29 Craigslist Alternatives For Buying & Selling Stuffs Online

Craigslist has been in existence for over 20 years and it’s obviously one of those sites that have beautified our experience of online shopping.

With the advent of many Craigslist alternatives, it would be expected that this top classified site would have declined in popularity.

Nonetheless, Craigslist has maintained its grounds and it forever remains the top priority for many buyers and sellers online.

Some might still argue that Craigslist is not as popular as it was a long time ago, especially now that hundreds and thousands of people flood other sites like craigslist to buy stuff or post classified ads in search of buyers.

A lot of these sites will recreate your experience on Craigslist and even do a lot better in some cases. And that’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to share the best craigslist alternatives.

sites like craigslist

Many of these sites are free to use for listing, selling and buying, while a few others require you to pay a small fee probably to list or sell items.

So, here are the top websites like craigslist that will suit your online buying and selling experience.

29 Best Craigslist Alternative

1) Letgo

Looking for a website like Craigslist?

Well, Letgo is always around to do just what Craigslist does. Interestingly, Letgo is one of the popular alternatives to Craigslist and with the word `popular’, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll find tons of listings on the site.

Letgo allows you to explore an imposing array of categories. If you’re not interested in any of the site’s general categories –such as Home and Garden –you can simply input the keywords relating to your search.

Letgo requires you to have a user profile which you can create after verifying your Google or Facebook account.

Prettily, this means Letgo is concerned about keeping your details secure and if there is one reason why you would take priority in it over Craigslist, then security comes into play.

One more interesting thing about Letgo is that the site has an app that offers you all you need to connect with people for the purpose of buying and selling online.

2) Facebook

Facebook is an imposing platform to connect with others, read updates and get to see what your friends are doing online. Plenty of users readily know this but it’s quite interesting to find out the other things Facebook offers.

Do you believe Facebook could be a great alternative to Craigslist? Would you like to try a different site to buy or sell online?

Well, Facebook features “Buy and Sell Groups’’ where you’d love to connect with people to sell or buy online. Craigslist is a damn interesting site for buying or selling online but you might not be making the most out of the site for certain reasons.

Luckily, Facebook is at your fingertips and with the vast popularity of Facebook, you’re pretty certain to find thousands of buyers/sellers to trade with.

Listing of items on Facebook is damn intriguing. The website is quick and responsive plus you need only a few taps to start finding likely sellers or to list your items for sale. Would you like to give this a try?

Just head to the Explore menu of your Facebook account and tap the “Buy and Sell Groups’’ icon. But before you start listing your items, ensure you read the guidelines set by the group you want to use.

Some groups lay down strict stipulations and to avoid having an awkward experience, ensure you go through their guidelines.

3) Recycler

There are plenty of sites like Craigslist and this makes buying or selling online an awesome experience. If you’re keen to trade in pets, landed properties and lots more, Recycler could be the go-to place for you.

Are you thinking about getting rid of your used car in return for some bucks?

Lucky you! Recycler is always around to connect you with potential buyers. Considering its vast popularity plus a whopping audience of 18 million monthly users, it’s pretty much likely that Recycler is the platform you need to sell those old cars of yours.

Quite interestingly, Recycler offers paid ads which you can simply use in focusing your product listings on certain buyers.

4) Offerup

Offerup might not be the best Craigslist alternative but the website boasts some ever-increasing popularity with tons of product listings.

The site monitors the records of buyers and sellers and provides ratings to help you decide which sellers or buyers are trustworthy.

Like many other buying-and-selling sites, Offerup comes with an app that makes buying or selling a lot easier. Again, the site allows its audience to make their listings available on Facebook.

5) Oodle

Oodle is just another site like Craigslist and it helps sellers and buyers in a more special way.

Put simply, Oodle connects with several other Craigslist alternatives and interestingly, your product listings are likely to reach a much larger audience after posting them directly to the site.

