Streamline Your Company’s Marketing with This Useful Advice

Until very recently, marketing was considered to be a complex process.

There is a lot of manual work associated with crafting an effective marketing campaign – from doing research about the target market segment to actually executing parts of the campaign and measuring ROI.

The view that marketing is complex has changed; now that there are multiple ways to simplify marketing processes.

Whether you are doing online or offline marketing, the processes behind your marketing campaigns can be streamlined with the right approach.

What approach should you take to simplify marketing? How can you streamline marketing processes while boosting the output of those processes?

The tips and tricks we are about to discuss in this article will help you answer these questions and streamline your company’s marketing.


Automation is the best way to streamline marketing processes without expanding capacity or growing the team.

By eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks, marketing can be a lot simpler.

For example, team members handling digital campaigns can focus on refining the campaign itself while tasks such as remarketing are automated.

Before you begin automating parts of your marketing process, however, it is important that you eliminate data gaps. Gaps can occur when the marketing process uses multiple tools.

For example, the sales team may be using Hubspot while the marketing team relies on MailChimp for email delivery. Gaps between the two platforms can cause problems.

PieSync offers a platform for solving similar issues. The web tool is basically a platform that allows for data from multiple platforms to be synchronized in a seamless way.

This also eliminates the need for manually syncing data across multiple platforms, automating one more parts of the process.

Once you establish a gapless data, automation becomes easy.

Eliminate Dependencies


One aspect of marketing, especially digital marketing, that often creates bottlenecks is dependency.

Social media campaigns cannot run before the content team completes their work.

Remarketing campaigns require consumer data and insights from the ecommerce platform to be added to the system.

These dependencies are the next thing to eliminate for a streamlined marketing process. You can adopt the Agile methodology, dividing parts of the marketing campaign into iterations in rapid successions.

Instead of waiting for the whole plan to be executed, for example, you can evaluate the marketing campaign on the go.

Becoming more agile as a marketer comes with its advantages.

It is much easier to boost the ROI and improve the effectiveness of your marketing when you are able to make quick changes to the campaign on the fly.

Evaluate Workflows

Last but certainly not least, make sure you review the existing workflows as well. We often rely on old, inefficient workflows just because they are the norm.

Take a closer look at the existing workflows and you will find ways to improve your marketing processes further.

Don’t hesitate to shorten workflows, eliminate unnecessary steps, and change the others to create a better marketing cycle.

At the end of the day, creating a workflow that works – combined with the previous two tips we covered in this article – is how you streamline your company’s marketing.