpatrick, a Lifehacker writer, breakfast or lunches that mainly have carbohydrates are a recipe for inconsistent blood-sugar levels that will have lows and highs.

Such inconsistency leaves you feeling exhausted. While carbs are important, they most kindle your metabolism, but proteins ensure that you have a steady rate that provides you have enough energy supply to keep you going.

5) Don’t Strain Your Eyes

Dryness, wateriness, intense sensitivity to light, burning/itchy sensation, soreness, blurred vision, and difficulty to focus are some of the issues you may experience in your eyes that are a sign of stress and strain.

You should look into ways of dealing with such problems so that they do not affect your energy levels.

6) Be Friends With Your Co-workers

When at the workplace with your fellow employees, it is wise to establish a good relationship. It helps ensure there is an ideal environment that fosters productivity.

Moreover, making your co-workers your friends also helps ensure that you have a shoulder to lean on when you have crappy days.

7) Take A Nap

A short break where you take a power nap is an excellent way of rebooting and re-energizing your systems.

Buffer cofounder, Leo Widrich, professes to its effectiveness. He has taken a nap at 3 in the afternoon, every day for 2 years.

8) Have A Restful, Re-energizing Weekend

Try and have a relaxing or fun-filled weekend where you can unwind or let loose of your worries and strains. Work can be physically and emotionally exhausting.

The weekend is time off work, a period to enjoy yourself and re-energize before the start of another week at the office. Get a nice comfortable mattress like this mattress one style and some nice bedding and chill out in bed.