Also worthy of mention is that Oodle features product listings coming from eBay and this could be an opportunity to trade in antiques. Just like Offerup, Oodle creates an avenue for broadcasting product listings on Facebook.

6) Close5

If you’re very conversant with buying-and-selling sites, you may have heard of Ebayclassifieds. Wondering if the site still exists?

Yea! The site is pretty much available and it’s now known as Close5.

Obviously, Close5 features myriads of listings for many other states in the US, but the site is more suitable for residents of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco to purchase or list items locally.

Also, the site offers an app that helps buyers and sellers connect easily for a better trading experience.

7) Bookoo

Bookoo is one great alternative to Craigslist and it helps sellers and buyers connect with one another in a very sociable manner.

Considering its social media flair and its live chat support, Bookoo happens to be the family-friendly platform you would love to use for buying and selling online.

Among many other sites like Craigslist, Bookoo is a pretty place to get a buyer for your yard sale. What more?

Bookoo has locations spanning the United States. You’ll find a lot of them in areas with military headquarters.

The beauty of this is that it’s very convenient for military members to adopt the latest trend for the purchase or listing of items.

8) Trove Market

Would you love to list your fairly used furniture and attract some buyers for it? Are you looking for a Craigslist alternative that does just that?

Trove is a lovely buying-and-selling platform that automatically tracks your location to show you the closest product listings to you.

This is really exciting but if you’re thinking about the listings that are far away from your location, Trove lets you search for them.

Ranging from antiquated products to the modern ones, Trove Market has got to offer you almost anything related to furniture.

Excitingly, Trove has a mobile app that helps you with all the buying/selling needs you might be looking for on the site.

9) Geebo

websites like craigslist

Craigslist is an exciting buying-and-selling site to use but some people are damn afraid of meeting buyers or sellers in an unsafe place such as a parking lot or public gathering.

If you’re one of such people, Geebo could be the perfect option for you. Needless to say, Geebo offers you something many other classified sites might not offer. What do you think this is?

On Geebo, buyers and sellers get to enjoy “SafeTrade’’ transactions which entail a bargain (precisely between a seller and a buyer) to establish physical contact with each other at a local police station.

This, of course, is a great way to buy or sell safely.

Geebo lets you trade in various items including landed properties, merchandise, vehicles and bulky equipment.

If you reside in Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles or any of the other big cities in the United States, Geebo could be a lovely option for you.

10) Hoobly

If you’re looking for a Craigslist alternative you can use without paying a penny, Hoobly is obviously at your fingertips.

Amongst many other alternative sites, Hoobly seems to be the most similar to Craigslist. Prettily, many of its product listings are available in Europe and Canada alike.

Hoobly is very interesting and if you’re thinking about the sale or purchase of pet animals, you’re likely to make the most out of the site.

In Hoobly’s merchandise categories, listings on pet animals are pretty much dominant.

11) Backpage

Looking for another free-to-use Craigslist alternative? Verily, here is another one and Backpage comes handy with local pages for almost all the major metropolitan areas across the globe.

As a plus to that, the site lets you trade in almost everything and offers a simple layout.

On Backpage, it’s plain easy to create a product listing and select the suitable city/location for your targeted buyers.

Importantly, you’re allowed to create a description for your product and attach a relevant video or picture for a better listing.

To purchase an item, you can simply browse the available listings to see what you would like to buy.

12) PeerHub

Besides being an alternative to Craigslist, PeerHub boasts an imposing integration of Craigslist with Etsy and eBay.

With PeerHub at your fingertips, selling or buying within and beyond your neighborhood becomes a lot easier.

If you’re craving to buy or sell items online without paying any fees, PeerHub is one great destination for you.

Quite frankly, the site lets you use several payment options –such as Steem currency, credit card and cash –in completing transactions without any hassle whatsoever.

Interestingly, you could use Steem currency in place of credit card or PayPal in order to get rid of transaction fees.

