15 Most Profitable Small Businesses To Start Without Delay

There are so many businesses with the potential to make aspiring entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of financial independence.

However, the most profitable small business ventures have the prospect to be profitable today and for many years to come and are able to survive harsh economic atmosphere.

Unlike some businesses, these do not require a substantial initial startup capital, and you may not need to raise huge funds for your business startup.

Chances are you won’t need to employ anyone at the initial stage of these businesses. But as you grow and expand, the need for more hands cannot be overstated.

Before starting any of these businesses, have your business plan ready and consult with the experts for sound financial and business guidance.


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So let’s unveil the most profitable small business ideas available in the world today.

The Most Profitable Small Businesses To Start Now

1) Virtual Reality

Do you have a knack for VR? Are you interested in VR trends, innovations or products?

Interestingly, virtual reality has got a significant edge among the most profitable small businesses in 2018.

Day by day, thousands of people are crazy about being preoccupied with realistic sensory experience. Would you doubt that? Never!

Virtual reality is one of the trending small businesses in the marketplace and it’s pretty clear that hardware and software dealers are striving painstakingly to come up with VR innovations that will wow everyone.

With VR, you’ve got to share feelings with your friends on social media using the VR interaction. And what more?

Watching 3D movies has become a lot easier and lest I forget, doing real estate marketing right from the pleasure of your home becomes a thrilling experience.

2) Software Engineering & Development

Do you believe an average software engineer in the US could earn $100,000 as his annual take-home?

That’s the fact and it tells a lot about how lucrative software engineering could be.

And what do you think software engineers/developers do?

Basically, software developers/engineers are experts who develop, manage and test software apps on devices ranging from mobile phones to computer systems.

As a software engineer, you could work as an employee under a top company or simply ply your trade as a self-employed professional.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?

3) Skilled Trades

Have you got a strong flair for a vocational skill such as plumbing, masonry, carpentry or probably welding?

If yes, you’ve got the chance to become one of the high-earning craftspeople in future.

Beyond doubts, skilled trades are a reasonable source of income but some parents often dissuade their kids from venturing into them.

Irrespective of what anyone has got to say, you shouldn’t be discouraged from undertaking a skilled trade that arouses passion in you.

Would you?

4) Renovation of Homes

Renovation business is part of the construction business and it’s a pretty fascinating way to make cool cash on a life-long basis.

If you think you’re the perfect person to help people renovate their homes, then a hefty bulk of dollars surely awaits you.

Hundreds of quality remodeling contractors are always occupied with tasks and barely have the chance to help clients renovate homes.

With this, it’s pretty obvious that renovation business will continue to thrive better in coming years.

5) Sale, Rental & Servicing of Bikes

Do you believe many people prefer riding bikes to driving cars? Besides being one of the most exciting leisure activities, bicycling is greatly admired for the health benefits people derive from it.

Nowadays, many cities in the US are encouraging citizens to neglect the use of cars by cruising with bikes to and from their workplaces.

With this, it’s damn obvious that anyone could make a whopping pile of dollars from the sale or rental of bikes.

6) Financial Planner/Adviser

Everyone can identify money but not everyone can channel it financially with beautiful outcomes.

Are you skilled in math, finance or anything that pertains to financial strategy? If you think you’re up to the task, there’s definitely someone out there looking forward to your services.

In reality, being a certified financial planner/adviser is not achievable by mere dreams. You have to be learned.

Moreover, your academic qualifications should include a bachelor’s degree plus certain supplementary training that should guarantee you certification ultimately.

7) Children’s Services

Some people have a caring nature and I guess these people are best suited for children’s services such as teaching kids, giving them physical training or probably rendering outdoor help to any sorts of pre-school kids.

Can you render either of these services? Do you have a strong knack for kids?

If yes, what are you waiting for? This could be your opportunity to start earning some pretty wages that would put a smile on your face.

8) Facility Support Services

Have you got a penchant for activities including painting, cleaning, building maintenance and security services?

Verily, these activities are categorized under facility support services and the bottom line is that they’re always in high demand.

Do you boast of exceptional organizational skills?

If yes, you’re pretty fantastic and there are lots of people out there waiting for you to coordinate parties, events and other social activities on their behalf.

9) Senior Care Services

Can you render assistance to seniors probably by helping with domestic chores like cooking delicious meals, tidying up the home and doing a whole lot of other things?

I guess here is an awesome opportunity you should never miss.

In the US and many other countries, senior care services often appear among the lucrative small businesses people could occupy themselves with.

Some seniors are damn wealthy but they do not have the ample time (or even strength) to do house chores by themselves.

Owing to this, it has become a glaring opportunity for interested people to find employment in senior care services.

10) Body Decoration

Nowadays, thousands of people are dead crazy about having tattoos and other sorts of decorative piercings all over their bodies.

Anyone could attest that there are scores of superstars who have tattoos on their bodies.

In 2014, global earnings from the tattoo industry peaked as high as $3 billion. (What a whopping sum indeed!).

Beyond doubts, tattoo business has become a pretty way of making money anywhere in the world.

11) Counseling & Therapy

The field of counseling & therapy does have a strong connection with the human mind. Particularly in the aspect of mental health, there has been a whopping demand for therapists and counseling experts.

Though counseling or therapy isn’t a business/activity you can just lay your hands on without prior training, the beautiful side of it is that you’re certain to get quick employment probably as a private therapist.

12) Gourmet Coffee

The consumption of coffee is on a rapid increase across many parts of the world. Not only does coffee serve as a nourishing beverage, it also adds great pleasure to your leisure activities.

Here and there, you find people reading, chatting and making out with each other with cups of coffee in their hands. Hmm! That tells you a lot about coffee.

Have you ever wondered opening a shop where specialty coffee is served to people?

What a great business opportunity for a coffee lover! If you have a passion for entertaining people with coffees, nothing should stop you from owning a coffee shop.

13) Sale of Foods on Trucks

If you’ve ever thought of becoming a food vendor, then here is a lucrative opportunity for you to transform your fantasy into a reality. Are you ready?

Along roads in busy locations, you are likely to find one or more food vendors selling from a truck.

If you’re damn good at preparing excellent delicacies such as french fries, hot dogs and burgers, you’re sure to have a huge party of customers who would patronize you as a mobile vendor.

14) Online Tutoring

Do you have an academic skill you’d loved to turn into a source of income?

If you have a “yes’’ answer to this, nothing should stop you from having a regular flow of income by teaching online.

Nowadays, online tutoring has become a great avenue for teachers and students to meet each other and interact in the most awesome manner.

Online tutoring is a pretty source of income for anyone who has acquired proficient knowledge probably as a language teacher.

Do you have something to offer others?

Admittedly, it’s pretty easy to browse the web and search its nooks and crannies for the things many people are dying to learn.

And if you’re dead sure that you wanna offer that thing because you can, no silly obstacle would stop you from making money as an online tutor.

15) Mobile Phone Repair

Phones are handy devices many people love to use and this has made it an undisputed fact that mobile phone repairers are in great demand.

Folks don’t easily give up on their mobile phones even when they develop constant faults. Surely, a mobile phone repairer does have the chance to make interesting bucks by fixing faulty phones.

This, verily, is a profitable small business you can start by simply learning how mobile phones (most especially trendy smartphones) are repaired.