5 Effective Ways To Market A Real Estate Business

How To Market a Real Estate Business

Real estate professionals are among the people making it big in the business world.

That’s because the real estate business is lucrative; check anywhere globally; there will always be a demand for property deals.

Meanwhile, there are countless real estate agents everywhere, including your community.

The competition is high that if you, as a real estate agent, do not take things seriously, you may not have a chance in the industry.

To come out ahead of your competitors, you must meet up with the demands of the consumers.

Not only that, you should understand the place of marketing trends and the latest technology in your business.

If you can pinpoint marketing’s usefulness in the real estate business, you will get your potential clients’ attention.

When you use effective marketing ideas in your business, it will grow even if it is static.

According to a research result in 2018, the NAR (National Association of Realtors) said, 87% of homebuyers make their purchase via a real estate agent.

That’s evidence that there are many prospective clients for you, but how would you reach them.

Below are some real estate marketing ideas to make your business stand out and attract your prospects.

1) Email Marketing

Today, Email marketing is one of the highest-ranked marketing tools for a real estate business.

Although, no matter the type of business, an email marketing strategy is valuable in getting new leads and being relevant with existing clients.

Many realtors buy leads online to market their business, but it’s not a good strategy.

That’s because there is no assurance that those people will open your mail; instead, it’s better to build your leads.

Here are some ways you can generate leads for email marketing strategy;

  • Demand for an email address from walk-ins

Whenever you meet a prospect, either they patronize you or not, ask for their email address in a polite way.

Let them know that you would love to keep them updated; that way, you can also get their permission to send them emails.

There is a better chance of them checking your mail than checking the mails of a total stranger.

  • Gather the email addresses of existing clients

If you don’t have your old and current clients’ email addresses, you can contact them to demand it.

If you have them before, then gather them and add them to the list. These people will be more interested in checking your email.

  • Add a form to your website.

If you have a real estate website, you should have a form attached to it; if not, you need to add it now.

On that form, there would be a space for people to enter their email addresses. That will give whoever visits your website the opportunity to get emails from you.

Email marketing will help you maintain your relationship with old, new, and prospective clients.

Once you have the list, start sending your emails. However, there is a way to get a positive result.

  • Compose your emails; test them on desktops, and mobile devices to confirm their look. You can also ask a family or friend to proofread the email for you.
  • Your content must be straightforward.
  • Attach more clicks with enticing killer subject lines.
  • Provide recipients with nice pictures.
  • Check other top realtors’ email templates to improve your email marketing strategy.

2) Content Marketing

Content marketing is another good idea to stand out and make your real estate business attractive to consumers.

Homebuyers will trust you more if they can read your clients’ testimonies in the form of engaging stories.

Asides from that, including short videos, images of properties, and excited homebuyers, will go a long way. All these should be available on your website to convince people.

Clients will inevitably turn to you for guidance, information, and data, since buying or selling a home is overwhelming.

You can share your content with them to make them see you as their go-to realtor. This strategy will as well make your business unique.

Here is how to handle content marketing;

  • Offer your readers value.

The contents you will create should be apt, relevant, and give an accurate answer to the audience’s questions. This includes; data, insights, and information.

  • Write to your online audience.

Since your targeted audiences are on the internet, then you need to follow the internet content rule.

For your audience to find your content marketing strategy interesting, you must do these;

  • Your sentences should be short. They should not be more than 25 words.
  • Break your text into short paragraphs and meaningful points.
  • Let vital information come first in your content.
  • Use interesting visuals

We process images faster than text, which means you must use visuals if you want to catch your audience’s attention.

Charts, graphs, pictures, videos, and infographics are better ways to give appealing visuals to your content.

  • Utilize social media

If you don’t promote your real estate business, you won’t get new clients, and the business will not grow.

That’s a tangible reason for you to spread the information about your business on social media.

You can create your content directly on social media. For instance, hosting a live video on Facebook is not a bad idea.

  • Harness SEO

Search engine optimization is necessary for you to make your content available to targeted clients.

You will need to add keywords in your content to attract many people. You can make use of website plug-ins such as Yoast to make your business website discoverable on Google.

  • Readapt your content

Get more potential benefits from your content by making it relevant to different forms like eBooks, blog posts, video, webinars, podcasts, infographics, and others.

3) Prints And Digital

Offline marketing ideas are very vital for the real estate business. The people in your locality are your first fans; you need to reach many of them.

Meanwhile, using prints and digital to advertise, you will reach a large number of people faster, online, and offline.

Amazingly, digital and prints are modern and traditional marketing methods, respectively, and they can be merged for faster results.

When you combine prints and digital, it increases the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

To avoid spending a huge amount of money on digital and print marketing, you must learn to streamline your content creation process.

Don’t forget; you need content for digital and prints.