PeerHub features listings ranging across a broad variety of categories. Of course, it is one of the sites you would love to fall back on for the listing or purchase of miscellaneous and usual items.

13) PennySaver USA

PennySaver USA is a Craigslist alternative that features thousands of listings coming under various categories like Food & Dining, Arts & Entertainment, Cars & Vehicles, Merchandise and Jobs.

The site lets you choose your location probably in order to see the nearest product listings to you.

PennySaver USA shares a striking similarity with the classified section you’re likely to find in a newspaper you pick up at a local newspaper stand. The website also allows you to place paid ads.

To see listings around your neighborhood, all you need is to visit the site and change the default/current location to your own location by typing your zip code or city in the input field provided.

14) Ads Globe

If you’re looking for a Craigslist alternative very typical of an online platform for classifieds, Ads Globe is within your reach and you would love to use it again and again for ad listings.

The site does have a broad variety of categories including Rentals, Merchandise, Travel, Autos, Pets and Real Estate.

One more interesting thing about Ads Globe is that it allows you to publish ads relating to various other things such as events, occasions and business services.

Without doubts, there are plenty of sites like Craigslist but not many of them are on a par with Ads Globe in terms of ad placement.

More interestingly, you would so much enjoy Ads Globe because there is no limit to the number of ads you can post.

15) ClassifiedAds.com

ClassifiedAds.com is one of the Craigslist alternatives with user-friendly layouts. The site doesn’t require you to pay any fees before you can list your items or just purchase something from others.

Posting ads on ClassifiedAds.com is damn easy plus the site features an eclectic variety of categories including Vehicles, Personals, Real Estate, Pets, Items for Sale, Community, For Rent, Services and Jobs.

In addition, there is a “search’’ bar at the top of the homepage for you to easily browse the site in search of what you need.

The design of ClassifiedAds.com is quite similar to the classified ads we often find in newspapers. In every state of the US, you’re likely to find the site’s boards in many smaller areas.

However, ClassifiedAds.com is best suited for residents of the country’s metropolitan areas.

If you’re living in one of the country’s big cities, you’re sure to make the best out of this Craigslist alternative.

16) US Free Ads

US Free Ads is one of the long-existing Craigslist alternatives. Founded in 1999, US Free Ads maintains a simple layout pretty much similar to what we found on websites in year 2000.

Importantly, the site has three different membership plans. The first membership plan is free but the only downside is that you can’t list more than two items at a given time.

Obviously, this is one major drawback in the use of US Free Ads if compared to several other Craigslist alternatives.

On the other hand, there is a paid membership plan known as the “Gold’’ membership and it requires the annual fee of $10 to post the maximum of 25 ads at once.

But if you want to be a regular seller with big plans, you could opt for the “Premium’’ membership that charges you $9.99 monthly for posting ads as many as you like.

If you can choose this membership plan, you’re certain to post ads on US Free Ads any time and any day without limits.

However as a buyer, you need nothing other than the free membership plan to start purchasing items on US Free Ads.

Also, there are myriads of listings on US Free Ads but the commonest of them are houses, horses and dogs.

17) Locanto

Locanto is a wide-ranging classified site with a board in nearly all the major metropolitan areas of the US. Its online classifieds span over 50 countries and the site gives room for both national and local listings.

Locanto identifies its featured boards as New York, Miami and Los Angeles. If you’re a resident of any of these three cities, you’re likely to tap the biggest benefits as you can publish your ad on a city board without paying a dime.

But if you have big plans probably to optimize your ads (for buyers to see them at the top of search results), eliminate third-party ads from your product listing or expand your ads to other cities, you can choose to pay additionally.

18) USA Today Classifieds

USA Today is one of the biggest newspapers in extensive circulation.

Its wide reach plus the great information it delivers makes it the choice newspaper of many professionals who would love to find relevant product listings across the United States.

