Troubleshooting AT&T U-Verse Services

Like other cable phone operators and service providers, AT&T clumps the home phone with the television and Internet through its U-Verse services.

These services make use of Internet Protocols through fiber or copper lines, instead of using classic cable.

However, sometimes there may occur certain problems with these services such as sound or picture issues in TV services, Internet outages or slowdowns, certain features are not being enabled on Voice Services, etc.

You may easily resolve these issues through effective troubleshooting. In case it does not help, you must contact AT&T U-verse customer service.


Step 1.

If you are facing problems with your U-verse TV picture, first of all, you need to reboot your U-verse receiver. For doing this, hold on the power button for at least 5 seconds and your equipment is reset.

The TV picture may take up to 8 minutes to come back up. But, the problems like blue or frozen screen, etc. must be rectified.

Step 2.

In case you still continue to have television problems, you need to unplug the residential gateway from the outlet.

The gateway is different from the receiver. If you experience any sound issue, make sure that the cables are tightly connected.

Step 3.

If you are experiencing the Internet slowdowns or outages, check the U-verse gateway lights. All these lights should be green. If they are red, there may be an issue with the hardware or the broadband signal.

Unplug the gateway from the wall outlet and plug it back in order to reboot it.

Step 4.

In case you continue to face the trouble, make sure that all the filters are still installed. All phone jacks which have faxes, phones, etc. attached must consist of a filter between it and the jack.

Step 5.

Also, in case the service is not functioning, make sure that the features you prefer are activated on U-verse Voice. You can activate the feature of Call Waiting simply by dialing “_371#.”

Activate Anonymous Call Blocking feature by dialing “_77#.” The Caller ID on your TV must be activated automatically at the time of installation.

The step by step instructions mentioned above can help you easily resolve the ATT U-verse issues on your own.

In case you are still dealing with the same problem or unable to figure out the way out of it then we recommend you contacting AT&T support by dialing the toll-free ATT helpline number.

You only have to give them a brief description of your ATT service-related problems and ask for an effective assistance.