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Want to contribute an article to one of the biggest blogging communities in the world?

Then you are welcome with open hands.

But before you submit a guest post at TrustOrRun, read these guidelines to ensure that your post gets approved.

How can you become a TrustOrRun contributor?

1) Articles are typically 500 – 3,500 words and should be relevant to our audience of entrepreneurs, marketers, startup enthusiasts, bloggers, & product consumers in general.

2) Our new policy disallows us from publishing any guest post with less than 500 words.

SEO is more difficult today and we have found that it’s easier to rank quality and in-depth articles.

3) The articles are usually permanent except the author desires that they should be temporary.

4) There is also room for one/two do-follow links within the article.

5) We don’t accept poor-quality articles as well as articles with obvious keyword stuffing.

6) The TrustOrRun editorial team will review your post and a response will usually be sent within a few days.

7) For consistency with other material on the site, we may suggest edits.

8) Unless specifically noted, materials on the website will not expire.

9) Duplicate content will be rejected. We respect everyone’s work.

In case we find out that you have copied a post from somewhere else, you will get an instant ban and immediate removal of all your blog posts


1) Guest post with one/two do-follow links: $80

2) Writing and publishing according to your instructions: $120

3) Promotional/branded articles and product reviews: $200

Content Guidelines

Our philosophy is to publish material that is timely, relevant, and actionable. Particularly articles that solve a problem or more for the consumers. e.g.

  • How-to articles,
  • Tips,
  • Product reviews,
  • infographics,
  • product description, etc.

The article should always answer the question: “Is this a learning opportunity for the customers/consumers, business owners or the community in general?”

The question to answer is: “Is it a solution to a problem faced by consumers, startups, bloggers, marketers, or senior executives at a company?”

Note: Promoting a product or a service isn’t a guest post. That’s a sponsored/promotional post.

How to submit your article:

Send your post idea and articles to

If your idea/post is approved, we will publish your post.

(Note: Unrelated posts or useless submissions will not be entertained.)

If your article needs refinement, I will get in touch with you to let you know about changes.

If you have any queries regarding guest posting at TrustOrRun, do let us know via the contact form.

Thanks for showing interest.