USA Today boasts vast popularity and it is one sure Craigslist alternative you should consider if you’re ready to spend considerably to target your product ads at interested and active buyers.

The online classified section of the newspaper lets you find tons of listings spanning across categories like Business, Automotive, Services, Real Estate, Education and few others.

As a seller, USA Today Classifieds requires you to pay certain fees to post your listings and if you can afford that, your ads are likely to reach myriads of potential buyers.

19) Trovit

Trovit is a site like Craigslist and you’ll most likely enjoy using it for buying online.

Put simply, it’s a classified platform that does the work of a search engine by collecting ads from tons of sites in no time.

Through a single search, Trovit is capable of fetching ads from a thousand sites or more. Interestingly, the site offers listings coming from many countries –probably 50 or more countries.

If you browse the site, you’re sure to find numerous listings under categories like Jobs, Cars, and Homes.

20) eBay

eBay is likely the top choice of some online sellers and buyers because it boasts immense popularity. If Craigslist is not serving you well in spite of its popularity, chances are that you would like to try eBay.

Most of the sales and auctions on eBay are dispatched through e-mail. However, in the case of items considered too clumsy to be shipped at a fair price, the site creates an avenue for them to be picked up locally.

Such items could be vehicles, bulky antiques, and wide-screen TVs. Whether you’re buying or selling such items on eBay, you could have to follow this process.

Like many other sites in this article, Craigslist is very great for online purchase and sale of items depending on your neighborhood in several cases.

But if you think your local listings are not giving you the desired results, you could try eBay in place of Craigslist and the others.

Meanwhile, you’ve got to bear in mind that the competition on eBay is very stiff. Not only does eBay feature plenty of listings from eclectic categories, the site is also packed with many sellers.

In fact, sellers who can’t face the stiff competition most likely move to other sites.

21) GumTree

Gumtree might not be the best Craigslist alternative in the US but you’ll experience great fun using it in Britain, South Africa and Australia.

Sellers and buyers in these countries are already making great success with online shopping through Gumtree.

Believe it or not, online shopping is thriving fast throughout the world and Gumtree is obviously one of the sites contributing to this upswing.

Among the classified sites in Britain, Gumtree is the top priority of many sellers and buyers.

Prettily, the site is slightly gaining grounds in the US, giving the impression that thousands of US buyers and sellers would soon have the reason to climb on this bandwagon.

If you live in a nearer neighborhood and think Gumtree is the best classified site for you, there’s nothing stopping you from tapping into the platform to list your products.

Meanwhile, the site features numerous listings under various categories including Jobs, Motors, Community and Pets, Services, Property and For Sale.

22) AdLandPro

Looking for a secure classified site you could use in place of Craigslist?

Verily, there are scores of alternative sites to Craigslist but it’s quite unfortunate that some of them are somewhat below par in the area of security. But AdLandPro is a good site you can always bank on in terms of security.

In addition, the site packs a decent array of listing categories including Announcement, Services, For Sale, Pets, E-books & Online Lessons, Automotive, Miscellaneous, Jobs, Business and Real Estate.

AdLandPro is a pretty much dependable classified site that has been around for 20 years or so. As a security-oriented site, AdLandPro requires users to have personal accounts.

Of course, this will improve security and lessen the incidence of scams. And if you think somebody is trying to dupe you, the site is always ready to welcome your complaint.

Just be very certain that there is an attempt to dupe before reporting the abuse.

23) City News

City News is a lovely site with countless listings including almost every product and service you can think of.

The site boasts wide coverage with hundreds and thousands of listings coming from Australasia, Europe, US, Asia, Britain and Canada.

Interestingly, no fees are required for sellers to publish their ads on City News but if you’ve got big plans, you could convert your ads into featured ads.

You’re charged only $3 to get this done and chances are that your ads will reach a much larger number of prospective buyers.

It would seem awkward to mention all the categories on City News because they are much too great to be listed in this article.