Therefore, search for a template library that covers digital and print templates. Majorly, the templates must cover your needs for real estate marketing.

      Benefits of templates for prints and digital

  • They are designed by professionals
  • They are full of pleasing visuals
  • They cover different everyday needs: flyers, social media posts, postcards, business cards, newsletter, brochures, and more
  • They can be easily manipulated to your need without changing the design
  • Branding features such as slogans, logos, and colors are all up-to-date and secured from unauthorized changes.
  • You can represent your brand with contact details, pictures, etc.
  • Once templates are updated, they can be approved as soon as possible.
  • You can distribute them via many avenues like social media, email, direct mail, online publication.
  • You can download them for prints.
  • They save effort and time

4) Postcard Templates

Because of the local nature of the real estate business, postcards are another excellent means of reaching consumers.

Postcards will enable you to readily introduce your brand to your local area and start attracting new clients.

When you compare postcards to email marketing, you will realize that postcards have some distinct benefits.

      Benefits of postcards templates

  • Postcards in printed form are more memorable
  • Recipients will access your message directly and instantly without connecting to the internet.
  • Postcards feel more personal when they are delivered to recipients’ doors.

     How to use postcards in real estate marketing

  • They make it easier for you to advertise your brand in your local area
  • You can use them to promote new property listings
  • They can be used to invite people to an open house or block party
  • Use them to stay connected to your old and new clients. For instance, you can send them as holiday greetings
  • Use them to follow-up on your appointments with clients.
  • Exploit them to give discounts and promotions

With these great opportunities, you may be worried because you don’t have the time to create postcards. You don’t need to be concerned.

Search for real estate postcard templates on the internet and adapt them to your need.

However, if you have some money to spare, you can contact experts and ask them to create postcards for your real estate business.

5) Listing Ideas

If you are very interested in promoting your real estate business, you must learn how to create a listing that will yield results.

Real estate has finally welcomed the data revolution, and today, almost everyone can quickly get the same information.

The question now is, how do you make an impact and go ahead of others in the industry?

It turns out, the listing ideas you create can make or break your business.

Are you following the right path in designing your listing ideas for effectiveness?

If you want to earn more listings, check out these listing strategies to market your real estate business.

  • Get a professional photographer

Surprisingly, many real estate agents don’t see anything terrible in low-quality pictures taken on mobile devices.

Unknown to them that many online viewers do not enjoy seeing such images, they see such a brand as unprofessional and don’t deserve their time.

That’s why you need to get a professional photographer to take attractive and high-quality photos for your listing.

  • Take advantage of video

If you are like some people who believe they must be tech professionals before they can start making videos, you are missing out.

For instance, you can ask a photographer to take images of a house and then create a slideshow.

Another better idea is to film the house, in and out.

Amazingly, some creative realtors make use of drones to cover the aerial footage of the whole building.

That’s because they know the distinct benefit of videos in real estate marketing.

When you post the videos on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, online shoppers will find you worthy.

  • Be available and active online

Many real estate agents are available on all social media platforms, but they are not active on them.

It’s a good thing to have profiles on social media platforms, but it’s an excellent idea to be active on them.

You need to post relevant information always and respond to people’s comments or questions on time.

You can apply this to your real estate blog and website if you have them.

If you do not have any of them, you need to create a website for your business. These platforms will make you visible to the whole world 24/7, advertise you faster, and attract clients.

Online marketing ideas will offer you continuous cash flow, but first, you must put some effort into building platforms that will make it possible.

  • Focus on your locality

Before the internet became a marketing tool, offline marketing used to be the only option for business owners.

Today, many people are overlooking offline marketing ideas just because they have access to the internet. Don’t make that mistake.

Go offline to reach a more massive amount of people around you by sharing flyers, invites for block parties, and postcards for discounts or referral contests.

Another idea is word of mouth. When you meet people, anywhere and you eavesdrop on their conversation, If it’s relevant to real estate, chip in politely and tell them about your brand.

These ideas will earn you more clients through referrals. Because you may be the first person in people’s minds when their friend or colleague needs to sell or buy a house.

  • Know your area

You may know about properties to sell, but do you know your location.

First, you need to do your assignment very well by learning about your area, the quirks, advantages, and how your business performs.

Also, please find out about the existing real estate businesses and how they are striving.

When you are well-informed, you will find it easier to answer your clients’ questions and win their hearts.

  • Don’t forget to use direct mails

Mail listings are so cheap, and you would need them to boost your business marketing.

Likewise, the response rates of direct mails are higher than email.

You can use postcards templates to create custom postcards, which covers necessary information about your brand.

This will go very far in advertising your business within your area and online.


With all these real estate marketing ideas, I bet you will amaze your clients and win them over to your brand.

Follow these marketing ideas diligently and carefully to take your real estate business to the next level.

Now that you know how to market a real estate business stay focused to get continuous positive results.