6 Useful Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Truck driving is an essential job for the economy. It’s an important means of timely delivery of goods across states.

Unfortunately, it is a dangerous job given that a large proportion of accidents occurring on the highways involve large trucks.

As such, driving a heavy goods vehicle entails a minimum level of skill and a certain level of awareness and concern for the safety of others.

Here are some useful everyday tips to ensure the safety of truck drivers and other road users.

1) Avoid Distractions

It is paramount that truck drivers maintain focus if they are to ensure their own safety.

There are so many distractions nowadays and studies have revealed that phones are one of the biggest distractions for truck drivers.

In fact, using a handheld mobile device while driving attracts a penalty in many states.

Eating while driving, watching movies or letting the mind wander off reduces the level of alertness in cases of emergency and ultimately lead to accidents.

So, maximum attention should be given to the task ahead while sources of distraction should be locked up until the trip is over.

2) Don’t Overwork

It is crucial to maintaining a healthy work schedule as weariness and fatigue are enemies of safe driving.

Driver drowsiness, in recent times, has triggered a series of debates in the haulage industry as it’s been noted that some truck drivers fall asleep while discharging their assignments.

Lack of rest and working long hours have been identified as the culprits and as a result, new rules for work have been implemented in many states.

To stay safe on the road, truck drivers should take proper care of themselves by getting plenty of sleep.

If you are feeling tired while driving, simply grab a light snack, stretch your legs and take a catnap.

3) Have Right Accessories And Parts

As a truck driver, you must always inspect your truck parts from time to time. You need to have the best and well-functioning track parts in all time.

Say, for example, having big rig bumpers can lessen the impacts of any accidents and save you and your truck.

On the other hand, noise pollution can sometimes be a big problem and cause difficulties with concentration.

So, you can use semi stacks to ensure a tolerable limit of sound created by your truck. 

4) Wear Your Seat Belt

Research indicates that about 1 in 6 truck drivers don’t wear their seatbelts. It is easy to assume that in case of an accident, a truck driver will suffer little hurt.

However, that’s not always the case. A little above 40% of crash accidents are fatal because one party isn’t wearing a seat belt.

These protective ropes are well crafted to prevent drivers from getting thrown out the vehicle in case of an accident.

Therefore, seatbelts are required to keep truck drivers safe and should be one even during short trips.

5) Maintain Your Lane

Unlike smaller vehicles which are always trying to maneuver their way, trucks should change lanes as little as possible.

The chances of an accident occurring increases every time the truck switches to another lane.

Nonetheless, when there is a need to cross to another lane, truck drivers should switch carefully and beware of blind spots.

There are numerous blind spots to contend with when driving a truck and one important one at the right or passenger side of the truck.

So, if possible, driving in the right lane can help to overcome this weakness.

6) Consider The Weather

A sudden weather change can quickly alter the dynamics of driving in some areas. Hence, keeping tabs on the weather conditions before departure can help you avoid impossible situations.

Some truck drivers underestimate the role of weather in driving but such a notion should change. During winter, for instance, it’s safer to drive slowly and to prepare for sudden breaks.

Without knowing what to expect, an unprepared trucker might fall victim to an undesirous situation.