Valentine’s Day is here!

Valentine’s Day is said to be the most romantic day of the year, but a lot of us aren’t basic flowers-and-chocolates types of people.

If you want to do something a little more special than the same old thing that everyone else does (we have Hallmark cards for that!) there’s a lot of edgy, fun, and absolutely still romantic ways to have a sexy and exciting V-Day.

These meaningful ways to show love to someone you care about are easy and affordable.

Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts or anniversary ideas, you’ll find something that floats your Love Boat here!

Remember, Love isn’t a big thing. It’s a million little things.

How to make valentine special?

1) Memory album

Take her down memory lane.

Have you saved ticket stubs from your first date or the flowers from when he proposed?

Create a memory album with little mementos of your time together.

You can pick up a blank album and a roll of double-stick tape for less than the cost of tomorrow’s lunch and create a new memory he will never forget.

Take some time to go through those photos you’ve been storing since your relationship began and use a program like Powerpoint, Shutterfly or One True Media to put the story of your time together to music.

Your significant other will love the thought you put into capturing all of your photographs in one place.

2) Create a treasure hunt

Write love notes to your special someone and hide them in places she is sure to find them.

Find different spots so that she gets to discover your tokens of affection all day long

The “treasure” can be a “shared coupon” for a wild night, a home cooked dinner, an epic hike, a dance, a camping getaway, the movie you never have time to watch together on the couch with homemade popcorn, a long bath, a massage… or any other you & me activity.

3) Cook for her

You may not realize how much this means and how deep it goes.

Food is the most direct, profound, and intimate conversation we have with our own body.

Prepare a romantic dinner at home for your Valentine by cooking a favorite meal. Play romantic music and decorate with some flowers if you can.

You can also involve your partner in the kitchen. While one is doing the garnishing, the other can set the table, switch on the music and light the candles.

4) spend quality time

Drop everything and spend quality time with her.

With or without a treasure hunt. Make it a priority to give her your love, your full presence and undivided attention for at least that day. You think it’s easy?

5) Give her something of yours that reminds you of her

Another way to make this valentine special is to give her something that makes it so you’re never far from her mind.

It can be a necklace, a sweatshirt that smells like you that you let her borrow, or a book or CD that you thought she would really like.

These physical objects will make it so you have a bigger presence in her life, and she’ll be more likely to miss you while you’re away.

6) Ask, “What can I do to make this day special?”

You never can tell what she has in mind for this valentine or what she would love. Ask her in a sweet way and do your best to fulfill it. Don’t worry, it might not even cost you a dime.

7) Try Something new on bed

Give a screaming orgasm.

Even if you’ve tried all the most popular sex positions and then some, it’s nice to remember—especially on Valentine’s Day—that there are still endless variations on each one.

8) Dinner and a movie at home

Sharing a delicious meal and a great film with your guy is fun, simple and intimate, but restaurants and movie tickets can get pricey.

Make your own romantic dinner and turn your living room into a movie theater!


Pick a pretty, romantic location and ask a friend with a decent camera to play photographer.

Get photo ready with dazzling #makeup and a gorgeous dress, and have him wear something nice and dressy.

Bring fun props that are relevant to your relationship (like a funny stuffed animal he bought you or a souvenir from your first date).

Make a sign by cutting a heart-shape into a piece of paper of cardboard, and write your names along with “Valentine’s Day 2014” on the heart.

Relax, smile, and have fun!

The result will be memories you can look back on and smile.


Light candles, grab some massage oil or lotion and take turns relieving each other’s tension with slow, deep foot, neck, leg and shoulder massages.

If you and your mate rarely devote the evenings to each other, the promise of a massage before bed could be the perfect gift.

Pick up a lotion that doesn’t have too strong of a smell, dim the lights, and help him relax the night away before you both slip into bed.

It’s a totally relaxing way to get close without spending money.


Check your local papers and online for free concerts.

They happen more often than you think, and what’s more romantic than watching a great singer/songwriter perform love songs while you hold hands with your #guy?


Put on your favorite CD and have a dance party together.

You can get down with fast music or play something slow and dance in each other’s #arms.

Set the mood with lit candles and comfortable clothes.

Dancing is pretty intimate and even a night in will be more special if you spend it getting close and enjoying each other.

Make each other a special playlist if you have the time.


You don’t have to have the #money to hit the local spa.

Simply light your own bathroom with candles and soft lighting, then run a steaming bubble bath.

Share it with your loved one and take the time to soak and enjoy each other.

Have some wine and chocolates and pretend like you paid big bucks for the pleasure.