10 Important Marketing Apps For Small Business Owners

Marketing is very essential for any kind of business and shrewd entrepreneurs consider it one of the indispensable factors for business success.

While owners of big businesses may not mind spending hugely on marketing, small business owners are always looking for strategic ways to avoid throwing huge budgets into marketing.

On one hand, some small businesses can’t afford huge marketing budgets and on another, they barely have time to monitor daily marketing campaigns.

Although it may gulp considerable amounts of money and time, marketing is always a crucial thing anyone should incorporate into their business.

Today, marketing has taken a great dimension owing to the rapid development of marketing apps that offer great marketing potentials in return for their costs.

Fortunately, this turns out to mean small business owners can tap awesome marketing benefits without spending excessively.

With this very article, we’ve come up with the 10 important marketing apps for small business owners to carve out the best marketing potentials for themselves.



1) EveryoneSocial

As the name implies, this marketing application raises the social standards of your business staff, and also strengthens your business through a vibrant presence on social media.

With the use of Everyonesocial, your employees can easily create awareness for your small business by making its content available on popular social networks in no time.


Engagement Analysis: With this feature, EveryoneSocial critically surveys the level of user engagement in order to evaluate the impact

Monitoring: A great EveryoneSocial feature used in keeping track of shared content and advocates’ interactions

Third-Party Trends: EveryoneSocial explores third-party social media platforms in search of advocate content needed for identifying weaknesses and trends

Referral Program: EveryoneSocial sources brand advocates through the creation and management of referral programs

2) SurveyMonkey

Precisely one of the most important marketing apps for your small business, SurveyMonkey is a great way to reach out to customers.

In reality, it establishes a strong bond between a business and its customers.

More to that, it allows for a joint review through which your business finds out the services, products, offers and other relevant things its audience requires of it.

Not only does this foster the relationship between a business and its customers, but it also guides the business on what aspect to focus on.


  • Lets users create reports and present data using PowerPoint and PDF
  • Provides you with video and image questions
  • Features Android and iOS apps for fetching survey data
  • Grants you manual access to responses generated for offline surveys
  • Features audience panel which facilitates payment for quick survey responses
  • Includes impressive options such as drag-and-drop designer, 1,600 pre-made questions and over 180 survey templates (for users to create surveys in no time)

3) Trello

If your small business hasn’t proven effective in the aspect of project management, then you’ve got a million reasons to give Trello a try.

Surely a marketing app you would love to use, Trello gives you a clear edge over other businesses and the app does this precisely through veritable project management.

Besides time-saving through the creation of checklists, accuracy is one of the interesting things Trello guarantees you in the event of business marketing.


  • Provides you with shared cards as a medium for partnering with teammates
  • Features drag-and-drop cards for users to build and customize their own workflows
  • Availability of Android and iOS apps
  • Lets you link boards with third-party apps and automation through the inclusion of power-ups
  • Includes an option for arranging cards into lists and Kanban boards
  • Features Cross-Platform and other options for sharing information simultaneously across mobile devices, tablets and desktops

4) Popular Social Networks

For any serious business (be it small or big) to continue thriving with constant patronage from online customers, there is the need to establish a vibrant presence on popular social networks like Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

On any grounds, the social networks listed herein have got the capability to capture people’s fancies.

By making your business info available on any of these trendy social platforms, prospective customers will easily locate your business in the long run.

5) PixxFly

Just with a few clicks, Pixxfly is ready to help you in achieving a number of objectives including viral content distribution across online platforms.

More interestingly, the marketing app creates analytics for the business contents –such as posts –you distribute to websites and other online channels.


Video and Podcast Marketing: PixxFly creates an avenue for users to effectively market their podcasts and video contents

Social Media Publishing: PixxFly integrates effectively with your existing social media channels, helping you boost the social reach of your marketing campaigns

Content Syndication: With this feature, PixxFly lets you create myriads of contents and market them simultaneously on various channels

Content Distribution: PixxFly enables you to establish effective marketing for your content and get such content in front of your audience rapidly

6) The GetResponse App

GetResponse App is an effective marketing tool that saves you a whole lot of stress you could encounter in email marketing.

Through a number of clicks, you get to access the control panel and verify whether your email promotion is in fine form by checking the available stats.

