Safety to customer’s data with SMS 2FA

There is a rise in mobile threats globally. As result, customers are more wary than usual in entrusting their personal data to small businesses.

Like spyware and viruses that can cause damage to your PC, different kind of security threats now infect mobile devices and steal data.

These mobile threats are divided into different categories including:

  • The web-based threats
  • Apps based threats
  • Physical threats and
  • Network-based threats.

Here we have discussed the mobile threats and the ways to secure your data, read further to know more.

Kind of threats to your data

1) Apps based threats

Downloadable apps can cause various security issues for mobile and laptop devices. These malicious apps look safe on the web, however they are designed specifically to commit fraud.

Unfortunately, few legitimate software can be used for fraudulent purposes as well.

2) Spyware

It is designed to gather or make use of private data without approval or awareness of the user.

Information targeted by spywares include text messages, phone call history, browser history, private photos, etc.

This information can be utilized for financial fraud and identity theft.

3) Malware

This is any software which performs malicious activity once installed in your smartphone.

Without your knowledge, this software sends unsolicited messages to contact list, charges to phone bills or gives the control of your device to an attacker.

4) Vulnerable apps

These are apps which contain certain flaws and these flaws can be used for malicious purposes.

This type of vulnerabilities enables an attacker to gain access to sensitive information, stop services from functioning effectively, and perform undesirable action or downloads.

5) Web-based threats

As mobile devices are usually connected to the internet to gain access to web-based services, certain web-based threats are posing issues for mobile devices.

These web threats funtion online and are not directly installed on your device.

6) Phishing scams

These use text messages, emails, twitter, and facebook to send you the link of sites which are designed to trick a person into offering information such as account number and passwords.

Often these sites and messages are difficult to distinguish.

7) Drive-by download

It can automatically download an app when you land on a web page. In a few cases, you may take the action to download the app while in other scenarios, these apps starts downloading automatically.

Working of the SMS 2FA

In presence of all these threats, the safety of customer data is very important and for that, SMS based two-factor authentication is available to increase the security of mobile apps, websites as well as SaaS products.

Here is how the SMS based two-factor authentication works:

  • STEP 1 – The user fills in their username as well as a password in a login form.
  • STEP 2 – Following an attempted login, a passcode in the form of sn SMS is sent to the user’s phone.
  • STEP 3 – The user needs to input the passcode on a webpage in order to complete the transaction.
  • STEP 4 – To finish off the transaction, SMS 2FA works in combination with the user’s password.

Features of SMS 2fa

  • Out of band – For 2FA, a one time SMS code is sent over a mobile network or an email channel in order to make sure your account is secure.
  • No requirement for a dedicated token – No extra software or device is needed for mobile 2FA. Through SMS only, a one-time code can be sent.
  • Easy to use – It is easy to set up a mobile 2 step verification for any software or web service.
  • Affordable – You can get the 2FA at low installation and maintenance rates.

Advantages of SMS based two-factor authentication

» Secure your services – This 2 step verification solution secures your online services and apps from virus attacs, data loss, and fraud.

» Protect users – Nowadays even tough passwords are hackable and thus, SMS two factor authentication is necessary to offer a protective layer to keep away unauthorized access to your account.

» Improved security – SMS 2FA reduces the probability that an enemy can impersonate or gain access to your private account, computer or other sensitive resources.

Even if a fraudster had access to your password they won’t be able to get access to your account since they lack the second element.

» Increases flexibility and productivity – With the mobile two-factor authentication, employees can safely access the corporate data, application, and documents withour any risk to the corporate network.

» Decreases fraud and builds a safe online environment – In 2013, identity theft accounted for about 17 % of data breaches and the number has risen since then.

Unfortunately, these unpleasant senarios result in loss of trust, brand equity as well as credibility which eventually destroys consumer relationship.

There have been reported cases that defrauded victims avoid some retailers, even when it wasn’t the merchants mistakes that led to breaching of data.

2FA offers to bring this additional level of protection for customer and build a stronger relationship between customer and retailers.


To avoid a huge chunk of security threats security threats and protect your consumer data from theft, then opting for a good 2FA services is a great choice.

There is a a bunch of service provider who offer 2FA service at affordable rates. You can check their pricing, compare them and avail their services.

There are many businesses who are aready deploying 2FA to protect their customers and workers.

Even people who don’t run a business can have 2FA to protect their mobile or laptop devices by securing from hackers.

You can prevent network-based threats; apps based threats, and web-based threats with the help of this solution.

To know more, check out the various service providers and ask them all the queries you hace before getting started with them.