But if you visit the site, you’re sure to find many of the normal categories featured on classified sites. Some of the rare categories the site features are;

  • Cooking, Kitchen & Food
  • Astrology, Holistic and Religion
  • Home Improvements
  • Medical Clinics & Treatments

24) 10 Day Ads

If you need a Craigslist alternative that packs tons of categories for item listings, 10 Day Ads might be the perfect option for you.

The beauty of using this site is that you get to publish your ads in various locations. Doing this is not only a great way to boost your selling experience but also an opportunity to widen the reach of your listings.

When publishing an ad on 10 Day Ads, you have the chance to attach visual contents to it. Such contents could be some eye-catching videos or photos that will better describe your ad to potential buyers.

Moreover, sellers on the site are allowed to connect with one another and share their experiences. This comes in form of feedback which sellers can use in narrating their experience.

Not only does this help honest sellers in setting up their ratings and earning trust from prospective customers, it also exposes the activities of scammers.

One thing anyone would easily relate to about 10 Day Ads is the diverse range of categories found on the site. Below are few of the categories on the site;

  • Community Things
  • Automotive
  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Electronics
  • Furniture & Household
  • Computers

25) Ad to Ad

Have you been searching the internet endlessly for a classified site that offers an aviation category?

It’s possible that you aren’t finding an aviation category in any of the buying-and-selling sites you’ve reviewed so far. But here is surely one great site that will help you out if you’d like to buy or sell an aircraft.

Like many other Craigslist alternatives, Ad to Ad is packed with a decent variety of popular categories including Home Electronics, Vehicles, Real Estate, and Services. If you visit the website, you’re damn sure to see other categories.

As observed earlier, Ad to Ad features aviation –precisely under the category tagged as “Boats & Aviation’’. Quite interestingly, none of the other sites on this list features an aviation category.

Using Ad to Ad is pretty simple. All you need is to complete several registration procedures and start publishing your ads in no time.

26) Vast

Looking for a search engine that functions like a classified site? Look no further because Vast is all you’ve been looking for.

Without doubts, Vast is an effective Craigslist alternative for you to view millions of listings coming from various sources.

At most, the listings fall under three broad “Solutions’’ being Auto Listings, Car Story and Home Story. Surely, this site is a great marketplace for anyone wanting to trade in homes and automobiles.

27) FreeAdsTime

Considering its wide-ranging service support –which spans over 2000 cities –FreeAdsTime can be simply called a global classified site that will likely offer you anything you want under popular categories like Rentals, Services, Vehicles, Community, Pets, Jobs, etc.

Amongst the Craigslist alternatives you’ll find out there, FreedAdsTime is interestingly one of the user-oriented options that let you search for listings and post ads without paying a single penny.

28) Sell.com

Founded in 1999, Sell.com is obviously one of the long-existing contenders of Craigslist in the sphere of classified sites.

The site lets you publish ads and browse various categories for item listings. Some of the popular categories on the site are Pets & Animals, Computers & Accessories and Cars & Vehicles.

Upon viewing the homepage, you’re sure to find a beautiful number of products listed with eye-catching photos plus their offer prices in certain cases.

On Sell.com, you can simply navigate down to see a list of cities and select your preferred city for viewing myriads of available product listings.

Sell.com lets you input your zip code to easily find the closest listings to you. This, of course, makes up for the fact that the listings on the site are not automatically classified under their respective locations/regions.

Importantly, no charges are paid by anyone purchasing items or making offers but in the case of listing and selling items, the site requires you to pay some money.

29) Adoos

Adoos is a Craigslist alternative suitable for any avid social media user to post ads on a free-of-charge basis.

The site offers great fun as it allows you to host interaction about your ads via e-mail and popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Adoos far outweighs several other Craigslist alternatives in the area of social networking. Put simply, the site offers a software medium for sellers and buyers to have personal conversations.

As a plus, sellers are free to post relevant videos or photos along with their ads.