10 Low Cost Business Ideas That Can Be Launched Cheap

Undoubtedly, starting a new business goes far beyond having a good business idea.

There is the need for that perfect blend of planning, passion, devotion, and for most startups, capital to get your idea off the ground.

Most seasoned entrepreneurs will tell you that raising funds for your business is the last thing to worry about.

Nonetheless, most aspiring entrepreneurs will disagree.

The difficulty entailed in starting and successfully growing a business plays second fiddle for many aspiring entrepreneurs compared to the challenge of how to raise funds to kick-start the business.

Many are on the lookout for low-cost startup ideas that they can start without having to cut deep into an already shrewd spending budget.

low-cost business ideas with high profit

Today, we’re focusing on the top low-cost business ideas with high profit that you can start on a budget, and still make very good money.

However, before deciding which of these low-cost business ideas to opt for, you need to decide if you are cut out to be a small business owner.

Simply put, are you passionate and strong enough to push on despite the odds?

Also, are you passionate about your choice of business and are you ready to gain more knowledge for better output?

Answering the above questions won’t decide your fate, they will only guide you in choosing the right business idea.

So, here are the top low-cost business ideas that you can launch for cheap this year.


1) Residential Cleaning Services

The busy schedule of homeowners around the world has created lucrative low-cost business ideas for entrepreneurs to tap into.

Cleaning service is one of such: requiring insignificant capital, manpower, and machine use.

All that is needed is sourcing for clients who would trust you enough to let you clean their home.

The pay is quite cool, and it will keep improving as you create a brand for yourself in the business world.

2) Delivery Services

Valid driver’s license, clean driving records, and a road-friendly vehicle are all you essentially need to kick start this business.

As a start, you are more concerned with retail outlet who are offering delivery services to their clients, make them your client and retain them.

The growth of your delivery service business will surely be steady and consistent as long as your services are topnotch – keeping to time and paying rapt attention to details.

3) Tutoring

You need absolutely no cost for this rapidly growing low-cost business idea. You can practically tutor people on a wide range of things – expertise, experience, or process.

All you need to do first is to decide what you want to teach and how you plan to teach it.

Once your answers are crystal clear, you can set the ball rolling ASAP.

4) Hauling Services

If you have ever need to hire the service of a truck for your haulage, then you must have a vivid idea what it means to own a hauling service business.

There are so many materials and products out there that the ‘powerhouse’ hauling service provider charge too high for, you can tap into this and create a lucrative business for yourself.

A clean driving record must be on the deck to start this business.

5) Event Planning

Do you have excellent organizational skills? Or are you versatile in planning with little or no supervision?

If you are aligned with these, then you are on the right way to make a great monetary exchange for your skills.

Making a very good use of the skills to generate income is quite suitable for you as a beginner in the business world.

6) Landscaping Services

Beautifying the surrounding enhance the general elegance of the environments in general.

Positioning yourself as a go-to expert in landscaping and gardening is one of the most lucrative and sort after low-cost business ideas that would be around for a very long time.

7) Disc Jockey

There are so many outlets where the services of a DJ is needed, and there is no sign of this low-cost business idea slowing down.

Convert your love for music and how well you can use it to get the attention of the audience to a steady income.

From clubs to business events, the services of a DJ is always needed.

8) Painting

The painting service has always been one of the services that are outsourced.

There are very few individuals who are really taking this as a business entity, hence, your chance to infiltrate the service and turn it into a mega-industry.

Creativity and attention to details would definitely be the best armor in your arsenal in this business venture.

9) Local Tour Guide

Being conversant with the important details available around the landmarks of your state or region can fetch you quite a lot money from tourist and travelers.

You would find this extremely lucrative if people love visiting your state from all the nooks and crannies of the world.

10) eBay Selling

Now that almost everybody is either buying or selling products on eBay. If you are reading this right now, your selling skills are capable of catapulting your entrepreneurship journey to the next level.

You don’t need exorbitant capital or captivating selling skills to get started, you can start at once and grow as you follow the trend.

Knowing that your products are a very important one for your customers.


The advent of the internet has made it expedient for every small business or company to own a website. Consequently, professional web designers are now in huge demand.

You can key into this business revolution by learning what it takes to be a professional web designer.

It is even easier to specialize in WordPress web development as this can be mastered faster as compared to learning a programming language from the scratch.

12) Sell Digital Products

It is high time to create and start selling digital downloads like eBooks, in-depth guides, business plan templates, and online courses.

It’s quite easy to set up a digital product. Within a couple of days, you can research and create a high-value material that can be sold online.

The aim is to create something useful that’ll help a target audience accomplish something faster and much easier.

Then you can go on to promote your products on your website, social media channels and other platforms where you can find your potential customers.

13) Start a Photography Business

It’s relatively cheap to start a photography business. All you need is a very nice DSLR camera and an eye for the perfect pose.

Even when you have no idea about professional photography, you can take free online tutorials from the pros.

In fact, you can specialize in portrait photography, wedding photography, newborn photography, landscape photography, etc. all with great scalability potential.

You can even branch into stock photography where you can make a nice living for yourself by selling your photos online.

Simply create a profile on a reputable website and upload your images with a reasonable price range.

If your pictures are awesome, people will buy.

14) Freelance Writing

Just about every small business owner needs a content writer to promote their business online. Content marketing is the new language of marketing and no business wants to be left behind.

Consequently, from the writing of custom essays, term papers, academic research papers, and more, to writing promotional articles, social media posts and blog posts, there are tons of writing opportunities available online.

Moreover, thousands of online magazines are popping out and they are in need of skilled writers who can contribute to their magazines.

So, if you are comfortable writing about topics that concern your field of expertise, then freelance writing is an easy way to increase your income.

What’s even better is that you can start a freelance writing business while holding on to your day job.

You can find online freelance job opportunities in sites like Interact Media, iWriter, Elance, Freelancer, Problogger, Media Bistro, Odesk, Textbroker etc.


It’s time to decide which of the best low-cost business ideas is suitable for you. It is also essential to remember the roles of adequate planning and marketing when setting up the business.

All in all, your decision to embrace entrepreneurship is laudable and one that will bring great profit in the years to come.

We do hope that these small business ideas will guide you on this journey.