Top 10 Part-Time Business Ideas For Employees

The mere whisper of resigning from a paid job to start a new business sends chills down the spine of many aspiring entrepreneurs.

The financial security that paid jobs guarantee makes it even more difficult to let go.

And who is to blame anyone that finds it difficult to quit their jobs? What if they fail at being self-employed?

It is particularly more difficult for those who do not have a lot of money saved up or those who want to venture into a highly capital intensive business.

Fortunately, there is no rule of entrepreneurship that mandates anyone to quit their 9 to 5 job, as the case may be, before stepping out to launch their business venture.

In fact, choosing to start a part-time business is the easiest way to maintain a balance in the pursuit of financial independence.

Moreover, taking on a part-time business would not only help to ease the strain on your wallet, it will equally give room for a gradual progression into entrepreneurship.

part time business idea

So, do you desire to start a part-time business while keeping your 9 to 5 job?

Or you are simply trying your hands on new things and entrepreneurship is the next most exciting thing right now?

Well, this post is for you and we have prepared a list of top part-time business ideas for employees willing to keep their everyday jobs.

Most of these part-time business ideas for employees are relatively easy to start.

Besides you don’t have to worry about start-up costs as most of these part-time business ideas are relatively cheap to start up.

In this light, here are the top lucrative business ideas to consider while planning to launch your side business.

Part Time Business Ideas For Employees

1) Tutoring

Anything and anyone can be taught. Be it your specialty, your passion, or something you are conversant with.

Create an online or/and offline class and make people aware of the benefits of what you want to teach them.

Make it flexible – weekend classes is cool for almost everyone. Teach what you know and make money as an employee.

But first, establish yourself as an expert in that field. Better still, teach them a better way of getting the job done and they will flock to you.

2) Graphics Design

Creativity and eye for details are few of the most important attributes of a graphics designer.

It wouldn’t consume all your time before you come up with topnotch work – capable of improving your general income as a person.

The opportunities here are quite boundless, as you get to decide how much time you wish to spend on it.

Get conversant with all the best and latest software in the design industry. Then create samples of your work to include in your portfolio.

Don’t forget to make use of the popular social media platforms to share these uniques designs and get yourself new customers.

3) Freelance Writing

There are a lot of freelance writers who earn a substantial amount of money on a per hour basis.

The flexibility of this part-time business idea for employees is what makes it a ‘no-brainer’ for employees with up to par writing skills.

From copywriting to blog writing, the options are numerous and endless, all you need is to define what you want.

Write articles in that area of specialty as most employers will require you to send samples of your previous works.

Guest posting is an ideal way to promote your skills and build a writing portfolio that will be enticing to businesses seeking freelance writers.

You can find writing gigs on some of the best freelance writing websites available online.

4) Bicycle Rental

This can be run from the comfort of home with two (2) to three (3) bicycles. Children and young adults love riding them and therein lies your opportunity to make extra cash.

The benefits of riding a bicycle and the flexibility with which you make the rental service available to your prospective clients would go a long way to define how much you will generate from this simple part time business ideas for employees.

5) Property Caretaker

Overseeing properties does require minimal time. All you need do is to have a very apt schedule of actions you would be taking in the caretaking service.

The property owners are in for a great deal if you have a very good organization and people skill, and you are in for a consistent income as well.

You might even end up managing a chain of estates that will bring in so much wealth that you end up resigning from your paid job.

6) Legal Consulting

As a witty and savvy lawyer, it would only be rational to get streams of income using your expertise.

Being an employee as a lawyer would still give you ample time to help solve legal issues faced by individuals, without disrupting your job as an employee.

From business to personal legal aid, almost everyone around would be willing to be your clients if you made them understand how effective you are as a lawyer.

7) Direct Selling

Mary Kay is arguably one of the prominent direct selling (network marketing) platform worldwide.

As an employee who needs more income or just wants to explore the business world, this is one of the few part-time business ideas for employees capable of building your sales and marketing skills, as well as putting more cash in your pocket.

You need a thorough research before you join any direct selling platform.

8) Bookkeeping

This is a typical example of part-time business ideas for employees that require excellent skills and expertise in bookkeeping and accounts recordings.

There is no room for mediocre service in this business idea, as such may bring a devastating loss to your client.

If you are not a professional at it, don’t dabble in it.

9) Social Media Strategist

How well are you performing in the social media world? If you are excellent in this front, you can develop a very lucrative part-time business from it.

Your job will entail helping brands and companies to establish their social media presence, thus, improving their client’s base.

As a social media strategist, all you need is an active internet connection and a mobile device that can comfortably grant you access to the social media world.

In case you missed it, social media strategist are one of the highest paid professionals today. And it is even more interesting that such a high paying job can be run as a side hustle.

10) Financial Advisor

Every great company has a financial expert internally or/and outsourced.

The scarcity of experts in this field, due to the sensitivity and requirement, makes it a cool and lucrative top part-time business ideas for employees that are influencers in the art.

For those who have no idea about this area of expertise, the little cost of securing training in this field will be well worth the while at the end.

So, what’s holding you back? Get out there and start your part-time business. It might someday grow into a full-time job.