Top 10 Part-Time Business Ideas For College Students

The life of a student is a stressful one – taking off early for lectures, coming back late in the evening and still attend to other chores and assignments from the day’s lectures.

In this setting, there seems to be a fragmented pace for students to have some time to themselves.

It might interest you to know that in every seemingly bad situation, there is a financial aspect to it. Consider students who don’t take breakfast before they go to class.

Do they stay hungry throughout the day? They would rather buys some snacks and dose it down with soft drinks. What if you provide this service for them? Not out of charity but in exchange for payment.

Despite limited time at your disposal, you can still engage in some side businesses to augment your income throughout your stay in the college.

The instance above is one out of many gainful employments you can do in college.


The amazing thing is your independence – you do not necessarily have to take up paid employment to generate income as a student.

In this post, you will discover some of the Part-Time Business Ideas for college students that you can implement and start generating income even as a student in college.

Part-Time Business Ideas for college students

1) Virtual Assistant

Put your organization skills into practice and earn cool money from it.

There are so many top executives in medium and large-sized organizations and corporations who are battling with their busy schedule – which has perhaps hindered them from attending to their emails in time.

Make contact with them and volunteer to help them get the little things done while charging them for your services. It is as simple as that.

2) Amazon Reselling

In combining business and schooling at the same time, flexibility is all that really and truly matters.

The flexible nature of reselling product on Amazon is why it is on the top of this part-time business idea for college students’ list.

All you need to get started is to make little research into profitable products and bingo!

3) Sell EBooks

Putting your expertise and experience of a particular problem in writing that would help people with that same problem is a really cool way to make money.

There are quite a number of ways to sell eBooks online, you just have to choose the one that is suitable for you.

This flexible idea is one of the newest part-time business ideas for college students in 2018.

4) Online Courses

Your knowledge is definitely needed by more people than you can think of.

All you need is to explore this opportunity by making your knowledge and skills available as an online course and you are sure to make a very good income from doing what you know how to do best.

You can draw motivations from Udemy.

5) Instagram Marketer

Your high followers’ rate on Instagram should be positively used as a source of income for you while still in school.

You can market certain product or service to this audience of yours and get paid when they showed interest in such product.

The product might be yours or an affiliate marketing arrangement. Leverage on your Instagram as quickly as possible.

6) Web Design

If you are really good at this, but, you have been thinking if you can exploit the business world with just your web design skills, its high time you started getting money from your web design skill.

There are so many business outlets that are truly interested in a very responsive and secure website to promote their products and services to their audience.

Web design is one of the very few part-time business ideas for college students that can’t go into extinction as more brands are coming up every day.

7) Blogging

Is there any topic that you are really interested in and love writing or talking about it? Can you connect with people who like you loves the same topic?

If your answers to these questions are on the positives, then, you can make a really cool cash from it while still focusing on your studies as a student.

This idea is perhaps the most tested and trusted business idea online in recent years.

8) Graphics Design

Creativity is paramount to prosper as a graphics designer. You can delve into this with above average skills in graphics design software packages such as Corel Draw, Photoshop, etc.

Connect and get good clients for your business, build it at your pace, and enjoy from its proceeds while still in college.

Isn’t this a pretty cool part-time business ideas for college students?

9) Freelance Writing

This business is ideal for anyone who is versatile with using words to pass information across to a certain audience.

If you fall into this category, all you need to do is to position yourself in such a way that high-paying clients would find you and pay for your service.

It is very flexible, hence, a very suitable part-time business ideas for college students.

10) Pet Breeding

This small business idea is capable of making you a millionaire college student if you are deliberate and intentional about doing it with your utmost best.

There are so many advantages of having a pet (especially a dog), and people are quite willing to pay hugely when an expert makes it possible for their pet to breed with the right species.

11) Fairly Used Clothing

Clothes are a necessity we cannot do without. In a larger society such as the college, there is a ready market for this product.

If you are living in the hostel you stand better chance of selling your items faster because you have the advantage of being close to other students and this exposes you to the type of clothing they wear and demand for.

Fairly used clothes are one out of many products you can sell in college and generate good income. There are even apps for selling used items online.

The demand for fairly used clothes in high demand in conventional societies and in colleges where students have little capital, selling this type of clothing at a relatively low price will bring you continuous stream of income.

12) Run a Mini-Restaurant

As stated at the beginning of the post, you can generate income by supplying other students with the primary need in life – food.

Students often rush off for lectures leaving behind their already-cooked meal.

You can come in here and place yourself at advantageous position – reaping from students’discomfort.

You can meet their pain points by baking snacks and backing it up with soft drinks. If you cannot hawk it around for want of time or sheer shyness, you can set-up a mini restaurant for this purpose.

Many funds are not needed for this and the few amounts you put in will guarantee you a good Return on Investment (ROI).

This business idea brings steady income on daily basis if you harness it well.


The best route to financial success is steeping out of your comfort zone. Most students have placed themselves in the comfort zone of running an unending chain – classroom to hostel and hostel to bed basis.

Aside their study, they have little knowledge of the challenge that awaits them on graduation.

The best time to earn income and start a business is during your days as a student. Colleges have a good number of people who will be ever-ready to purchase almost any service you offer.

The ideas in this post are merely opinions that you can harness and use to the optimum.

Financial journey is tedious and starting up a business as a student is a great way to escape the “9 t0 5” stereotype.