Candidly, the app serves the purpose of managing email marketing and ensuring that you’re outrightly notified about your email promotion.


Global Search

A simplified feature that enables users conveniently and directly locate messages, contacts, landing pages, etc. via the dashboard

Multi-User Support

This provides an avenue for multiple users to access the mobile app simultaneously. Meanwhile, users’ access privileges differ depending on the features each user is permitted to use.

Advanced Contact Search

Facilitates users’ search of contacts with specific score values, tags, subscription dates, etc.

Campaign Summary

Provides essential information about campaigns thus helping users to find out the number of active forms, landing pages and autoresponders they have captured

7) MailChimp

If you find it strenuous to use your computers every now and then especially while handling tasks pertaining to email marketing, MailChimp is, of course, the prettiest marketing app for you.

Using your handy devices (such as phones) as an avenue, MailChimp helps your business run miscellaneous reports, modify the profiles of subscribers and track business campaigns.


Built-in Analytics Tools: Enables you to analyze your data so that you can easily identify the audience to focus your marketing campaigns on

Timewarp: This is a MailChimp feature that lets you dispatch campaigns to various subscribers based on their region’s time zones.

This way, you’ll likely not send campaigns to subscribers when they are asleep.

Task Automation: MailChimp relieves you of workload by helping you dispatch the right items to specific subscribers at the appropriate time

Integration: The use of MailChimp becomes a lot easier when you integrate the marketing app with several other marketing tools and apps.

This way, you can integrate your social networks with MailChimp so that each time you publish MailChimp campaigns, they automatically reflect on these social networks

8) Buffer

As a uniquely designed app, Buffer is best suited for small business owners who prefer scheduling the time their business contents will be available on social media to meet marketing objectives.

If you’ve always longed for an operative app that would post your business contents (such as articles) to social networks at the actual time specified by you, then Buffer is the most suitable option at all times.


Buffer Calendar: Lets users schedule important things (including engaging contents) for the days coming ahead

Browser Extension: When Buffer users stumble upon any interesting articles they’d love to share to their audience, the Buffer browser extension does this in no time

Buffer Analytics: This lets you monitor your top-performing marketing contents so that you can reshape them to capture more social media engagement

Custom Schedule: Feature for setting up custom schedules for each of your social media profiles

9) HootSuite

Hootsuite is perfectly designed to manage analytic tools as well as a whole lot of marketing tasks.

With HootSuite, management of social media accounts, as well as drawing an analysis of tweets, scheduled posts, and business traffic becomes extremely easy.

Besides the added advantage of monitoring brand mentions, Hootsuite offers small business owners the chance to develop and track useful tools.


Drag and Drop: Great feature that enables users simply drag and drop profiles within the Hootsuite dashboard. Interestingly, this facilitates the arrangement of lists

Hootlet: This lets you quickly share any online content you’re reading with your followers without taking you out of your current browser window

Filter by Klout: Hootsuite uses its ‘Klout’ feature in providing you with what the most-trusted people are saying about your interests or preferences.

List: With its ‘list’ function, Hootsuite helps users distinguish who they follow (probably on Twitter and certain other social networks) into categories.

This way, users can easily focus on updates they are interested in

10) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a reliable marketing app and it is best enjoyed when there’s a connection between one business and the other.

Interestingly, LinkedIn helps you reach out to beneficial clients who would enhance your business by providing you a reasonable workload.

Depending on how constantly you appear on LinkedIn, you’re likely to finish a considerable pile of work and this would eventually amplify your business.


Jobs: This is a LinkedIn section that displays recommended jobs (according to the information –including location, job preferences, education, skills, and experience –in your LinkedIn profile).

Also, it displays different job listings published by employers

Advanced Search: Feature that facilitates LinkedIn searches by allowing users to filter their searches based on profile language, previous company, interests, school, industry, etc.

Notifications: This LinkedIn feature notifies you about wishes, invitations, endorsements, etc.

My Network: Besides letting you see those willing to join your LinkedIn network, this section lists all the professionals you are connected with


While some small business owners still doubt if spending on marketing will promote their businesses, you could utilize the said marketing apps in boosting the reach and profitability of your small business.

Provided you’re adopting the appropriate marketing strategies, chances are that you’ll make great success with any of the marketing apps discussed in this article.